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Camp SW! So

Camp SW! 

So...Ive never done a solo write before. (obivously). But when I first joined EG was doing a Drama SW with original characters that people had created,The concept was cool and I've been thinking really hard on this. I hope plently of people join! The more the Merrier 

~Deadline is December 1st~ 

Here's the Charrie Sheet 


Age (at least ten): 

Role (councler, camper or boss of camp)*: 


Personality (include hobbies, habits, things that make them angry): 


Other (favorite objects, special supplies, accesories): 


*There can only be one boss of camp, make sure that you read the comments to make sure that that place is not taken, I'll post a comment if that place is taken.   

If you would like to ship a character make sure you tell me. >///< 


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Name: Bella Stewart

Age (at least ten): 14

Role (councler, camper or boss of camp)*: Could she be a CIT? If not, then just a camper.

Pronouns: Female, she/her

Personality (include hobbies, habits, things that make them angry): She enjoys being in charge, is very sensitive, and sometimes a little overly protective of her friends. She loves running and going on hikes, and she is very street smart and can make fast decisions. She sometimes has a tendancy to be overly sarcastic, and she is very angry when people bully her or her friends, and her biggest pet peeve is when people claim to know things that they obviously know nothing about.

Appearance: Tan skin, tall, brown eyes, long dark hair in a high ponytail that she hates, because it gets so hot in the sun, has a small mouth, wears sneakers, T-shirts, and black athletic shorts. 

Other (favorite objects, special supplies, accesories): 

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Great! I love her! Quick question, is a CIT like a councler? ~Hooded

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CIT is





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Thanks! And SUREeeee

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Name: Abigail Stevens 

Age (at least ten): 16

Role (councler, camper or boss of camp)*: Councler

Pronouns: Female she/her

Personality (include hobbies, habits, things that make them angry): She's cheerful, but also very absentminded and reckless. She's smart, but she's awkward and tends to not be very good at handling situations when she hasn't had at least half an hour to plan. She's a mess when she hasn't gotten enough sleep (like me XD). This is her first year as a councler, so she's very nervous because her method of doing pretty much everything that involves planning is "plan as I go along and hope for the best".  

Appearance: She's tall, with shoulder-length blond hair that's often either a mess or in a ponytail because she rushed into the day without taking the time to brush her hair. She's often wearing her favorite hoodie, which is teal with a white pawprint on it, black athletic shorts with white stripes, and a pair of worn blue and gray sneakers. 

Other (favorite objects, special supplies, accesories): Is this like a packing list thing? If so, she's bringing her blue swimsuit and swim goggles, toiletries, various spare clothes which are all athletic, her water bottle, her phone and sticker-laden laptop, and a package of hairbands. She's carrying this in a gray gym bag. 


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Here's a pic of Abby:


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Name: Aubrey Bennett 

Age ( at least ten): Twelve 

Role: Camper 

Pronouns: She/her

Personality (include hobbies, habits, and what makes them angry): She likes being in the background, not in the lead. She’s very shy, and prefers reading than athletics. Aubrey doesn’t get angry a lot, but when she does, it’s because somebody disrespects her or a loved one in a major way. Aubrey tends to bite her nails when she’s nervous. She hates public speaking, singing in public, or any other thing that makes her vulnerable.

Appearance: Long, black hair in loose curls. Chocolate colored skin. Bright green eyes. Is most likely seen with a blue shirt and jean shorts.

Other (Favorite objects, special supplies, accessories): She has a rare diamond necklace that her grandmother gave her before she died.  



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Name: Charli Witterson

Age (at least ten): 16

Role (councler, camper or boss of camp)*: Councler

Pronouns: she/her

Personality (include hobbies, habits, things that make them angry): she's a fun spirited person and is pretty funny, her humor usually ranging in the sarcasm part of the scale. she loves out doors stuff, and has been rock climbing for as long as she can remember, same with soccer, and volleyball. she can get a bit competitive at times, and can go a little overboard sometimes. she organizes stuff when shes streesed, so her little area of the cabin will probably look different at the end of the camp than at the beginning. what makes her angy? hmm, I guess she gets angry when people are being mean to her campers, or campers in general, she also really hates egotysical people. 

Appearance:  meduim lengh blonde hair the bottom half dyed teal blue. she has bright golden eyes with darker patterens inside, making it look like little gears shifting in her eyes. she has a tan complextion from being outside so much, and an athletic build. small orange freckles dot across her face. She typically wears a tee shirt or tank top with either jean shorts or volleyball shorts, and just plain nike sneakers. 

Other (favorite objects, special supplies, accesories): she has a small elephant stuffed animal that sits on her bed. she has her pale blue laptop littered with tiny stickers ranging from activism to shrek, and her phone/charger.

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Name: Jacky

Age: 12

Role: Camper

Pronouns: She, her

Personality: She tries her hardest to fix other people’s mistakes as well as hers, but sometimes not working. She loves animals, and swimming. She may not always be the smartest, but she has a good heart. People mostly love her for her sense of humor.

Appearance: She’s average height for a 12 year old, and has dark skin. She has black curly hair that goes down to her waist, and light blue eyes. She wears a blue hoodie with a yellow T-shirt underneath, with black jeans.

Other: she’s kind of obsessed with conspiracy theories (like me *runs away*) 

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Name: William Bennett (Goes by Will, is Aubrey's older brother)

Age: Fifteen 

Role: CIT 

Personality: Is pretty athletic. Enjoys playing basketball or baseball. He's pretty good at math, learning simple square roots in kindergarten (it's possible, my brother did the exact same thing). Will tends to feel like he needs to protect everybody around him, especially his younger sister, Aubrey. Like his sister, Will doesn't get angry that much, but if he does, it's because he doesn't get his way. He's used to being in charge, and sometimes thinks he can do whatever he wants. He controls this feeling pretty well, though.

Appearance: Average height of a fifteen year old. Chocolate colored skin, but a couple shades lighter than Aubrey's. Glossy black hair that is brushed to the side. Soft blue eyes, the color of the ocean. Is most likely seen with a Red Sox baseball cap, the brim facing backward. Also wears a navy blue sweatshirt and black athletic pants. 

Other: His baseball cap was Babe Ruth's, given to him as a tween. The presenter of the cap remains a mystery. He's also gay, and I'd like to ship him with a boy, but it's okay if that's not possible. 



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SO glad people are joining this! To anyone planning to make more OCs could you add a guy?

We are need of a boy... 

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I can make another charrie!

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