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Elements RP*

Elements RP

*sighs* Yes, I now, there are SO many RPs going on right now, but I've REALLY been wanting to make this for a while, and if it dies, we can always revive it again!

However, I don't want this to die permanently! I reeeeeeally want to *gasp* FINISH THE STORY and I feel like we could if we were super diligent.



There were four cities.

Terrala. This city was beneath the mountains, a city of stone and jewels. This was the most jealous city, guarding its wealth as if it was their life.

Which it is.

Then, above the mountains - Aería, city of air. they had a crystal rainbow city, with a foundation of clouds. Diamond staircases led down to the mountaintops, where they could collect resources if they needed to. this was the merriest city, for there are little cares up among the birds.

Ignata. This the fiercest city, for they lived amongst the volcanos and lava in the wastelands north of the mountains. Masters of fire, and just as powerful.

And the last city? Aquéna, in the oceans south of the mountains. The humans used air bubbles to help them live, as well as secrets learned from the merpeople. they were the most solemn and cerimonious of all.

But then -

Aería and Ignata stole stone from Terrala, to build their homes. A war began. In mining farther to replenish their store of stone, Terrala accidentialy damaged a certain underwater home built too close to shore. Soon, all the cities were plunged into turmoil; even the reasons that the war started began to be forgotten in the thirst for blood.

the Peacemakers knew. They remembered. But -

They were too old to do the thing that must be done: find the Key of Prontala, the City that encompassed all the Elements. It had long lain in the Center Fields between the mountains and the sea, but none could enter.

the City was the place of Peace. If the leaders of all four cities met there, it was believed that Peace would come.

But it's an ardouos search, possibly reaching to The Lands Beyond the woods (which are west of the Mountains).

So the Peacemakers' apprentices must go . . . . . . . . .


SO! It's all sort of complex, but basically what needs to happen is the kids have to find this key thing. 

FYI: the name of the four peacemakers are Gia for Terrala, Aeras for Aería, Fotia for Ignata, and Neron for Aquéna. For the the leaders of each city: Gaia, Herí, Hefesta, and Poseí.



1) Each Peacemaker haseight apprentices, so there are 32 kids in all - four to an element.(see #4)

2) You may have up to 3 kid charries.

3) They must be between the ages of 12 and 17.

4) They can be human OR dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT while there must be at least four hooooomans to an element, there can be any number of dragons so long as the overall number doesn't exceed 32









Skills (optional):

Shipping: yes or no??


Here's my charrrrrrrrie


Name: Olven McRontae

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Dragon 

Element/City: Ignata/Fire

Personality: Fun loving. is very independant and daring. Kind of. He's actually a coawrd at heart.

Appearance: Dark crimson with gold crest and markings around eyes. Huge wings and evil smile!

Shipping: Nah, he's not the type, and the girls would also think he's disgusting.

skills: flying and climbing

Other: uuuh 



I probably shouldn't have to say this, but . . . . . .

No ships between dragons and humans.





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Sounds really cool!

I'm reserving a spot. 

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Would it be okay if I made a charrie that was dragon-born but cursed to be a human and is slowly turning back? Like REALLY slowly. I don't think they'll change during the RP, except they might get a few freckle-area scales. That's it.

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Sounds Awesome! I'm already in 2.5 RP's, but what the heck! I LOVE RPS!!!

Name: Nicholas Runespire

Age: 15

Species: Human

City/Element: Terrala(Earth)

Gender: Male

Personality: Can be a bit rebellious and egotistical, but is extremely friendly, honest, cheerful, and averse to conflict. (Also, I used a random personality generator, and it said he's a peace-maker. Pretty good trait for a peacemaker's apprentice, I'd say.)

Appearance: Has a somewhat square head, short brown hair styled in a fauxhawk, and somewhat large brown eyes. He stands 5'9" tall, and usually wears muted greens, grays, and browns.

Skills: A fair shot with a bow and arrow, and has pretty good vision.

Shipping: Sure! 

Other: Unusually for a Terralan, he has severe claustrophobia and hates being underground.


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Why was can we ship  deagons and humans the first thing I thought? But thanks for answering :0

Reserving! (we have testing this period so no posts for the next 45-60 mins;-; )

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Reseving an Aquéna human! I'll post after my writing homework is done *glares at book and ode papers out of the corner of eye*

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Name: Genya Arita

Age: 15

Species: human

City/element: Aería

Gender (male or female, si'l vous plaît): female

Personality: Bright and loving most of the time. She had a good childhood and she loves nothing more than to give people a reason to smile. That doesn’t mean she is necessarily a bubbly person though. Her serious, slightly shy side comes out when meeting new people. She has a love of learning, but not school, and is always curious about random things. She doesn’t always know when to act like the quiet version of herself or the more outgoing version. She has a love of theater and because of that has learned to act very very well. 

Appearance: People describe her as having “ocean eyes”, meaning when she is angry they appear dark and more grey, like a stormy sea, but when she is happy, they are more blue and sparkle with mirth. Her hair is coppery-blonde and falls about halfway down her back in waves. Height, 5’5 with a muscular build, but not like a body builder, more like a ballerina. 

Skills (optional): climbing things and acting

Shipping: yes!

Other: none that come to mind yet.

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Hamilton had ocean eyes!
Velix says 'kthb', poking at Kestrel's leg
You mean Kestrel? aww :3

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Name: Zevi 'Peggy' Ortega

Age: 14

Species: Human

City/element: Ignata

Gender: Female

Personality: Impuslive and impatient, but Brave and caring. She enjoys a challange, but is often not allowed to do them because she has, "No regards for her personal safety."

Appearance: She is short for her age, has brown skin, black hair and eyes. She wears a white shirt with open flowy cuffs, and a pair of trousers, baggy but tight around the ankles which is orange with red and yellow glass beads.

Skills (optional): Cards, survival.

Shipping: yeeees


My captcha, Velix named her! 

'Zevi!' velix says again, motioning to the name. 

Might add more later 

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Name: Piiri

Age: 16 in human years

Species: Dragon born, cursed to take the form of a human. Slowly changing back into a dragon, but never will be a full dragon ever again.

City/element: None. Her powers have been deformed by her curse, transforming them to be some sort of soul-twisting power. She has little to no control over this power.

Gender: Female

Personality: Antisocial, indifferent, lonely, friendly to a point, fierce in battle.

Appearance: A 16 year old girl, looks older. Has a wisened look on her face, which is lightly tanned and often hidden behind locks of coppery brown hair. Her eyes are silver and flash when her powers are in use. Pleasently curved and overall beautiful. Four, huge, silver wings protrude from her back. These wings are not especially strong, so she doesn't use them except to lift her only a few feet off the ground, only higher if it's an extreme emergency. 

Skills: She's quick on her feet, strategically keen, fairly strong for her build. She's good with all types of weapons, especially melee weapons. Piiri is very good with math, science, logic, and can understand multiple languages.

Shipping: YEP

Other: She's open to shipping with a human boy, since one of the premises is that she'll be humanoid for the rest of her life. Basically a human with wings.

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EXcellent! Thanks everybody!

OK, Rogue, Piiri sort of needs an element, because otherwise how is she an apprentice? At least, she doesn't have to actually belong to a city, but her peacemaker/mentor must be from somewhere UNLESS you want her to be a loner, in which case you have to gigure out which city she was originally from and/or why she wants to help the apprentices find the Key of Prontala!

Great idea, though. The curse and stuff, I mean. 

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Okay, she was originally from Ignata, and she wants to redeem herself in the eyes of her people. Plus, she's really lonely.

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