I don't know

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I don't know

I don't know if anybody knows what this is, but I won the Society of Young Inklings story contest. I submitted that story to a bunch of other stuff, including Cricket. Is that a good idea or no?

submitted by Maggie, age 10, SJ
(April 11, 2019 - 11:46 am)

Hm, that's a good question! So I looked up the Society of Young Inklings, which sounds really cool, and congratulations on winning their contest! I think it's a perfectly good idea to submit a good story to a lot of contests, so long as the contest rules do not require the story to be unpublished. I found the rules for the Cricket contest, and as far as I can tell, they don't have that restriction. However, they'll only accept the story if it applies to the theme (though I would assume you would only have submitted it if it did).

So, basically, my long and windy answer is saying that yes, it's probably a good idea.

(Also, are you new to the CB? If so, welcome!) 

submitted by Kitten, Pondering
(April 11, 2019 - 4:28 pm)
submitted by Top!
(April 13, 2019 - 12:56 pm)

*A red and teal egg has appeared*

what is 9 + 10?

submitted by The Yolkster, age 8 eggyears, EGGnkwell
(April 19, 2019 - 2:28 pm)

The red egg would be 19, but the teal egg would be 21.

submitted by Kitten, Pondering
(April 19, 2019 - 8:20 pm)