The moon crouched,

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The moon crouched,

The moon crouched, hidden, beneath a blanket of watery clowds.

Brown trees passed through the murky night, then faded into the horizon. A trail of cracked pavement snaked among the forested midnight. The mountain air waited pensivly for something to happen. Strange lights shown dimly on the pavement, followed by a sleek, black car.

There were three figures in the metalic beast. Each had a frown on their faces, the one driving had a sort of worried grimmace that youd mistake for a stone gargoyl. In the backseat, slouched a crumpled suit and matte loafers. Strangely, the figure's hands were bound. He didnt seem to like it. Had you seen him, an hour before, he had not a care in the world. Then something changed. Who knew eavesdropping could get you murdered. Or at least an attempted murder. But thats getting ahead of myself. Haste is the poison of a story, doint you think? For now, lets resume to the car.

"How much longer do we have?" The driver rubbed his ruddy neck.

"Till we get there." 


"I am tired of your groaning! Now shut up. Dont make this harder than it has to be." 

As the conversation between the two front seat occupents progressed, the man with his hands bound began compulsively fighting with the ties. Although silent through the whole car ride, he decided to say a last remark. 

"You know," he spoke up, "Next time, leave the door locked.

As he said this, he shoved the back door open, and jumped out. 

The car swirved, and skidded to a halt. The bleak mountain terrain held its breath. The two men ran to the side of the pavement, that was littered with damp leaves. The pavement led to a deep, unexpected crevace. There the two men stood for a moment, searching the for the man in the crumpled suit. Recognition passed both their faces, as they stared at a unmoving figure. 

"Is he dead?" One cried. 

"I dont know, but no one's going to find him here, if he is! Quick, I think another car is coming."

With that, the two men and the metalic car sped off into the night. Then, the mountain was back to its normal self, and all was still. And just past the crevace, stood a sign. 

Welcome to Darbrook County                                                                                                      Where adventure finds you!                                                                                                      Population: 1,328, (not including 12 sheep)


So, this is a solo write. I have an idea of what is going to happen, but well see! Please ask any quiestions, as I am running out of time to post.

Charrie Sheet (please make as detailed as possible! Not just, "She has blue eyes and brown hair" or "kind and sweet" Why is she kind? what makes him tick? etc. )


Age (Must be over 21):





Background (ie. who their family or where they lived previously before Darbrook County etc): 


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Sorry if I did this wrong, I can add anything you want onto this.

Name: Nora Violet Min. She doesn't like her first name, "Nora", so she goes by Violet. She likes to write her name or say her name as "Violet Min".

Age: 22

Appearance: Nora Violet Min is about 5'0". She gets her height from her father. Her eyes are a dark, stormy gray color, and an almond shape. She gets the eye color from her mother, and her almond eye shape from her father. Her hair is a brunette color with highlights of black. Her hair is mixed with her mother's old, light brown hair, and her father's old, black hair. She wears distressed, patched jeans with dirt smudges near the knee patches. The different patches are located where the patellas are. (Kneecaps.) Her face is a nice, oval shape. She has thin lips, and a small nose. She has freckles all over the nasal bridge. She wears faded, black Converse with knee-high black socks. She wears a small, navy green, shoulder bag. In her bag, she carries a journal, a pencil, a book, a dictionary, and a picture of her family. 

Personality: She's a very energized person, and she gets it from her dad. She's very creative, and commits to anything for her friends. She's very loyal, and does anything to help others. She acts like this because she has always been taught like this. She's confident, and she gets her confidence from her mother. She has a British accent from her past, when living in the United Kingdom. (More in the backstory.)

Habits/mannerisms: She talks really fast when she's nervous, and she always sits up straight. She never slouches, and she never talks with her mouth full, and she's very well-mannered. She has always been taught to be well-mannered, and never to break the rules to anything. People sometimes never undesrtand what she's saying because of her accent.

Background: *Ahem* Violet's family lived in Bristol. She grew up there, and was taught to be very well-mannered. She has always been kind and loyal, and commits to everything she does because it's what her father did. Her father died because of a sickness no one ever knew of the sickness her father died from. Violet then continued to grow up with her mother and dog. After she turned 12, she worked to support her family. Violet was educated in secret. In her family, you were not supposed to be educated. You were just supposed to be well-mannered, and only have your mind on your manners. She worked hard, and eventually earned enough money to move to somewhere she had always dreamed of going to. Darbrook County. During while she was working to be able to move, her mother had suddenly passed away from the same sickness Violet's father had. Voilet had given her dog away, and finally moved to Darbrook County. She now lives with an orange Tabby cat.

Sorry if this was too long. I might have gotten a little too carried away with specifying different things.  

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Charrie sheet accepted, Luminara. Also, once I have about five people, hopefully I can start then.

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Name: Tarpeia Narcissa Nightingale

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Appearance: honey colored hair which is very long and which she wears down, clinging to her shoulders and swooping down her back, large wide gray eyes with long eyelashes, pale with acne scars, tall and slightly plump. She looks a lot younger than she is.

Personality: impulsive, kind of gossipy, charming, humble about her abilities yet vain about her appearance, easily angered by attempts to bring her down a peg or two, observant, frank, and hard, very hard, to deceive. Hard working but she wasn't in her younger years. Longs to be a pilot and to be rich. Determined.

Habits/mannerisms: devilish smile and soft voice, likes to gaze dreamily at sky while she speaks, twists her fingers together thoughtfully, left handed, bats eyelashes at practically every man she comes across, rippling cackling laugh

Background: she has lived in Darbrook County since she was eight; before that she lived in Houston, Texas. Her mom is a retired highschool teacher and her dad was a park ranger who drowned in a river. She has a younger sister named Poppy who is 20 and goes to college elsewhere, and an older brother who is a guide in Alaska. (His name is Levi and he is 32). 


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Awesome, Cerinthe. 

Also, topping?  

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Do you mean you need someone to do this? Or are you just saying that you're topping? I'd be happy to top if you need it.

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Haha, no your fine. I just meant I was topping :)

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@An Observer, it would be you're, not your.

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The writing and scratching of a quill intensifies. It fills the room with sounds and thoughts.

Hello! May I join?

Name: Iris Aryn Ambrosia.

Age: 21?, although, she acts nothing like her age.

Gender: Female

Appearance: Iris is extremely short and scrawny. Her eyes are a pale blue color, and her hair is a strikingly white colour. Her hair is very long. She wears a sky blue sundress with small sunflowers on it. She wears black hightops with rainbow tube socks. She has extemely pale skin.

Personality: She's very forgetful. She's naive, and quite sensitive. She's childish, and had always wanted to stay as a child. She's very smart, overall. She likes to read. She reads to escape reality. She doen't like crowded spaces, and she's really socially awkward.

Habits/mannerisms: Her voice is very quiet and squeaky. She tends to always stand on her tip-toes when talking to others. She's ambidextrous, and she tends to giggle instead of laugh. She has claustrophobia and arachnophobia. She's always a person who would always love nature and animals. She has always loved to go to gardens and out in different fields where animals and flowers are. When she's reading, she always feels like she's in a different world.

Background: She has always been quite sensitive when she was younger. Her past is pretty boring, honestly. She lived on Fair Isle, but she has a beginning accent. She lived on Fair Isle until she was 6, and moved to Darbrook County with her parents. Her parents never liked her and her brother, named Zephyr, Zeph for short. Zephyr is currently 38 while Iris is 21. Zephyr homeschooled Iris when she was little.

May I make her 21? If not, she can be 22. Do you need me to specify anything?

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Alrighty, your sheet looks great. 

However, I would prefer their to be at least two men. Or boys. Just not as many girls? Thanks! 

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Hello! Out of curiosity, is this a pseudonym or possibly a new CBer? I go by Quill, and I didn't make these posts, which might be a bit confusing? Just checking in!

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I can make another charrie that's a man. If it's not allowed, just ignore this post.


Name: Theodore Thomas Johnson. He likes to go by Theo, honestly. Only close friends, Iris Aryn Ambrosia, calls him Thomas. (Don't ask why. It's in his backstory.)

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Appearance: Theo is very tall for his age. He has hazel, short, hair. He normally wears a suit of any colour. He has amber eyes, and a few freckles scattered near his nose. He usually has heavy eyebags, which makes him a tad bit older than he is. He has a huge scar running down his right eye. From about the eyebrow to the middle of his cheek. It does effect his eye sight.

Personality: He's really controlling, but once he loosens up, he's fine. He is very impatient, but really caring. He's gentle, and has great looks and manners. He's very humble about most things, and apoligizes for everything he thinks he has done wrong. He's always hard working, and he's never lazy. He's formal, confident, mature, and loyal. He's quite charming and bit flirtatious. He likes to tease his close friends in a charming manner.

Habits/mannerisms: He stays up most of the night because of something that bothers him a lot. He usually sits on the grass outside and stares up at the sky. He's right handed, and he chuckles instead of laughing. He can be very sarcastic. He tends to wink when flirting with someone.

Background: Theodore Thomas Johnson once lived in France. No specific place, just in France. He grew up with Iris Aryn Ambrosia, and once crushed on her. He learned eventually that the age differences were huge, and stopped growing feelings. Theodore actually had the name Thomas when he was born. Eventually, he did somethig terribly wrong. He set fire to a few houses, deliberately. When he was younger, he was more sinister and mischievous. He then moved out of France with his aunt and uncle. He changed his name to Theodore Thomas Johnson right before they moved. To this day, Iris still calls Theodore by his orginal name, Thomas. He moved when he was 11 years of age. He never has remembered who his parents are. They left him when he was just born, and gave him to his aunt and uncle.


Do you need me to specify anything? He gets his classy manner from his uncle, and his kindness from his aunt. 

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Sorry I'm changing my name. I found that someone else was actually named Quill. It's now Typewriter.

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Alright, soon I will be starting. Hopefully I get a few more entries, but if not thats ok! I will hopefully post about once a week, in fairily short spurts. However, I hope it will be worth the wait!

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Ooh! Can I reserve for 2 charries please? Thanks!

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Name: Monica Marie Thomas

Age (Must be over 21): 31

Gender: female

Appearance: biracial, with medium-brown skin, curly brown hair (usually worn in a large bun), short and slightly plump, dark eyes, rough skin, thick fingers

Personality: sassy, fierce, quick-talking, confident, chatty, extroverted. Last to give up, always defending herself and her beliefs. Headstrong, acts first and thinks later, speaks with swagger and pride. Relishes proving her worth and shattering stereotypes. Has an overall beief of unity and helping others. Quick to laugh. Prone to having a good time. Myers-Briggs type: ENFP-A

Habits/mannerisms: hands always seem to be planted on her hips, usually smaking on some gum and laughing with strangers she hit up a conversation with.

Background (ie. who their family or where they lived previously before Darbrook County etc): Monica has always lived a loud, lively, messy life with four siblings (Miriam, Jesse, Isabel, and Luke) and several pets. Monica always surrounded herself with fun-loving friends and adventure. She's visiting her sister Miriam in Darbrook for a few weeks.

Monica is open to shipping, if allowed <3 

Name: Ashton Grover HeWitt

Age (Must be over 21): 27

Gender: male

Appearance: tall and lanky, short blond hair, hazel eyes, small nose, square black glasses, bony, haunched over and always looks nervous.

Personality: meek, quiet, skittish, nerdy, intelligent, honest, often gets lost in his own thoughts. Anxious but creative, prepared, fidgety, structered, methodic. Loyal, introverted, trustworthy, awkward. Kind, tries to be helpful. Sweet bean boi <3

Habits/mannerisms: fidgety and always moving, yet always has a schedule and structure. Always stuffing hands in pockets and pushing glasses up on his nose.

Background (ie. who their family or where they lived previously before Darbrook County etc): Born an only child in Darbrook County and is too nervous to venture outside of his home. Prefers a quiet life with few people.

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