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OC Conversation Thread

OC Conversation Thread


LAYdies and GENTADOODLES, this is a thread where . . .


Our OCs talk to each other!

Okay, I don't know what that was. Just in a strange mood, I guess. But then, aren't I always?

Well, OK, on this thread, our OCs are free to talk about whatever they want to talk about, such as about how much their story-life sucks, (because of course every good writer makes their OCs SUFFER), and how annoying the other characters are, and their culture/life or whatever.

Feel free to make them talk as if they actually know that they're in a story. And it definitely doesn't have to be a story you've finished.



*looks about in astonishment*

Why, what a curious place! . . . . .

I wonder if there's anything to eat?


*burning glare*


Sorry, Aunt.


*enters room* Aha! What have we here? Ooh, a fat human! EXcellent . .


*looks at Silversheath in horror*

How DARE you!!!!


Ah, you're from a first draft story. *shakes head* simply wouldn't do to hang out with him, would it, Ronil? And dragons are better anyway.


*mutters profanity under breath*


Uh . . . . sure . . .


And so you see. *curtsies* Commence! 

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(June 12, 2019 - 10:03 pm)

This sounds fun...

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