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Solowrite??? Mabie????

So this would be my VERY FIRST solo write. *chirping crickets in the background* SO...I think how it works is that I start off the story and keep posting while people comment ? Then continue the story??? I think????? Anyway * claps hands* Lets get started.


A deep purple scarf whipped around in the wind as a girl in a gray hoodie covered in flecks of white, wearing black combat boots and navy jeans, with square-like glasses ran through the streets of the city. She turned around a corner and slammed the door to the house. She called out to her 4 companions. “ Guys! I’ m back!” She heard rustling and whipped around to see one of the others exit the kitchen. His slightly messed up black hair and freckled face showed that he was clearly stressed about the authorities being so close. Then, footsteps from behind, indicated that two of her friends had entered from the living room.

“Did anyone follow you?” The black haired, freckled boy asked with a  stern voice.

“ Well, someone tried to, but-“

“Not again!” One of the individuals from the kitchen exclaims. Her orange hair contrasting her twisting tattoos that ran up her face and arm, her green eyes sparking with annoyance.

“ Did you lose them? Our safety depends on it!” The female next to her asks, her milky white eye next to her teal one, she looked the most  unusual out of the four gathered, taking the form of a starved deer satir from the bottom and antlers, but she looked like a human, torso wise.

“Yes, that’s four of us, aren’t we missing one?” The scarved girl retorts, her eyes finally visible through her glasses, they are a sky blue ringed with gold, her pale skin matched her blond, almost white hair as she dragged her hood from her bedraggled pixie cut.

“ Awwww you missed me~” A voice says from the doorway.

“ Speak of the devil…” The blond groaned.

“ Hey, blondie, what’s crackalackin?”

“ Nothing, Fletcher.”

“ Didn’t seem like nothin’, that guy was on your tail for a full 25 minutes, lucky I threw that tomato at him.”

“ That was you?!?!”

“ Yep,”  Fletcher said with a cheeky tone.

“ You almost hit me!” The blond haired girl dubbed as ‘Blondie’ screeched.

“ Calm down, Sophia.” The half-starved deerlike female said, an air of calm radiating off of her.

“ Catrina, please, he nearly got me caught! If that had hit me, I would have been caught!” Sophia angrily huffed.

“ Stop the bickering please, I think Odencil is getting a headache.” The male, still leaning on the kitchen door frame stated, and nodded his head to the tattooed girl. Who, what it looks like, was trying to get a grip on whatever was happening in the room.

“ So… Let's get this straight, there are cops everywhere and we agreed to go out one at a time to get supplies, and you,” she gestured vaguely to Fletcher. “ Decided it was a good idea to go out without our consent to follow Sophia? Sam is right, I am getting a headache.” She let out a deep sigh from her nose. Fletcher rubbed the base of his neck, and Catrina broke the silence, which was weighing down on the group.

“ I am going to make food, you hungry?”


“ Yes!” The group said in unison. Catrina smailed and headed to the kitchen, this is going to be a long night. She thought to herself as the bickering started up again.

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I don't know how a solo write works either, but I think there's some kind of charrie sheet involved. Top!

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