Spying on Aliens

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Spying on Aliens

Spying on Aliens

This is just the beginning of a silly story I wrote when I was bored. Plz tell me what you think (Criticism is fine, but not meanly please) I'll post more later.


"What's Otren going to say?!" The girl's voice was frantic. I turned; I had never heard the name

Otren before.The girl, though, and the blonde teenager she was with, looked completely normal.

Almost. There seemed to be something slightly off, though I could not tell what.

The teenager looked worried, too.

"I don't know, Mayka -"

"It's LAUREL!" hissed the pretty brown-haired girl. Then she sighed. "Sorry about being so

bad-tempered, Rachel. I just don't think its necessary for Peyton to go to all that trouble. It's not

as if people are going to look straight at our eyes."

Suddenly I realized what was so "off" about them. Their eyes, unlike most people's, were the

color of fuschia.

Wow. OK then. It was necessary for Peyton to go to all that trouble, if "all that trouble" meant

doing something to fix their eye color.

"Why is it that way, anyway?" Laurel/Mayka asked of Rachel. "Our eyes?" 

Rachel sighed. I noticed that her eyes, besides being a shade of pink, were large and creepy,

like a bush baby's eyes.

"Otren explained this to us," she said. "It's the lack of - of - well, here I think they use the

word magic, even though that isn't completely accurate. You know what I mean. Our eyes are so

accustomed to this that the Earth atmosphere somehow gives them a magenta appearance,

curable only by that stuff Heyslay, I mean PEYTON, is getting." She shuddered. "Though I've

heard Earthling medicines are disgusting, so I'm not looking forward to it."

"Some of ours are disgusting too," returned Laurel.

Before I had time to think about this further, there was a small thud, and I saw a tiny doll,

which had apparently fallen off the bench onto the floor. It was extraordinarily realistic, except for

its fuschia eyes. It seemed to be holding a bottle, filled with white-blue liquid.

So this must be Heyslay/Peyton.

to be continued 



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Oooh the spacing came out all wrong sorry

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Interesting idea Jithkeeper. It would probably be best for me to not read the rest of the story (I've gotten accustomed to spotting any sort of creepyness, no offence) otherwise I'll be scared. This has nothing to do with your great writing style. (I am not trying to offend)

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