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Lost RP!This

Lost RP!

This RP will start when five people who are willing to check regularly to see how this RP is doing have joined. After the RP has started, people can still join as long as they're up to date with the RP.

I will explain this RP more once it shows up.

submitted by Rogue Wildling
(March 29, 2019 - 9:11 pm)

I am intrigued and definitely willing to check on the RP regularly... Can I reserve?

<3 Fidelity 

submitted by Fidelity
(March 31, 2019 - 3:28 am)
submitted by Toppers Inc.
(March 31, 2019 - 4:47 pm)

:) I'm in

Empyreal says rgmn. Regimen? Okaaaaay . . . . .  

submitted by Jithkeeper
(March 31, 2019 - 4:48 pm)

Yes, reverving is fine! Sorry, I don't have a ton of time right now so I'll have to elaborate later, but I will return!

submitted by Rogue Wildling
(March 31, 2019 - 9:30 pm)

Ooh this looks cool, I'm defenitly in! 


HI ROGUE *Hugs* 

submitted by Annabeth C
(April 1, 2019 - 1:33 am)


submitted by Rogue Wildling
(April 1, 2019 - 12:07 pm)

Yeah, I'll be checking on this regularly if I can. I'm just gonna watch and see what happens. Not quite joining, but keeping an eye on this!

submitted by Chinchilla
(April 1, 2019 - 1:09 pm)

I'm ready and willing! Very interesting and very intrigued!

'gudd' Velix says, spinning around her swivel chair like an evil mastermind.

You ok Velix? Oh, Jay's reading you mystery novels again isn't he?


I'll take that as a yes. 

submitted by Tyberious Firestone, age Cosmos duh, Cosmos
(April 1, 2019 - 3:09 pm)

Ty posted 41 seconds ago!

submitted by Rogue Wildling
(April 1, 2019 - 3:11 pm)

I'll reserve.

submitted by Tafinx, the storyweaver
(April 1, 2019 - 5:11 pm)

In this RP, your charrie is alone. No parents, no friends, nothing. It wonders why and eventually finds that the reason for this so that the timeline keeps resetting every once in a blue moon, making everybody forget your charrie. They come to terms with this. Then, a glitch in a Reset occurs and your charrie is transported to a different world, one where something is very wrong and is effecting the 'real' world. This something is that the Three Cores, the Space core, the Time core and the Void core (also known as the Dimension core), have been destroyed. The Void core has manifested itself in your charrie's soul, which is why the Resets did nothing to your charrie. The goal is to find the Dreamers, the creators of the Cores, and use their energy to bring the Cores back from the 'dead'. But... Who destroyed the Cores?

This RP will begin one Reset before the Glitch. 

submitted by Rogue w/explanation
(April 1, 2019 - 10:04 pm)

OK are we starting? What's the charrie sheet, just name, age, gender, appearance, personality, other?(the usual?)

submitted by Jithkeeper
(April 3, 2019 - 7:37 pm)



APPEARENCE (Can be as androgenous as you like):


SHIPPING (Yes or no):


submitted by Rogue Wildling
(April 3, 2019 - 10:34 pm)

Name: Gwendolyn Markison

Gender: Female

Appearance: curly red-blonde hair, brown eyes, delicate features, pale, on the short side

Personality: Quiet; notices everything. She hates injustice and most people (though she doesn't let it show)

Shipping: No, thanks

Other: she loves animals, books, and is afraid of heights.


submitted by Jithkeeper, age OY
(April 4, 2019 - 9:02 am)

NAME: Kyt Moket

GENDER: female

APPEARENCE (Can be as androgenous as you like): White/blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. bright flower like green eyes, tan complexion and freckles. she wears jeans and a simple teeshirts.

PERSONALITY: she's upbeat and energetic, sometimes. she's extreamily loyal and will fight whoever hurts her friends. she funny and sarcastic, and not someone you want as an enemy. she's very extraverted, and can be horribly pessimisstic at times.

SHIPPING (Yes or no): sure! 

OTHER: ooh, I love 'other' because I always think or really weird character quirks. hmmm, Terrified of clowns, and is really good with a bow and arrow, except not the actual ones, she's only good with the plastic Nerf toy.

submitted by Annabeth C
(April 4, 2019 - 3:31 pm)