Warriors-ish RP!

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Warriors-ish RP!

Warriors-ish RP!

There are five clans: RainClan, collectively the best at swimmingand navigation, likes fish and frogs for prey; FireClan,  collectively the best at strategy and treaties, likes voles and other rodents as prey; StormClan, collectively the best with brute strength, likes squirrels and birds as prey; ShadowClan, collectively the best at ambush warfare and agility, likes rabbits and snakes for prey; and StarClan, the cats who passed on to the afterlife. There's also no-clan cats (kittypets) and BrokenClan, but they are no threat to the Clans...

RainClan rules the Island in the middle of Broad River, a massive spring the bubbles up from the ground in the middle of the Clans. FireClan gets the Outer Lands, the rich Western plains that border no-clan land. StormClan gets the deciduous forest to the East. ShadowClan lurks in the evergreen forests to the South. To the North are the Sunrocks, a mysterious formation that harbors the Moontree.

Long ago, a medicine cat's apprentice received a prophecy, but they met with a terrible force before they could pass it on.


Gender (Male or female to avoid confusion): 





Shipping status:



Name: Raggedpaw (To become Raggedfall)

Gender: Female 

Rank: Apprentice

Clan: ShadowClan

Breed: Seal lynx pointed ragdoll cat with green eyes and black markings

Fur: Well-kept and silky, kinda shiny in strong light.

Shipping status: Open

Other: N/A

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@Admins could you please change 'Silver tabby' in Breed to 'Seal lynx pointed'?' 


"Oakenpaw, we're short on poppy seeds. Could you go out and get some?" Acornrock meowed. Oakenpaw dropped a bundle of barley into an herb-pit, nodded, then ran out of the cave, brushing past ferns. He bounded happily out of main camp, making his way towarsd a well-known poppy patch. Like the perpetually happy cat he was, he stopped to sniff one of the straggling poppies that greeted cats on their way to the patch.






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Thanks Admins! TOP

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I would like to join, but I haven’t read a single warriors book and I’m afraid I will mess something up...

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(September 6, 2019 - 10:30 am)

It's not EXACTLY like the Warriors books, and I'd be glad to have you, even if you haven't read any! You could be a no-clan cat or a member of Brokenclan, the clan with no rules and a bloodthirsty tendency, or you could try to be a member of one of the clans!

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(September 6, 2019 - 8:06 pm)

Ok then, I will join. I will learn on the way too. 


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Name: Sunstar 

Gender: female

Rank: apprentice

Clan: FireClan 

Breed: Arabian Wildcat with yellow eyes and striped markings 

Fur: Yellow mixed with tan. A bit dusty. Striped. 

Shipping status: open.

Other: N/A 



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Name: Moonrose

Gender: She-Cat

Rank: Queen! 

Clan: FireClan

Breed: European Shorthair with bright blue eyes

Fur: Gray with black markings

Shipping Status: Since she's a queen, I guess it's open...

Other: Her kits are on the way!  


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Oh shoot. I meant to put RainClan on Moonrose's charrie

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you know what why not...

Name: Shadowsoar 

Gender: Male


Clan:  RainClan

Breed: Sleek Bombay with yellow eyes

Fur: Inky black and shiny

Shipping status: Open, though he'd be rather hard to get close to

Other: quiet, but gives good advice most of the time. rather mysterious.


Can we have more than one charrie? 

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American Shorthair with brown deformed three-toed paw, Open


Clovertoe kinks her tail torward Broad River.

"That way!"

Blackpaw and Vinepaw begin to run ahead, but their mentors, Blossomtail and Adderpounce,

quickly block them.

"Oh, no you don't!" Blossomtail says sternly to Blackpaw, and Adderpounce just shakes his head, sighing.

"When will you ever learn?"

Vixenpaw barged ahead of the patrol.

"Don't you know? It's too dangerous, you mouse-brains!"

Clovertoe was pulled out of the dire situation long enough to roll her eyes. As if the apprentice hadn't been right behind them.

Vinepaw started to retort, but Snapclaw interrupted.

"We don't have time for silly apprentices quarrels! Blackpaw, Vinepaw, Vixenpaw, to the back with your mentors! Now, let's go!"



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American Shorthair with brown deformed three-toed paw, Open


 Soon, the patrol was close enough to spot the problem. The FireClan warriors had fled, but you could still see the clawmarks in the tall tree growing daringly close to the riverbank.

 "So what?" meowed Snapclaw. "We may as well swim across the river and tell them it's a lost cause."

"Don't you see?" Clovertoe mewed desperately. "It seems ridiculous at first, but that's the point! They're trying to make a bridge across to our territory! It's an invasion!"


 Clovertoe clawed at the soft dirt impatiantly. The sun was still setting, sinking into the woods far from Clan territory. Couldn't time go just a little faster, for once?

"Clovertoe, don't tell me you're still stressing yourself out about the problem with FireClan?" Quickwhisker said slowly, carefully avoiding showing any opinion in his statement.

"What do you think, fuzzball? Of course I am! I am the Clan deputy, you know."

As Clovertoe said this, she found herself wishing for a normal foot again. Even as deputy, she still felt cats underestimated her.

Quickwhisker seemed to read her mind yet again. "Now you're thinking about your namesake? Or is it the hostility from ShadowClan, or maybe the latest injury around here? Wow, Clovertoe, you sure do have a lot of problems on your mind!"

As kind his eyes were when he said this, or how playful his voice, this statement stung.

Quickwhisker must of seen the hurt in her eyes, and said, "Hey, deputy, why don't you arrange a hunt? I'll go, we just need one more cat... would you like to come? 

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Name: Moonheart

Gender: She-cat 

Rank: Warrior

Clan: Rainclan

Breed: American shorthair tuxedo

Fur: Well-kept and smooth.

Shipping status: Open

Other: Just became a warrior.  

submitted by Dolphin , age 12, Narnia
(January 27, 2020 - 12:13 pm)