Warriors-ish RP!

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Warriors-ish RP!

Warriors-ish RP!

There are five clans: RainClan, collectively the best at swimmingand navigation, likes fish and frogs for prey; FireClan,  collectively the best at strategy and treaties, likes voles and other rodents as prey; StormClan, collectively the best with brute strength, likes squirrels and birds as prey; ShadowClan, collectively the best at ambush warfare and agility, likes rabbits and snakes for prey; and StarClan, the cats who passed on to the afterlife. There's also no-clan cats (kittypets) and BrokenClan, but they are no threat to the Clans...

RainClan rules the Island in the middle of Broad River, a massive spring the bubbles up from the ground in the middle of the Clans. FireClan gets the Outer Lands, the rich Western plains that border no-clan land. StormClan gets the deciduous forest to the East. ShadowClan lurks in the evergreen forests to the South. To the North are the Sunrocks, a mysterious formation that harbors the Moontree.

Long ago, a medicine cat's apprentice received a prophecy, but they met with a terrible force before they could pass it on.


Gender (Male or female to avoid confusion): 





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Name: Raggedpaw (To become Raggedfall)

Gender: Female 

Rank: Apprentice

Clan: ShadowClan

Breed: Seal lynx pointed ragdoll cat with green eyes and black markings

Fur: Well-kept and silky, kinda shiny in strong light.

Shipping status: Open

Other: N/A

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@Admins could you please change 'Silver tabby' in Breed to 'Seal lynx pointed'?' 


"Oakenpaw, we're short on poppy seeds. Could you go out and get some?" Acornrock meowed. Oakenpaw dropped a bundle of barley into an herb-pit, nodded, then ran out of the cave, brushing past ferns. He bounded happily out of main camp, making his way towarsd a well-known poppy patch. Like the perpetually happy cat he was, he stopped to sniff one of the straggling poppies that greeted cats on their way to the patch.






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Thanks Admins! TOP

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(September 5, 2019 - 1:40 pm)

I would like to join, but I haven’t read a single warriors book and I’m afraid I will mess something up...

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(September 6, 2019 - 10:30 am)

It's not EXACTLY like the Warriors books, and I'd be glad to have you, even if you haven't read any! You could be a no-clan cat or a member of Brokenclan, the clan with no rules and a bloodthirsty tendency, or you could try to be a member of one of the clans!

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(September 6, 2019 - 8:06 pm)

Ok then, I will join. I will learn on the way too. 


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Name: Sunstar 

Gender: female

Rank: apprentice

Clan: FireClan 

Breed: Arabian Wildcat with yellow eyes and striped markings 

Fur: Yellow mixed with tan. A bit dusty. Striped. 

Shipping status: open.

Other: N/A 



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Name: Moonrose

Gender: She-Cat

Rank: Queen! 

Clan: FireClan

Breed: European Shorthair with bright blue eyes

Fur: Gray with black markings

Shipping Status: Since she's a queen, I guess it's open...

Other: Her kits are on the way!  


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Oh shoot. I meant to put RainClan on Moonrose's charrie

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