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Superhero RP!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
This is...a, um superhero RP...whiiiich you probably figured out. from the title.
siiiiiiiigh...  Well. this is da' plot: 5 Villains will Rise to bring a Age of Terror. 5 Heroes to Combat them. The Survival of the Free World depends on the Heroes winning
Rules: 1. no more than 1 Charrie. Have fun!
No... well. apparently thats all i've got. 
Charrie sheet:
Age (11-16): 
Home country:
Superhero Appearance:
Type (Supersuit, Alien, Trained or Mutant, supersuit can be combined with any one other): (Supersuit is like Iron Man, Alien is like Superman, Trained is like Black Panther or Batman, and Mutant is like the X-men or the Hulk.
My charrie sheet:
Name: Kai Wilds
Age (11-15): 14
Home country:Europe, specifically England.
Powers: Fire, Flight, Lasers, Missles, Superstrength, and Lightsaber (basically)
Apearence:Black hair with a streak of white through it, dark skin, 6''2
Superhero Apearence: silver Iron Man suit with a rocket launcher on the shoulder, laser blaster on the wrist, and a longsword with a Lightsaber blade.
Type (Supersuit, Alien, Trained, or Mutant.):Supersuit/Mutant
submitted by Catsclaw, age 11, The Library
(March 2, 2018 - 9:45 pm)