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I have two questions. 

1. Where did my first post go? I think I posted as Lupe W. in the beginnings of Kyngdom, but I searched all over the archives and I can't find it. 

2. I really want to join Kyngdom again, but it's really complicated and I can't catch up. I already read Dr. Sheepshanks's thread on the story so far, but I don't think I'd know how to join this far in. Can you give me some advice? Thanks! 


1. I don't know where your post went. I'm sorry. I tried a search for Lupe W. but nothing came up.

2. Here's advice about joining Kyngdom from Viola?, one of its participants:

It's never too late to join, and the story is far from over. Just make
a charrie and start them on their adventure, bringing them into the
main plot at whatever pace you feel like as you go along. I would start
by reading up so you know what's happening, especially summaries of
events like the two Story So Far threads found on the main board and in
the Power of Claw section (accessed by clicking on the Power of Claw
symbol at the top of the home page) and threads on the RP Board, which
is where most of the action is currently happening. The Hello, it's
me... thread has a summary I wrote pretty recently on one of the last
pages that sums up a lot of the events since February. The Who's here
thread has charrie sheets if you need to know who everyone is, and the
art thread is pretty much continually active and has a lot of
illustrations. Just ask if you have any more questions, and I hope to
see your writing soon!

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