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Asimar RP

that's right folks, I'm hosting another RP! as part of my new years resolution, I plan on being more active this year. This one being a high fantasy.

Long, long ago. In a distant land, lied the great empire of Asimar. The empire had grand cities, beautiful countrysides, and mystical beasts. Magic was practiced by those capable, and grand warriors to hunt the monsters. Life was good under the rule of the Empress Zathorine.

but from the north. In the deepest of mountains, something terrible has yet to come. The Dark Lord... The one who must not be named. Preparing his army.

Prophecy states however that when the Dark Lord returns. Six heros will band together. And bring the Dark Lord his tomb. And the land will be silent.

This, is your story.


Asmiar is a land of wonder and magic. So as usual in my RPs, all walks of life are allowed. You could even be a dragon or another beast if you want.

There are six heros, one of them being my own. But don't fret. You can make and rp as Secondary charries and Villians (The Dark Lord can't be the only one.)

Shipping is allowed.

Death is not permanent, but is costly to revive.

There are several classes. Fighter, Mage, Cleric, Druid, Rogue, Warlock, Monk, Ranger, Paladin, Gunslinger, Barbarian, Bard. They are pretty much their D&D equivalent. If there is another class you want. Please post it and I'll approve it or not. (And Yes, Gunslinger is an addon in d&d)

If you don't know what to put for gear, use a D&D Sheet maker. It helps.

Charrie sheet













Here's mine.

Name: Snika

Role: Hero

Gender: Male

Species: Kobold

Appearance: A red scale Kobold about 2'7" and about 35 lbs. Je has yellow eyes and wears a light brown cloak over common clothes.

Personality: He tends to be the pessimistic type and a planner. Not really the one to run into things and is shy. Tends to be an introvert.

Backstory: He was his clan's trapper and scout till his clan falled. Now he's one of the last if not the last member. As for why the clan falled. That's a story for another day.

Age: 15 (he's an adult in kobold years)

Class: Rogue

Gear: A Rapier, A bow and 20 arrows, leather armor. 2 daggers, Lockpicks, Explorer's pack. And an Insignia.

Other: open to shipping, sometimes has trouble sleeping 

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Sink boi so I can top u

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And now to top this so people can see it.

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Reserving a hero, just in case I don't finish my character sheet today.

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(January 4, 2019 - 7:20 pm)

Well, I guess I did get this done today. Here's my character (feel free to correct anything I missed up):

Name: Daniel Renlar
Role: Hero
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Appearance: Daniel stands relatively tall at 6’ 2’’. His eyes are light blue in color. His hair is golden yellow and braided into four short braids evenly spaced around his head. When not in his armor, he is clothed in a dark blue tunic and tan trousers; however, he usually wears his armor. He carries his sword in an ornate scabbard by his side, even when he is not wearing his armor. He normally carries his shield on his back.
Personality: As a knight, Daniel follows a strict code of honor. This includes defending those who cannot defend themselves and helping those who ask, regardless of who they are. Daniel is generally friendly, but rarely tolerates disrespect towards royalty. Though confident in his combat prowess, Daniel does not brag or boast, instead remaining humble. His humility extends to other areas as well (e.g. his fame).
Backstory: Daniel is a knight in the service of Queen Zathorine. Though young, he has already achieved great renown in the Empire, and has become one of the most famous and popular knights. At the beginning of the RP, he was summoned by the Queen on a matter of great urgency.
Age: 27
Class: Paladin, I think (maybe Fighter. I’ve never done D&D before so I don’t know which I am thinking of.)
Gear: A pure white longsword, engraved with anti-magic runes. A pure white shield, which bears the insignia of his house and anti-magic runes. His armor, which is also pure white and engraved with anti-magic runes (his stuff is REALLY anti-magic focused). A ring bearing the insignia of his house, and one bearing the insignia of the Queen (received at the beginning of the RP). A chestnut-brown horse with steel armor. About 10 pounds of gold and silver and a few days of provisions, all carried by his horse (received at the beginning of the RP).
Other: Daniel can use some healing and light magic. He MAY gain a unique power a little into the RP. His sword is much heavier than a standard one-handed sword, but he can wield it as one.


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You're thinking of paladin. Fighters don't usually learn magic unless they are a kind of subclass that can.

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That's what I thought. Thanks!

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This sounds interesting Writer! I possibly can join but if your looking for really consistent people to post, that ain’t gonna be me :/ Cause I have play practice and school. What I’m trying to say is that it won’t be my first priority lol

However, If you don’t mind that I’d only post once in a while, then can I join? 

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(January 6, 2019 - 6:13 pm)

There's no need to ask, I don't mind

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Name: Cedrig Diggyre

Role: Hero

Gender: M

Species: Catfolk

Appearance: Dark fur, green eyes, left ear torn

Personality: TBD

Backstory: TBD

Age: 23

Class: Ranger(Beastmaster)

Gear: Longbow, 20 arrows, two longswords, a set of scale mail.


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That is a khajiit.

nananananananana CATMAN CATMAN. 

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Name: Otren

Role: Villain

Gender: M

Species: River Dragon

Appearance: Large fin on head, pale blue/gray color, beautiful black eye markings, very strong

Personality: Very clever and authoritave, but secretly has many doubts and constantly wants companionship

Backstory: Was head of a secret organization (not in Asimar) but when it broke down, he turned evil and joined the Dark Lord in Asimar

Age: 38

Class: Ranger

Gear: Precious jewels with powers even he can't control 

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Right, thanks TW! Im reserving a hero.

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(January 7, 2019 - 11:30 am)

Honestly, I feel as though I kinda ruined the Trail to Eden RP. I apologize for uh, doing that. LET IT DIE, LET IT DIE, LET IT SHRIVEL UP AND DISINTEGRATE! Anyways, while I was reading the post, I wanted to be a Paladin of Life so I could SHOOT BEAMS OF LIGHT FROM THE SKY! But then, I saw that I could also be a Villain... then We Are #1 Started blasting itself in my mind. The Writer, you, my amigo, have just activated the equivelent of the Wild Wasteland perk. I. Have. Decided. To. Be...

Name: Drelniqtokvi Lancer Shar Jaci Ui Vi Darastrix

Role: Recurring Villain

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon

Appearance: Blue

Personality: Chaotic Neutral

Backstory: When he was a younger lad he just so happened to develop the ability to see into the future, however it caused him to go insane. Now, he asks people if they want mac and cheese.

Age: 42

Class: Bard

Gear: a xylophone like instrument.

Other: for reason even he doesn't know, he managed to gain kobold followers. The carry everything else that he needs that he can't carry/use himself. They Also play music While he's talking to people.


Basically he is the comic relief in the RP, based off of memes. yay. What a happy and joyous day.

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This will be interesting to say the slightest 

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I want to add that all the kobolds in Drelniqtokvi Lancer Shar Jaci Ui Vi Darastrix's clan were outcasts in their old clans.

Another thing, the main reason why the first generation of his kobold clan follows him is because he accurately predicted the last 5 minutes of some of their lives.

Lastly, because of his little band you all might have thought that was all that he had in followers. Wrong. His clan is 82 members strong, excluding the 5 that follow him outside of his cave, which he decided was enough for a grand orchestra and choir. 

Even though you might think that I'm not going to be serious at all with my character, I will be. and I am ready to do this!

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(January 8, 2019 - 7:27 am)