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Avatar Roleplay!

Avatar Roleplay!

(Note-This roleplay is based off James Cameron's Avatar, the one that takes place on the moon of Pandora with all the aliens and stuff.)

The roleplay takes place at the beginning of the movie. You can play as a Na'vi, one of the SecOps(the soldiers), an avatar driver, a pilot, a scientist, or any other person who would work on Pandora.  

The setting is Base Omega, a smaller, but still large and well-protected base on Pandora. However, it borders the edge of a different jungle on Pandora, one that is home to the  Kalakaru clan. The Kalakaru are a clan of Na'vi artists. They ride mountain banshees as well, since their jungle is just on the other side of the Halleujah floating mountains. Their village stretches across three of the large trees, connected to ecah other and smaller surrounding trees with wooden and vine bridges.

Base Omega has better relations with the Na'vi, but there are many Na'vi who still dislike the humans and vice versa. However, the avatars are allowed in the Kalakaru village. The avatar drivers have set up a school in one of the smaller trees in the area, where the Na'vi can learn about humans and the humans can learn about the Na'vi.

Tensions are rising, however, when it is discovered that there is an ubontanium deposit underneath the sacred Spirit Trees the Kalakaru use to communicate with their ancestors. There is only five months to either convince the Na'vi to let the Spirit Trees be wrecked, or convince the business men not to destroy the Spirit Trees.

Will you help the Na'vi, or the humans?


Alright. You can have up to three charries, one Na'vi, one regular human, and one avatar driver. Here's the character sheet:


Species (Human, Avatar dirver, or Na'vi):

Banshee (If Na'vi or Avatar driver) or Aircraft(If pilot):


Job (If they're a Na'vi, are they a hunter,healer, a leader, etc. If human, are they a soldier, botanist, pilot, etc.):



Since this is so long already, I'll introduce my charries once this appears. 

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Oh, I haven't seen this movie in years... I used to watch it with my dad when I was little. :)

Name: Viperess

Species: Na'vi

Banshee: None. Aspires not to connect with a banshee, Viperess instead waits to find a certain black Toruk that she was foretold to tame.

Appearance: Fairly young, with unusually light blue skin with white face-markings *coughcoughfrecklescough*. Face is softly heart shaped with a very faint widow's peak, eyes are almond shaped and piercingly green. Hair is long and braided. (there's a secret about her hair color... it's actually light brown, but her father had always dyed it black while she slept). Tail is long, with a silky tuft of black (brown) hair at the end.

Job: Commoner/hunter

Personality: TBC

Other: Mother was a human, but Viperess doesn't know that. Open to shipping with a male.

Nihil says ewao. Ewa... Oh? *Confused noises* 

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I've watched this movie alot. We recently just watched it World Cultures, because it turns out that it's actually based off a Hindu myth!

Name: Ainu

Species: Female Na'vi

Banshee: Vishnu, a dark green and blue banshee with lime green eyes.

Appearance: Rather dark blue skin with bright amber colored eyes. Wears clothing decorated with vibrantly colored feathers.

Job: She is the Tsahik of the Kalakaru clan. Tsahiks are female shamans, they are spiritual leaders of the Na'vi.

Personality: She's quite sarcastic and witty, but she has a soft side and cares very deeply about her tribe and people.

Other: She's partial to human lemons. She also teaches some of the avatar drivers Na'vi and about Kalakaru customs.


Name: Elena Kyoki

Species: Avatar driver

Banshee: Shiva, a bright blue and yellow banshee with golden eyes.

Appearance: As a human she appears to be of Asian descent, with long dark hair usually pulled back in a pony tail. Normally wears a labcoat. As her avatar, she has pale blue skin, small dark eyes, and she wears tan shorts and a tan denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up. She also wears a bright yellow headband. She also wears a feather necklace that Ainu gave her.

Job: She is a xenozoologist, meaning she studies alien animals. She also works as a teacher at the School Tree.

Personality: She loves to laugh and smiles alot. She wants to help the Na'vi. She is very extroverted and is very loyal. Bad at lying. She can be a little rebellious.

Other: She snuck out at night to bond with Shiva. People sometimes still get a little mad at her for it. 

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Humankind's lemons, not human lemons**. Geez, autocorrect.

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I'm just going to start the roleplay because I really want to write as these characters. Anyone can join whenever, as long as they've read through the roleplay and know what's going on and stuff.


A little bit of sunlight sneaks in through the crack between the heavy white curtains. My room is at the end of the Lodging Building, in the Lab Worker wing. This is the wing where all the avatar drivers, scientists, technicians and anybody else who works in the Lab stays. 

My room is fairly small. There's a bed covered in light grey sheets(Of which I am laying on currently) a small bedside table with a touch lamp and an alarm clock,  and a desk with a videocam and holoscreen computer and a bonsai Pandora tree.  There's a swivel chair in front of the desk, and there is a black dresser to the left of the desk. There is one window, which covers the entire wall. On the opposite wall is the dark metal door that leads into the hallway.

Above my bed is a large framed Na'vi arrow. It's decorated with yellow and blue feathers. The Kalakaru clan gave it to me as a gift.

Oh, right. The Kalakaru. I don't have to teach at the School Tree this week, so I agreed to go hunting today with a few Kalakaru hunters. It sounded fun, and I would be able to practice my direhorse riding skills.

I should probably head to the link  room so I can get there early. 


About ten minutes later, I am laying down in my link bed. I close my eyes as the top closes, letting darkness over take me.  I feel a small change, and when I open my eyes, I see tall green ferns and a wooden roof above me. I sit up and dark braided hair falls into my eyes. I push it aside and stand up, walking outside.


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Sybill I knew you would find this. I saw it and immediatly thought - she needs to know about this now. (Remember me?)

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Name: Tristan {last name classified}*

Species:Avatar driver

Banshee: A deep green banshee with brown markings on it’s wings is his mount of choice.

Appearance: Blond hair with a brown streak through his bangs, soft green eyes, average height, light brown jacket with grey jeans and a long sleeved red shirt w

Job: Avatar Driver

Personality: Quiet and introverted around strangers, around friends he will. Not. Shut. Up. he’s cheerful, if a bit naive, and does not have a temper, though he can be cowardly and selfish, running from his problems instead of facing them head on

Other: Shipping is yes


Name: Eric {last name classified}*

Species: Avatar driver, kind of. He trained to be and Avatar driver but  he was pulled at the last moment so he still has an Avatar and a pod but isn’t permitted use it so he is a pilot instead. His Avatar was then “lost” in the wilderness because of a Na’vi attack, though in reality he put his pod in a remote area of the forest and travels there by Swan(the advanced land rovers) so he uses his Avatar at night.

Aircraft: Samson** 85, he doesn’t have another mount besides a Swan, which was in his ship’s cargo hold.

Appearance: Black hair in a crew cut, piercing grey eyes, tall, wears a dark grey leather jacket with blue jeans and a blue T-shirt, combat boots.

Job: Pilot

Personality: Acts pessimistic and lazy, is actually easily angered, extremely intelligent, and very mature.

Other: Shipping is yes

*I’m out of ideas for last names, FIGHT MEE

**the kind that Trudy Chacon flew before, ya know, it exploded and she died

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