Hi, you dumb

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Hi, you dumb

Hi, you dumb journal.

I'm stuck in here again.

Every single night, I have the same dream of being in this room for hours.

You know how usually in dreams time passes really quickly? Like, your dream starts and it's just sort of a blur of events and people and then you wake up? Yeah, well time seems to pass really slowly in here. Very, very, very slowly.... and my watch doesn't work either.

I've heard about people start dream journals. Usually they don't actually write in them while they're in dreams, but I need something to occupy myself at this point. I've never tried writing in this book before, but I guess it's better than nothing.

So, I guess I should start by describing my surroundings...? Sure, we'll go with that.

Ok, so this very definitely annoying room has these pale, light, and other words meaning pastel yellow walls, no door, and a medium-dark hardwood floor. In a corner sits a comfortable beige armchair and a very small wooden table. On the table there is a particularly ugly lamp with a bunch of pictures of goggle-eyed fish on it, this empty book which I am currently at this moment in time writing in, and a very much useful in its one intended way ballpoint pen. (Can you tell I'm trying to write a lot of words to kill more time?)

Yeah, so I'm stuck here every night bored out of my mind. It's a pretty awful situation.

Also, there's a window in here. I forgot to mention that earlier, somehow. It's got some dark green curtains on it and if I go look outside I can look straight into a level of an office building which usually has a bunch of boring looking people writing boring looking papers. If I look down I can see an alleyway with a few dumpsters- and if I'm lucky, a cat or two.

And yes, I've tried banging my fists on the window to attract the attention of the office people. It doesn't work.

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm going to lose my mind in here eventually. 

Some people say that dreams are symbolic and that this dream is symbolic of a closed mindset toward opportunity or whatever. I think that's nonsense. If I were to get an oppertunity to do literally anything right now, I would take it in a heartbeat.

Ugh. I think I'm done with writing for a bit.



"Wait a second- is someone knocking on my window...?

.....what the...!!-"

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[Hi guys, metagame 'Zarine here!] 

[This is a sort of community writing project/free-for-all RP. No character sheets, no rules. I have ideas for where the plot is going so that this won't die right away, but nothing is set in stone just yet.]

[Feel free to jump in wherever you want as either a new character or a pre-existing NPC. If you're reading this while the story's still getting off the ground, you could start as:]

[- an office worker in the building across from the dream journal's author] 
[- one of the alley cats]
[- another person with a dream-prison]
[- or even the someone (something...?) knocking on the author's window...] 

[To join, just make sure no one's already claimed the character you want to play as and then write out a post in their POV. Feel free to take the story in a new direction as long as it makes some degree of sense ;D]

[To wherever this may take us! *raises can of carbonated water*] 

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[I call the something/someone knocking on the author's window!]

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Oh wow, this sounds so cool. I'm calling an office person!

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I will play as an alley cat. Because if there is an option to play as an animal I WILL PICK IT. But I am wondering, is everyone here in some sort of a dream? Or is it only your character that is in a dream, and everyone else just kind of lives in this dream world thing? Also, here’s my appearance, because somebody has got to picture me somehow. 

So the entire cat is white, but with orange ish spots on her right ear and a big spot on her body on the left side, and her tail is orange with white stripes on the end (if you can’t imagine the tail just  put ‘white cats with orange spots’ on the internet and you will get my grasp.) She has dark green eyes. Claws are long and black.  


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[Good question! I would say most, if not all, of the other people here aren't dreaming- but there might be a few other dreamers somewhere out there. (There's also a small possibility that this isn't a dream at all...but that's probably irrelevant for the time being.)]

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Ok. Thanks Alizarine! 

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Dreams. Their an interesting disaster. Each night I close my eyes  I awake to a simple, meaningless room. Nothing makes sense. It is as if the world was void, completely and utterly lacking of anything that makes up the beautiful world we live in, except for an vacant chair in the corner and this empty journal. There is no sound, except for my subtle breathing. There is no tangible smell. There is no way to tell time, and the hours pass with unrecognition.

Apart from me and a chair, is a window. Its glass is crytal clear. On the opposite side of the glass, is a gray faced office building. I can make out figures, each in plain black and white clothes, none of them seeming to have a perpose except filling in their time cards. I have tried to contact them in some way, pounding my fists upon the glass, or waiving, or yelling. But nothing seems to catch their attention... I have tried to break the window, tried every possible way to get out of this meaningless torture but each attempt in vain. I feel as if this sensless world is making me older. My once thirty-year-old hands have turned slowly weaker, and my mind is becoming foggier. 

However, the only entertainment I recieve each night is from an ally cat. This cat seems to look at me, from its garbage throne. I look at it in return. It gives me a glimmer of hope, as its green eyes glint curiously at me. 

I wish with my entire soul to be rid of this room.


SOOO yeah. I hope this isnt to long or weird, I just wanted to add another dream trapped guy to this mix. Is that ok? if not Ignore this post XD

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Carmin (my oc for this story)~

I scramble to my feet in a panic. I've been in here every night for weeks and this has never happened before.

Think, Carmin. What's different this time? I woke up in the armchair, I banged your head against the wall, I wrote in the journal that I would take any opportunity in a hea- Shoot.

I said that I'd take any opportunity in a heartbeat. Real smart move, that.

The knocking is getting louder and more insistant.

"Hey!" I shout into the empty room. "I don't know who you are, or why I'm in here, or if this is some sort of cruel experiment, but sometimes I say things and I don't mean them! I'm not enjoying this in any way whatsoever! I'm done!"

Silence. The knocking is getting more and more frantic.

This is a dream, right? It's not like I'm going to die or anything... 

In a burst of recklessness, I clench my teeth, run across the room, and fling the curtains open-

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The curtains inside fling open, and I almost fall from the ladder. My blades retract into my arms immediately. A muffled question squeezes through the glass.

"Who are you?" The person inside asks. I can't see them well, but I think they are a girl. I may be mistaken though. I shy away, making sure my green eyes are hidden behind my reflective sunglasses.

"That's a question I don't even know the answer to." I reply. "Back away from the glass, I'm going to break it."

"How?" In response, my blades slide out from my forearms. Their eyes widen. "HOW???"

"Some really messed up tech -- now get away from the glass!" They comply. I draw my right arm way back, then smash the point of the blade into the window. The window shatters, and I jump into the room. The person comes forward and runs a finger down the side of one of my blades.

"What do people call you, if you don't know who you are?" They ask. I look at them carefully.

"Well, most of the time, they call me-" Somewhere, deeper into the building, a security alarm goes off. My blades slide in as I grab their wrist. "We need to get out of here. Now!" I pull them to the window and gesture to the ladder on the other side. "Once you get to the bottom, book it to your right. I'll be right behind you."

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This seems pretty neat! I'll play as an office worker.


I move the pen across the paper methodically, not even paying attention to what I'm writing. This happens every night, this same dream, in this same bland office. I don't know why, and I don't know how. All I know is that I'm tired of it. It goes on for hours, and I can never wake up until I finish with the stack of paperwork in front of me. I've tried everything, believe me. I've pinched myself, slapped myself, tried to get the other people to pinch me. But nothing ever works, and the people never respond. I've given up on talking to them- now I just do my work in an attempt to make the dream go faster.

I move on to the next paper in the pile. Looking at the still towering pile, I sigh. Shaking out the cramp in my hand, I think,

I would give anything for this to stop.

Almost in unison with my wish, there's a crash from outside the office room, and the lights flicker once, then go out. We're plunged into darkness. I hear alarms coming from somewhere, but I can't quite tell which direction. For the first time, the other workers begin to speak, their voices filling the room with concerned muttering. I stand quickly, and make my way through the room. I stumble over tables and bump into people, heading for the door on the other side of office. I've tried it before, and it was always locked. However, everything seems to be different tonight. Something's changed. I grip the handle of the door, and somehow I can sense that it will work. Sure enough, the handle twists, and the door opens without a sound.

Elated, I rush through the doorway, only to find that it leads into a staircase. My momentum carrying me, I trip, tumbling down the stairs. I land on my back at the bottom, battered. I open my eyes and see a figure standing over me, someone who is most definitely not an office worker.

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