The Diary of

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The Diary of

The Diary of Addis Susanu (fake name Admins, please don't change it)

March 5, 20XX.

Jonathan tried to throttle me again.  HA!  Jokes on you, my dude, you know I'd beat you any day.  I left him in a ditch at First Street.  He put up a fair fight, though.  I got a black eye and my headband got stolen.  My metal water bottle got dented.  He pushed me into stepping on it while we were fighting. 
I skipped fifth and sixth period again to avoid Sophia.  UGH she's so annoying.  I should just give her all the wrong answers and hope she fails.
It's getting harder to hide how I'm going to Fin's School for Asassins.  My skills are getting better, and it's hard to cover up muscle and ultra-fast reflexes with swim practice and sports.  I actually thought Thomas was onto me. 
Speaking of Thomas, I think he likes me.  When we were talking about what we were going to do with our science project, he was acting weird and embarrassed the whole time.  I might tell him that I'm going to Fin's.  He seems like the kind of guy to be able to keep a secret.


Jonathan Basulu (another fake name)

March 5, 20XX

I can't believe I ran into Addis again.  Xie's so weird, it's like xie's everywhere.  We had a fight again. Xie probably wouldn't think of it this way, but I think I almost won this time.  I stole Xir headband.  I'm sure Xie'll be able to live without it.
I can't believe there's another new student at Fin's School for Assasins.  Her name is Maron Tiis.  She seems nice.  I was assigned to show her around, but I don't know what Fin was thinking when she made that descision.  Her schedule is the same as Addis's, not mine.  Well, Addis's schedule is later than mine, but that's because Xie goes to regular school too.  But on the plus side, I got go leave ten minutes early to find Maron's class so I could take her to her next one. 


Maron Tiis (yet another fake name)

March 5, 20XX

UGH.  Fin's Assasin School seems really boring.  My guide guy, some dude named Jonathan Basulu, thinks he can rule the world.  I watched him have this fight with another human being.  It was funny.
Anyway I'd better be off to evening practice so I'll see you later.


So anyone can write as these characters or invent a new character.  All of them have to go to "Fin's School for Assasins," and they should get to know each other at some point. 

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(March 7, 2018 - 12:26 am)

Sounds great! I love the way you've written it in diary form. Prooobably joining!

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(March 7, 2018 - 8:13 pm)

Top! I still don't understand that glitch of the first post sending a Thread to the back of the pages. Hope this has fixed it and this thread is now on the first page. Are we allowed to post in the usual form of immediate actions? Or is it just diary entries?


Meh character:

Tori Kidemonas (Pronounced kid-e-mon-ass. As in 'ass' as in the animal, AKA donkey.) 

Male. Also slightly tanned.  

Yay! awesome greek words! Kidemonas is the Greek word for gaurdian. *Slides on sunglasses* Yeah people, Greek is COOL! I mean, I personally like for several different reasons (including the fact that a very quick and lovely way to get a cool-sounding last name for a character is to literally just use Google Translate for finding a good Greek or Latin word describing the character). 

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