Worldbuilding type stuff?

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Worldbuilding type stuff?

Worldbuilding type stuff?

This is a thread about worldbuilding, that is, the deliberate making of fantasy or sci fi worlds. You can talk about whatever you like here that is related to your fantasy world, show your maps, ask for advice, etc. Also you can fill out this sheet if you like:

Name of World(s):

Is it a planet? If not, what's it like?

When did you start creating it? Has it changed much?

What authors or people that you know are good worldbuilders?

Does it have gods? If so, what are they like?

How many continents (so far)?

What do you tend to concentrate on in worldbuilding?

What are some of the main inhabitants of your world?

Have you written any stories taking place in your world or are you writing any?

~~~Here's mine

Name: Jith

It is a planet, although the sky is actually a wall surrounding it. Beyond the wall is an Abyss and beyond that Empeyor (heaven)

It's hard to say when I started. My friend and I made a world called Jith to host our stuffed animal play. I had many other enthusiastic ideas and continually worked on new continents and cultures which filtered into our playing. Eventually we decided that Jith would be my own world and our stuffed animal kingdoms would be seperate, to make sharing easier. I have changed the geography and history more than culture.

God is the best one, of course, but Tolkien is of course very good, and my brother. He hasn't written any books or anything but his world is so amazing and he has helped and inspired me so much.

There are three main gods: Two goddesses, Klana and Swa, and their brother Vhaejyn. Vhaejyn is most sacred, Klana the most mentioned in legends and religious texts, and Swa created most of the world. There are omany ther spirits that protect rather than create and have less power.

There are three continents: Macrimosom/Sarnesor, Tyv/Ítal, and one that I keep forgetting the name of because I keep changing it.  . . . .Andlia? IDK 

I tend to concentrate on geography and little details such as how the Tuoundraken eventually split into many different dragon species, and the main industries of various countries and how they relate to each other, rather than history and legends and languages.

Humans, fairies, sarpisons, valaria, dragons and serpents, fauns, goblins, dwarves, wizards and wizardesses, witches, merrows, groshen (and raimeten) . . .(some of those I made up completly from scratch, obviously).

I have written one not-so-good story about three young sea dragons and am currently writing one about fairies traveling from Jith to Earth and one about  . . . . . well it's kind of hard to explain but basically this sorceress wants to destroy goblinkind???? IDK it's way more than that.

Admins thank you for reading this long post! I hope it was entertaining! 

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I just realized I kinda made a world, so some of this I'm making up on the spot.

Name of World(s): Myria (mee-ree-uh)/Khratchska (crach-sss-ka)

Is it a planet? If not, what's it like?: It's not. Myria/Khratchska is a double-world. Myria is the light side, Khratchska is the dark side, and both sides are placed on an island roughly two or three times the size of Madagascar? (Remember, I'm making this up as I go.) Dark and light both are mainly mountainous terrain, the summits of the mountains are snowy and cold, and the foothills and valleys are misty and damp, and warmer, but not by much. There are sparse forests farther down, but not many, and they're not featured much, bc most life centers in the foothills and higher up, where the trees hardly form thickets, but there are trees. Most living places are carven tunnels in the mountainsides, where lumionescent crystal glows at the same brightness as the day or night outside.

When did you start creating it? Has it changed much?: I started creating it really five minutes ago, but it's existed for over four years. It hasn't changed really at all tho.

What authors or people that you know are good worldbuilders?: ???

Does it have gods? If so, what are they like?: No, unless you count immortal Kreagle, human-demon hybrid and leader of the dark side. Otherwise, no.

How many continents (so far)?: Uhhhhh......... just one, really.

What do you tend to concentrate on in worldbuilding?: What it all looks like, different characters, and I'm working on developing a faery language.

What are some of the main inhabitants of your world?: Elves, dragons, demons, faeries, merpeople, humans, and hybrid breeds of just about anything you can think of. Also common wild animals and game like deer or raccoons or whatever. I didn't feel like making up new food, at the very least.

Have you written any stories taking place in your world or are you writing any?: This world actually originated from a novel i'm writing, and I've really moved it along by taking the time to think through this post, so thank you, Spiffycat, for making this thread.

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Nice! . . . . . Do you have any maps?

This is the first map I made where I was really trying to make it "look nice". 

map of Spingwell.jpg
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Sorry, Spiffy, I've never tried to make any maps of it.

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Book Recommendations:

Wings of Fire (series)

Shadow and Bone (trilogy)

CS Lewis's space trilogy (Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength. OK so I've only read Out of the Silent Planet. Whatever). 

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Name of world(s): Alpinecathsma (Al-pi-ne-khasth-ma)

Is it a planet? If not, what’s it like?: Kind of. Have you ever had the word “chasm” on your vocab list in school? Well it’s like that. There was a giant chasm splitting the world apart, so they chained it together, using magic bonds.

When did you start creating it? Has it changed much?: I started creating it about 10 months ago, and YES. IT. HAS. CHANGED. MUCH.

What authors or people do you know that are good world builders?: J.K Rowling, Ransom Riggs... Yes. I loved the “Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children”.

Does it have Gods? If so, what are they like?: There is one Goddess. Her name is Olica. She is the one holding the planet together.

How many continents? (So far): Six. Yep. You heard me. SIX. Their names are, in order largest to smallest, Sheentana, Everlasting, Weltni, Astro, Haven, and, Gerri.

What do you tend to concentrate on while worldbuilding?: Nothing. I just let it flow. I’ve been building worlds since I was 8. My first world is so complex, I couldn’t show. (It’s a realm I made with my friend, when we were 8 and a half. It’s called “The Super Animal Realm.”)

What are some of the main inhabitants of your world?: Well... ahem, Elves, faeries, unicorns, giant wolves, elk, horses, verindini (verindini is a winged crossbreed of a elf, unicorn, and fox.), humanoids, immortals, all sorts of stuff.

 Have you written any stories taking place in your world, or are you writing any?: Yes. I’ve written one about a boy, named Selsem, who actually now RULES the planet. Then I’m writing about a girl, named Salem, (she is a descendant of Selsem, years later.) who wants to find out what really happened with her family line.


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OOH, that's cool that you have six continents! I can barely manage three hehe.

I guess I'd better explain about my made-up animals.

Sarpisons are like giant winged cats. They can create stardust (it's in their blood) and use it to make cities in the sky. Only beings who have been touched by a sarpison feather can see them. Sarpisons eat small animals called twinklings, which are also known as starbats.

Sarpisons can take human form, though their eyes stay the same. A sarpison's eyes always reflect their first full view of the sky after hatching. For example, if a sarpison was hatched on a clear summer day, their eyes would be pure blue. If a young sarpison does not view the sky immediately after hatching it bleeds to death through its eyes.

Sarpison cities are widespread over Jith. Many star dragons live in sarpison cities. 

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What do you mean by "immortals"? Are they just a specific type of being or are you referring to elf-goblin-wizard type things?

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They don't die easily, if you know what i mean. =3

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Ah, it's nice to have a thread at the top.

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