RAFTing Thread!

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RAFTing Thread!

RAFTing Thread!

RAFTing stands for:





RAFTing is a writing prompt, but you get to explore your character more and get the feel of them a bit better. For example, you could recieve this raft,

Role: A teen/tween

Audience: An explorer

Format: A diary

Topic: A diary entry about your last day in a war-torn city, and you are about to escape. An explorer has found your diary many years after you left, and reads your very last entry.  

And write an entry about a girl preparing to escape into a forest she never knew existed with her little brother to find a friend of her parents. 

This is a thread where one person makes up a raft, and everybody else writes a story according to that raft. The person who wrote the raft then reads the submissions, and chooses the one they think fits the raft most. The "winner" (or winners) comes up with the next RAFT. 

I'll start! 




Now that I think about it, lets go with the one I used as an example (I think it would be really fun to write.) 

Let the RAFTing Games begin!!! 


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(September 7, 2019 - 7:13 am)
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Rykia Sams                                                                                                  September 4, 1990

This is it. I finally found a place I want to stay. It’s a forest I didn’t even know existed. I found it a few weeks ago, and thought to myself, What a wonderful place compared to the city. Did I mention my brother is coming with me? Yep, Jack is going too. We’re trying to find a friend of my parents. Her name is Tera. I’ve known her since I was 4. That means, (since I’m 11) I’ve know her for 7 years. I packed this morning and we are going tonight. Let’s hope we don’t get killed along the way. It’s truly scary at points. I put my brown hair in a pony tail, and got my 9 year old brother ready. Right now, we are hiding in a hollow log. This war torn state of a city has been going on for 3 years. My parents were killed a week ago. I was almost killed by my best friend’s brother. Jack hasn’t spoke in one whole year. He’s petrified. I don’t blame him. May God’s mercy help us.

Hopefully, I’m not dead after thi









(Someone shot through the log and killed them both, so she didn’t have time to finish, and that is why there are blood stains on the book.) 

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(September 8, 2019 - 9:59 am)

Kira West

October, 13, 4040 

I can't believe I made it out alive. I'm still in shock of the events that I'd just witnessed, and as I sit here in this hut made of mud I know I have to write down what happened. So that, if, my family ever finds this journal that they'll know what happened to be after our home caught on fire...

The smoke was thick and black, I couldn't see anything from the aches and flames that were surrounding me. I could hear my mother shouting for me, somewhere in the apartment, but I couldn't find my way to her. All that I knew was the swirling orange flames and the opressing heat. I remember the it smelling like burning suger, and I knew that the enemies had bombed the city again. This came with no warning, nothing at all. The enemies only cared about winning. And so as I laid their, in my burning bedroom, my last thought was that I was going to die. 

But I woke up, somehow still alive, in our ruined house. The fire had burned out, leaving only ashes in its place. I stood up, covered from head to toe in gray ash, and looked around. The city was gone. The only thing left of the city were ashes and the hollowed out shells of the stone buildings. I started walking through the city, my mind in a haze, as I looked at all the destruction. I would have kept walking like that, if someone hadn't of found me...


Ahhh! What... darn it they've found me! I'll have to finish this later...   

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(September 13, 2019 - 10:04 am)

I'll wait till Sunday to judge. 

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I need to finish this! I had to do school so I ran out of time...


They were strange people, acting like they've never seen the horrors of war before. They were wandering the ruins, poking and proding at the piles of stone and ashes. Then they saw me, and said somthing that I did not understand. Before I knew it, they were taking me away, from my home and the ruined city. I was in too much shock to complain and they took me well beyond the city limits. To a deep ravine that I'd never seen before. And then we descended down into the darkness, along a hidden trail I'd never seen. And where we ended up was amazing. It was a jungle, but not like a jungle I've ever seen before. 

The trees were covered in biolumenescent moss, glowing in blues, purples, and greens. The air was full of lightning bugs, flashing in a symphony of color. The plants and flowers were huge, all glowing with a soft glow. The path we were on was laid out with stones, that glowed with a white light. Mushrooms dotted the forest floor, giving off a faint pink glow. It was full of the calling of birds and creatures, creating a beutiful music that filled the air. In wonder I walked along the path, until we saw the village.  

The village was lit up with glowing lights, like everthing around it. And the houses were made out of mud with windows cut into the walls. The roofs were made of a curious stretchy substance, that reflected the light form amove. And the door was a simple cloth, decorated with many different designs.

They led me to an empty hut, filled with many different kinds of fruit, and left me their. I didn't know what to do until I found this journal. And so I'm writting to you, whoever you are, to say that I believe that this will be my new home. Far away from war, in a hidden jungle just outside my city. 


Kira, your wish came true. I've had a tirering journy to find this journal... but where are you?  


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