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Floating Islands RP


After some consideration, i've decided to create an RP. Hopefully there aren't too many active ones right now, and hopefully school won't get in the way too much. We'll see.  


So! Floating islands. As cliché as the concept may be, it's one that I really enjoy, and, being kinda drained from writing a realistic fiction novel for NaNo, I decided to do a bit of world building based on some ideas I had earlier, and, hopefully, start a story with some of you guys that will get more developed as it goes.


Anyway, the basic plot is that there are a bunch of floating islands in some sort of fantasy empire that we'll call, for all intents and purposes, the Sky. Travel between the islands was restricted long ago, and the reason behind this is a secret to all but elite government officials, who plan something sinister within the confines of their marble walls. The only people who regularly travel between the isles are pilots of trade ships, and the Windtracers, an independent (and technically illegal) class of vigilantes who use magic to fly between islands and search for jobs after completing their training in the city of Spark. There are many clusters of islands with various small villages, but most can be sorted into several main regions that are listed below(the first 2 don't really count).


Subtropos - The area below the islands, masked by a permanent layer of thick clouds. No one knows what lies in Subtropos- The surface of a larger world? Gods? Monsters? The few that have had the misfortune of falling down there, either as punishment or by accident, have never returned.


The Heavens -  Subsequently, the Heavens are the opposite of Subtropos. The highest regions of the sky that remain mostly unexplored due to thin air, they offer the clearest view of the stars and are the only place where beautiful multicolored aurora can be seen.


Noventia - The massive, dense capital city of the Sky, built on one giant, mostly flat island. It's architecture looks like a strange fusion of medieval and ancient Greek, and it is surrounded by a thirty-foot wall to prevent normal citizens from escaping. There are several breaches in the wall to allow for airships (which can be used both for trade and as warships) to enter the city, but these openings are heavily guarded. In the center of the city is a huge domed building topped by a statue of the first Emporer, who united many warring kingdoms in an long-past war. The building serves as the home of current Emporer Cerus, as well as members of the parliament and other officials. The government is supposed to be a constiutional monarchy, but has become a bit corrupt as of late, with the "disappearences" of some civillians...


Spark - The city where people go to become Windtracers. Almost no Windtracers come from Noventia, due to it being very difficult to smuggle yourself out of there, and most come instead from small outlying villages close to the Heavens. Spark is built in the valley between 2 massive floating mountians, and has an abundance of castles and spires and bridges and such (think Hogwarts but much bigger). It is the highest of all the island clusters, and is thus cold, often snowy, and filled with people who are obsessed with studying the Heavens. The government of Noventia has been out to get the Headmaster of Spark Academy for a long time, because of his violation of the travel law, and his training of an unofficial law enforecment (both very illegal), but they've never engaged in war due to the fact that the Headmaster has basically surroundded himself with trained magical warriors. Thus, the relationship between Spark and Noventia is unstable at best.


Jetsam - Basically one big steampunk-esque shanty town built on a series of islands, filled with makeshift buildings, and, let's just say, not the safest infrastructure in the world. Jetsam is so imbalanced that it uses giant (and noisy) propellers to hold up its islands to prevent them from sinking into Subtropos. The people who are sent to live in Jetsam are usually criminals, expelled Windtracers, and the poorest citizens of Noventia. Despite its appearance, however, Jetsam is secretly the technologcal hub of the Sky, with scientists all over the town working on tech that will one day allow normal civillians to traverse the sky. Noventia has not yet caught on to this.


Wildersky - Lastly, Wildersky is a series of islands that mostly still belong to nature. They are overgrown with vines and jungle (think Pandora from Avatar), and have a very sparse population living in several primitive villages. Being the lowest of all the island clusters, Wildersky is very warm, and is the closest to Subtropos. The natives are very spiritual and have great knowlege of history, including several myserious ruins in the area, and the ancient forces that keep all of the Sky's islands in the air. The very oldest villagers claim to know what lies in Subtropos. 


*takes a deep breath* Alright. Now here's the character sheet.



Age (any age is fine)



Background (who they are, where they're from, etc.)


Whew. Thanks for taking the time to read my wall of text. I'll make my character once I know people are interested. This story is heavily based on world building, so feel free to add any details you want to this world. Just make sure to make your character from one of the areas previously mentioned. Peace. 

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Oh neat! 

Name: Iesha Merl

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Brown curly hair tied up in a high ponytail. Tall, dark-skinned, walks rather stiffly. Dark brown eyes, narrow nose. Wears a large coat with boots that go to her knees.

Personality: (tl;dr: lawful evil) Uncaring, intelligent, likes to work alone. Serious, very literal and to the point; If she wants to kill you she will tell you. Will easily fling another's life away for the sake of money, but does it in a rather rule-based way. She has a set of guidelines for herself, that aren't necessarily nice guidelines but are a sort of morals for her that she tells herself to follow. Sticks to the task at hand, and will not stop until that task is done. 

Background: She was born to a scientist mother and a criminal windtracer father on the island Jetsam. Both her parents are obsessed with Subtropos, and they were secretly working on a ship to allow them to traverse the area safely. However, when her parents made the ship, and piloted it into the Subtropos, they were never seen again. Iesha now hates to get involved in the research of Subtropos and the Heavens, and rules a black market trade between the many islands. Because of her father's experience as a windtracer, she has some magic up her sleeve that allows her to travel the islands once and a while.

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This is really well thought out!

Name: Na Lerato 

Age: 17 (very soon)

Gender: F

Appearance: Long dark reddish-brown hair, normally kept in a braid down to her back. Dark brown eyes, tanned skin from being in the sun a lot.

Background: She's a native of Wildersky, and has lived there all her life. Na's great-grandfather is one of the elderly villagers who claims to know what lies in the Subtropos, and the tradition is that he tells the oldest child in every generation all he knows when they come of age, at 17. The last person Na's great-grandfather told was her uncle, and he disappeared a year and a half afterwards.

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Name: Terrence Whitlock

Gender: Male

Appearance: Scruffy black hair, rich brown eyes, tanned skin. Very Earth-toned in general. Wears dirty and rumpled leathers and linens, along with old flyer’s goggles. Wears a strange, grimy cloth “bundle” on his back.

Background (who they are, where they're from, etc.) Born in Noventia to two struggling parents, developed a deep hatred for the wealthy. Stowed away in a trade ship to Spark and learned magic. Left with a small squadron of loyal compatriots to set up a base in Jetsam, where they are attempting to start a revolution. They fund the scientists of Jetsam by raiding Noventia ships.

They are called Reavers by the people of Noventia and civilized society. They plan to gather a force and impose martial law. 

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Terrence's Personality:

Chaotic Neutral. Highly independent and charistmatic; a good leader. Tends to speak loudly to be heard. Learned a long time ago that his looks are more cute than intimidating, so usually wears helmets and contraptions to hide his face. Is clever and resourceful. Has a feline air to him: prowling, calculating, and agile.  

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oops, just realized I forgot to add "personality" on the character sheet. I knew I couldn't write that much without forgeting something. Eh... you guys can just add it later if you want to. 

Ok, here's mine. 

Name: Corilis Asterlon

Age: 19 

Gender: Male

Appearance: Very pale skin, contrasting with pitch black hair that falls just abvove his eyes, which are light blue with silverish tints in them. On his left cheek is a small burn scar. He is fairly thin, and usually wears a fur cape and hood over a simple tunic and sturdy boots, the standard attire in Spark. On his belt he keeps a scabbard containing a small dagger, just in case.

Background: He lives in Spark but is not a Windtracer. He is originally from a small village in the Upper Tier (let me explain- the Upper Tier is the layer/region of the sky that contains Spark, the Middle Tier contains Noventia and Jetsam, and the Lower Tier contains Wildersky), and a rogue airship pilot took pity on him and brought him to Spark after his village was burned to the ground by Noventian millitary for failing to produce enough goods for the city. He hoped to find a better life in Spark, but for some reason was never able to unlock his windspark, the bit of energy that lies dormant in everyone and allows them to perform magic when unlocked. Corilis has made the best of his situation, instead studying the Heavens, learning to accurately predict the weather from a single glance upwards, learning the names of every star in the night sky and which ones to use in finding various islands. In his study, he has drawn a map of the sky based on all current knowlege, and smaller copies of his map have become the standard in Spark pamphlets. He has become an absoulte asset to Windtracers uncertain about navigation and to Spark itself, even if he himself has never left the ground since arriving there. Still, he hopes one day to unlock his magic and be more than just a cartographer.

Personality: Extremely driven in what he does, very strong code of morals, vows to protect the innocent whenever he can because of what happened to him and his village. Is a perfectionist to the point of it interfering with his work, feels like he always owes the world for all that it has given him, despite the fact that he has lost so much. Can sometimes lose his temper when things don't go as he planned, but he has learned to be more controlled. Lives by the moral that you should be grateful for whatever you have, no matter how little, because it can always be taken away in an instant. 

I think we can start now, if you guys like. New characters are still welcome. 

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Name: Evelyn Albatross

Age (any age is fine): 16 1/2

Gender: Female

Appearance: Mousy brown hair, cut short for practicality, blue-gray eyes, and an odd smile. Her skin is light, her hands covered in callouses. She wears trousers, a cream colored shirt, a necklace with a vial of dust, and an odd leather belt. Usually goes barefoot.

Personality: She, though lacking a good memory, picks up skills fairly quickly. Her main flaw is her temper, which often clouds her judgement and makes her reckless. She is somewhat empathetic, but very focused on her main goal- getting back to Jetsam, finding her family, and hopefully reuniting with her sister, which is about a 50/50 chance. Infancy mortality rates are very high, due to unsanitary conditions and unclean air.

Background (who they are, where they're from, etc.): Born in Jetsam, and was smuggled aboard a trading ship to Wildersky with her twin sister when she was five. Her sister didn't survive the journey, due to an illness that she contacted in Jetsam. All Evelyn has left is to remember her family is a photo, that proves that she and her sister had another sister- perhaps something went wrong and not all the sisters made it on the ship? She is almost done with her training.

Anyone want to be her long-lost sibling? 

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Name: Eliza Albatross 

Age: 16 1/2

Appearance: Slightly curly light brown hair with golden streaks, shoulder length. Fair skin with freckles and blue grey eyes with golden flecks. Wears a light coloured tunic and pants, and a long flowing blueish greyish cloak. Slim and average height, if not a tad shorter.

Personality: She’s extremely intelligent and a good lier. She’s adopted into the Heavens and is expected to be pure and normal like the others her age, but she’s always exploring beyond the gates, and knows that this isn’t the real Heaven. She is very courageous and always curious. 

Background: She was born in Jetsam with her sisters, (Evergreen, is that okay?) and was a triplet when she was kidnapped at a young age by some people from Noventia, where she was sent to grow up in the Heavens. But she knows that this is not all, and knows that her adoptive family isn’t her real family. She feels as though she doesn’t fit in. 

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Sounds good! Any ideas on how they should meet? Perhaps Eliza is taken back down to Noventia, or maybe Evelyn comes looking for her and ends up somehow finding her?

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Yeah, maybe Eliza escapes the Heavens and goes to Noventia hoping to start over and connect with her past life, and there she runs into Evelyn?

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I know I'm kinda late, but can I still join?

Name: Casandra Cien

Age (any age is fine): 15

Gender: Female

Appearence: Straight chestnut hair, always tied back in a messy bun. Blue-green eyes, and she usually has a half-smile on her face. She wears a white T-shirt with a picture of 2 interwining arrows, jean shorts, and black sneakers. Always wears a purple and orange ankle bracelet amde of string. 

Personality: She is athletic and artistic, though she can be judgy sometimes. She is a leader, but can also be overly competitive. She's daring and brave, and is yearing to escape the Sky.

Backround: She has live on the island Noventia her entire life, but she doesn't enjoy it and yearns to be free from the Sky. She had a sister, but has been told by her parents that she fell into the Subtropos. Her parents are protective of her, but even 16 years later, they are still mourning the loss of her sister, and they are pretty much out of it which makes it more than easy to escape and go on adventures (not that there are many oppurtunities for that around here) 

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Name: Orson Kyo

Age: 20

Gender: M

Appearance: Broad-shouldered, about 6' with a body built like a soldier (It'll make sense). He has Black hair with blonde streaks fastened in a man-bun, and a messy stubble. Dark blue/grey eyes, a tall nose, and thin lips. Usually dressed in pristine steel-like armour (during work), but prefers to wear cheap, messy shirts and tunics in his free time.

Personality: Quiet, well-tempered, considerate, and focused. Seems very agreeable, but actually just has a hard time saying no to anything. Has a hard time dealing with crowds, social pressure or arguments. Consequently, he finds solace in reading and writing, and prefers meditation to talking with other people.

Background: Born into the upper half of the social pyramid within the walls of Noventia. From birth, his life was devoted to the Noventian Garrison, and from 16 he served under his father, Kohaku. He continues to serve willingliy, but still does not know what he wants with his life, and is uneducated concerning the outside islands. Although he has the opportunity for a much more luxurious life than he has, he chooses to spend all his time alone and in silence, most likely writing something that nobody else will ever read.

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Name: Ian Crowsflight

Age (any age is fine): 13

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark skin, short, dark brown, non-curly hair, 5'2''

Background (who they are, where they're from, etc.): was born and raised to the age of 11 in Wildersky, then went to Spark to become a Windtracer, learned quickly and completed his training at the age of 13, is on the run from the government at the moment, and his great-great-great-grandmother told him what lies in Subtropos right before she died.


i might not post that much considering I'm in to other RPs at the moment. 

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Ooh cool!

name: Sasha Kinhawk

age: 17

gender: female 

appearance: Long, somewhat layered, dark brown hair to her waist, amber-gold eyes, wears a black hooded shirt-thing and black pants that almost fit like leggings, slim, agile, a little under average height

background: She grew up in Jetsam mostly on her own, and snuck away to become a Windtracer when she was about 12. She completed her training, and became a vigilante. But then she turned traitor and now she is kind of a villain working for the evil government (not one of the big leaders, mind you), and you'll find out more in the story, so yeah. 

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