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Seabound RP


This is a rp (if you haven't guessed) Plot:

Pirates have sailed the sea for years. There is a small archipelago that houses a small fishing community who have no wish to leave their small, secluded island. Until a few teenage kids receive anonymous letters (you can say what you want in yours.) The letters gesture towards  meeting at the old abandoned mansion in the center of a fenced off portion of the island in two days.

Rules~(not really, but kinda background rules...?)

1.) please no  copying others charries

2.) Have fun

3.) If there are powers have it be small, like snuffing out a small flame (candles, torches etc), or having faint musical notes lay in the wind when you wish or stuff. There can only be ONE person with prophetic powers.

4.) they have kind of tribal names. Or nature names and stuff. (EX: pine)


5.) My charrie will kinda guide you guys... show you the ropes...? is thats ok.


6.) You can have ears (cat dog etc) and tail. Maby not wings, you can be a mermaid, devil... but id youre a devil, horns and tail. K? 


7.) 2 charries max per CBR. 

Charrie sheet:

Name Lastname:  












Powers (if has any):   


Letter (optional):   



My charrie:


Name Last Name:   Aster Shiring


Gender:  Male


Age(15-18):  16


Appearance:  Aster has slightly tan skin with a splattering of freckles on his face. He has messy white hair with cat ears, that fade into black at the tips. He wears a grey longsleeved shirt, with the collar open, and the sleeves roled up to his elbows. He wears hand bracers around his wrists, like armour, and just simple leggings. His boots go up to his knees, and have stitches holding them together at the front. He wears a pendant around his neck which is of a prancing deer. He cas a few cuts and scars on his arms, the biggest one is about a foor across his back, which he got when he first learned to manouver a ship. He has a tatoo on the palm of his hand which is a circle with eongated triangles around it , like the sun.


Personality:   He has a easygoing, almost lazy personality. But its hard to catch him off-guard. He can be very stubborn at times. He can be sarcastic at times. He can be strong headed at times, he isnt a good leader. HE HAS HIS FAULTS.




Powers (if has any):   He can create a nonmagical small trinket (smaller that one cubic foot that only stays for 1 hour. No foods, just trinkets, like a pocket watch, or a cup, or a small windup toy or stuff.

Letter (optional):   None, he sent all of them.




lol my capcha trna XD 

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