6TH grade sucks

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6TH grade sucks

6TH grade sucks

chapter one:


I used  to have friends i could trust. One best friend that i could trust no-matter what.

That changed sometime in 6th grade. I guess lily could be another factor why that happened. But she more got in the way...

She started messing with me. Not lily. She started to mess with my head. I felt like my heart was being ripped out when she messed with me. 

Man, we used to be such good friends! The unstoppable K+E!

Gosh, I wish we could go back to that. 


The end to part 1. 

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Yeah, 6th grade sucks, if it helps, get out there! There are many other fish in the sea! If my friend started messing with me, I would get the heck away! Nobody who is a good friend messes with their friend! Hope that helped! I was in 6th grade not too long ago, so... I feel ya. IfI offended anyone in any way with this post, I apologise! Smile

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