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Londia Thread

Londia Thread

 So I have this book I'm writing. I want to launch it here on Chatterbox to see what people think of it.

This is literally the first draft so it might be bad. Or very bad. Or really good. Let's see! I promise that if it ever gets published for real (I hope!) that you guys will get some credit.

I will post it in, not chapters, segments. It won't be purposely innapropriate so let's hope it all clears the administrators. Some may take longer than others to be published. In between please tell me what you think of it. We're making this up as we go- I don't plan stories- so if you have suggestions for a character or scene, or plot line, post it! If you think it's bad, please tell me respectfully, and why. Maybe I'll fix it.

Some segments might also be re-published after being revised.

The world that this is set in is called Londia- well, the country that the main charecter, Piper, starts out in is. (If you have an idea for the name of the collective area, again, please tell me.) It's a fantasy world that I hope will cotinue to expand beyond my control and that Piper will gain life of her own! The title os right now "The Piper's Song" but it's sort of a weak title, so yet again, suggestions.

Well, see you soon.

Also, I don't know why the computer thinks this was submitted in 1969, if that's the date that's appearing. 


Sometimes the date gets mixed up.There was no Internet in 1969. People didn't even have home computers.


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Did you click Preview instead of Submit, when you had finished writing you're post? It looks like this when you do that:



Did you click Preview instead of Submit, when you had finished writing you're post? It looks like this when you do that:


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Captcha says guaac. That’s weird, I’m having guacamole for lunch.

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Yes. No. Maybe. Probably.

(note: formerly TodayIAmJuniper, I'm just changing my name like that) 

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Okay. Sorry. I'm canceling this for two reasons.

a) The file I was working on it in got lost or deleted somehow.

b) Turns out I just don't have the time and patience for longer stories anyway.

So I'm sorry if I got anyone riled up or something, but it isn't happening. 

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