The NaNoWriMo Story

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The NaNoWriMo Story

The NaNoWriMo Story I am Writing 

So, I have done about 15 chapters of my novel on NaNoWriMo and I want to share it with you guys. I have been sharing chapters on the NaNoWriMo classroom, but I want to put it on here for those who aren't in the classroom. My story is called 'The Wolf Pack' btw. Here is the prologue: 



It was a cold winter night. It was so cold it felt like you could freeze inside out. All was clear and silent until two slender silver shapes appeared in the moonlight. They stared in silence for a minute, watching the breathtaking view on the Glacier Mountain peak. The smaller female one looked out over the horizon, seeing nothing but mountains. “Thats all there’s is, isn’t it? Mountains and mountains. Silver, you know I love you, and this adventure... But we need to face the facts.” The other wolf, a bigger male turned his head to look at the other. “Luna, we’ve come this far, we can’t stop looking-“ his voice broke off, and he lowered his head. Luna looked hard at Sliver. “You want the best for the tribe. I understand that. But maybe you are looking too hard for a perfect life. The pack is suffering, and it only gets worse from here. Maybe we should stop... this.... all of this.” Silver lifted his head and growled. “WE CAN’T GO BACK, CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND? WE ARE STUCK HERE!” His cry’s echo spread over the mountain. Luna was silent. Silver sighed and said, “They would die if I went back. They are too tired. I need to find this, Luna. For all of us.” Luna thought for a moment and then responded. “Well, maybe, we could find a way to live here. Somewhere less extreme of course. But we can do it. Better than dying out here, right? Come on, we can adapt. I know we can do it. Together.” Silver shook his head, “No, no. Nothing but mountains for miles, and we are warm forest wolves. We can’t make it out here, I have to find the Paradise, I have to. Wait. Maybe I could try and find it myself! Then I would find you guys! You could help adapt the pack for a bit, and I would find it! Yes-“ He looked back and saw Luna’s face, with her blue sad eyes. Silver sighed. “It’s for the best. This can make everyone happy. I know I will be on my own, but I can do it. If you just believe in me, I can do it. And I know you are a perfect leader. The pack loves you. Just believe in me. Because I do. I will be right back, and we will all go to Paradise, the perfect place. It will be a happy ending. Please.” Luna looked away for a moment. Then she licked Silver. “Goodbye,” She solemnly said. Silver smiled and said, “Thank you.” He nuzzled her, and after a long pause, Silver ran away, disappearing into the night. 

Never to be seen again. 

I will be posting chapters daily, so be sure to check on that. Also, be sure to give me thoughts and constructive criticism along the way. It would help me a lot with my writing.

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Chapter 1: 


“Penguin!” Hazel called, looking around frantically. “Penguin, where are you?” The brown wolf looked around frantically around her. “Penguin, don’t play games with me. It could be dangerous out here. Remember the scary polar bears Mom told us about?” She started to get worried until pop! A black puppy popped out of the snow, giggling. “Penguin!” She laughed. Penguin cried, “Again!” and dug back into the snow. “Not now. We are almost to the penguins. You want to see some penguins?” “Yes!” Penguin squealed. He eagerly ran in front of Hazel to see his namesakes. Having Penguin see the penguins for the first time wasn’t the only reason they were here, little did he know. Hazel has been assigned by her mother to research the penguin group to see if they were worth a full-fledged hunt on. Trouble is, Hazel didn’t actually know where the penguins would be. Only the old elder Herb told her where they might be. But Penguin thought ‘might be’ means ‘is going to be’, so hopefully Herb was right. While they were walking on a snow flat land, Penguin looked around him excitedly, like he was waiting for a penguin welcome party to come. Then suddenly, Penguin turned his head and stopped. “Ice,” he said. “What do you mean, ice? There’s lots of-“ Hazel looked in the direction Penguin was looking at and stopped in her tracks.

There was a gigantic chunk of ice there. Hazel was astounded. “Woah, I’ve never seen something like this. The pack needs to know about this!” Hazel looked back toward home. Penguin pouted and said, “Penguins!” Hazel smiled and said, “Fine, after penguins.” “Yay!” Penguin shouted and marched toward the maybe-penguins-destination. Hazel followed him, but kept looking back at the ice, wondering if there was something truly more to it.

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Chapter 2:


Nebula looked around the dark snowy forest, scanning the area. Soon, he found a fresh, frozen spring. Bingo, thought Nebula. He kicked at the spring’s ice, breaking it into pieces. And lo and behold, there was fresh water right underneath the frozen cover. It’s a good thing it’s not that cold today, haven’t had good fresh spring water to myself in a while. Nebula smiled as he thought this. He drank until he quenched his thirst. Now time to see if we can get some prey. He hid behind a cluster of bushes near the spring, then stood still and waited. Soon, a snowshoe hare hopped out of some bushes, and started drinking the spring water. As quick as lightning, Nebula leapt out of the bushes and killed the hare. Then, he proudly strutted off toward the pack. 

The pack was hurrying about, this way and that, since the cold snap had passed. They wanted to make the most of the sort-of-warm time they had. The alpha, Sun, was already organizing a hunt for the day. Well, no need for me to join them today. Already got all that I need. Nebula grinned. He started to walk over to his home so that he could eat his prize when Sun looked over and called him. Nebula quickly ran over. He dropped his hare to say, “Yes, Alpha?” Sun looked down at the hare and then back at him, saying, “Ah. So THATS why you were missing this morning. Going to get some food for yourself, huh?” “Yes, ma’am,” Nebula promptly responded. “Well, your grandfather Herb was saying that he was hungry. I was going to send someone over to the food storage room to get him some, but I see you already got his meal. Thank you for that.” Some of the wolves behind her giggled, and Nebula felt a growl coming in his throat. He swallowed it down and said, “I will go over there immediately.” And he ran away before he faced more humiliation. He went to the food storage... and ate his snowshoe hare. No one was going to let him not eat his prize. Then he picked another snowshoe hare from inside the storage cave and headed out to his grandfather's. Hopefully he can get a big enough catch at the hunt to make everyone forget about his humiliation. But first, Nebula sighed. He had to go visit Grandfather Herb. 

Soon, Nebula arrived at the Family Caves. They were holes all over the rocky hillside, bustling with life and excitement. Pups running about, wolf couples walking together, and huddled groups discussing about several somethings. Nebula headed over to a big, quiet cave, with several winter plants Herb had planted around the mouth of it. He went inside to find his grandfather laying on his bed of soft leaves. His old, brown body looked completely still in the darkness at first, but when Nebula walked in, his ears pricked up and he slowly turned around. "I got you a snowshoe hare. I got it for you on order of the Alpha," Nebula half-truthed. "Thank you, Grandson," Herb said in his quiet, old voice. Nebula walked closer and dropped the hare at Herb's feet. The old wolf slowly put his neck down and gripped the hare, then slowly chewed. Nebula pondered how Herb is managing to stay alive if he can't even eat that well. A silent, cold breeze entered the room. This might take all day, Nebula grumbled. Then suddenly, Herb looked up and the hare dropped from his mouth. He had an expression that Nebula had never seen before. He had a wild look in his  milky green eyes. Panic. 


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Chapter 3: 


Herb felt something. Something he hadn't felt in a long time. What is it? Herb pondered. He felt flashes of blurry memories, winds howling, wolves lying with their fur practically frozen. This feeling is familiar. What is it? What can it be? His breathing got heavy and shaky. And why am I so scared that something is going to happen? His grandson, Nebula, stood there, afraid. “Danger’s coming... I feel it,” he wheezed. “Get Alpha Sun. This could be deadly... to the tribe...” Nebula hesitated for a second, then finally said, “U-understood.” He then ran off out of the cave. 

Herb felt like his head was spinning. What was this feeling? What caused it? Then he felt it. A wind, especially cold and brittle, swept up against his fur. The same one that he felt while eating the snowshoe hare, and when... and when... The warning wind. That's what it is. The warning wind.

Herb's head was splitting itself apart. No, not the warning wind. It can't be, it can't be. It can't be. It will destroy everything. It will. I can't... I can't... But the panic was too much for Herb's old body. He collapsed on the ground. Everything was blurry around him. Herb slowly picked himself up and went over to an evergreen wood bowl with a fine green powder inside. He ate some of the powder and started to feel a bit better. He stumbled back to bed. "I can't...let them die..." he murmured. 

Soon, he heard the thud of pawprints outside the cave. He turned around to face the entrance of the cave. Right outside were Nebula and Alpha Sun, along with some other wolves behind them. Alpha Sun ran inside and said, panicked, "What's wrong? What's happening? You need me to call some healers?" Herb wanted to answer the entourage of questions, but he felt too tired to do so. He breathed, "The... Slaughtering Snowstorms... They're... coming..." And, having brought the message, everything around him faded to black.






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Chapter 4 (also my story revolves around 4 characters' perspective. Hazel, Nebula, Herb, and Sun.)


Sun looked at Herb's old limp body, shocked. The Slaughtering Snowstorms? What was that? The wolves behind Sun gasped and murmured among themselves. Sun breathed. I need to be calm for the pack. She turned over to Nebula. "Do you know what a 'Slaughtering Snowstorm' is? Did your grandfather ever tell about them in one of your stories?" Nebula shook his head. "Never heard of it." Sun thought for a moment, then turned to the growing wolf crowd behind her. "Bring the scribes. See if they have heard of this." A couple of wolves ran off to the scribes' cave. One of the wolves from the crowd piped up and said, "Well, a Slaughtering Snowstorm kind of just sounds like just another blizzard that we have. Perhaps Herb just added the slaughtering part to make it sound more.... dramatic?" Sun turned around angrily and said at the wolf, "You think that Herb would faint over sheer panic? He has faced many blizzards through his time, and he has never looked like that. This is something else. Way bigger." The wolf shrunk back into the crowd, scared. Sun took a deep breath. "I'm sorry. Really. Just shocked and... I have no idea what is going on. We will question Herb when he wakes up. For now, we should let him rest." 

The crowd looked at Herb for a few more minutes, but when nothing else happened, it started to thin out. Sun questioned Nebula about what happened, but could find no answers. It seemed like Herb just got panicked willy-nilly, but he isn't the type to do that. It was just so strange. Finally, the wolves who had gone to get the scribes came back with a wolf with dark brown fur Sun recognized. "Greetings, Squirrel. We have a bit of a situation here..." Sun spent a few minutes explaining everything that she had heard. "Yes, these wolves here told me about these fierce snowstorms or whatever, so I looked through my scrolls to see if I could find anything like that," Squirrel said. "But there hasn't been anything like that since..." Squirrel trailed off. "What is it? I need anything I can find," Sun said anxiously. Squirrel looked into Sun's eyes. "Since 1,000 years ago. Since the First Pack." Sun stared in silence. If this was true, then it was way, way worse than she had thought. 

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Chapter 5: 


Hazel had been walking for what felt like forever, and Penguin was getting impatient. “Where penguins?” he whined. Hazel sighed. “I suppose they are not out here. We need to go back now. Our family will be looking for us before long.” “I want find penguins,” Penguin griped. “There’s not any out here. Come on. I will carry you if I have to,” Hazel said. 

After a long time walking back whilst carrying Penguin, Hazel came across the large ice chunk again. Penguin, who had been bored, excitedly slid off his sister’s back and ran off to the ice chunk. “Penguin!” Hazel shouted. “We don’t know what it is! It’s not safe!” She ran off after her brother. Penguin was trying to find something fun in the ice, poking and prodding it with his nose. “Penguin, stop it!” Hazel scolded. But Penguin didn’t listen. He kept right at it. Hazel grabbed Penguin’s fur and started to pull him back. “Noooo,” Penguin said. His paws dug into the ice. Then suddenly, a piece of the ice fell off, leaving a smooth surface. With words on it. Hazel dropped Penguin from shock. She looked closely at the words on the surface. 

Wolves who can’t find their way, 

Wolves who can’t find peace, 

Wolves who are in danger, 

Unless they travel east. 

Danger, attractions, 

Love, action, 

Betrayal, the purpose 

Of who and where they should be. 

Unfortunate deaths, crying, tears, 

All that you feel and fear, 

Will you choose right? Will you choose wrong? 

Chose wisely, my friend, may it be strong. 

“Wassit say?” Penguin asked. “...Something we need to tell the alpha right away,” Hazel said breathlessly. This was more, much more than what she thought this could be. “Hey Penguin, want to race home?” Hazel smiled. “Yessss! I’ll beat ‘chu!” Penguin said, then raced off. Hazel ran off toward home, hoping to get there as soon as possible. This had to be the most important and dire news the pack has ever had. 


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Chapter 6: 


Nebula stood beside his grandfather’s fainted body. He was told to ‘stay and watch’ in case his grandfather woke up, and it was really boring. He could have been doing anything right now: going on a hunt, meeting with friends, watching all the wolf pups, walking around, doing ANYTHING but sit in a cave to watch an old bag of bones. He did volunteer to lead the wolf pack hunt while Sun figures it out, but noooo. He couldn’t even BE in the hunt, apparently. Ughhhh, Nebula groaned in his head. This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t faint, Grandpa. I could have been out, impressing everyone. But no, you had to make a fuss and worry everyone. Nebula was certain that fate was plotting against him. Nobody let him do anything. They thought he was untrustworthy, mischevious, and not capable. Humph. He was as capable as the next guy.

While Nebula was moaning, suddenly there came a sound. “Uuungh,” his grandfather groaned. Nebula was surprised, but glad that he can have something to watch over again. “Grandpa Herb!” He cried. “Where is everyone? Alpha Sun? Does.... does she know.... the Slaughtering Snowstorms?” Herb asked dizzily. “Yes. She and Scribe Squirrel went to figure things out a little more.” Nebula wondered whether he should tell Sun right away or stay and ask Herb for more information. Herb sat in silence. Then he coughed. “Get me some water, boy. Some by the door.” Nebula walked over and found several pots filled with water. He trudged over to Herb, pot in mouth, and let him lap some of it up. After he was satisfied, Herb sighed and laid back on the bed. Nebula stood, waiting for Herb to ask something else of him. When nothing happened, he asked, “Um...well... are you alright? I was going to tell Alpha Sun that you woke up, so...” “I’m as well as I can be,” Herb said. “Go tell her.” Nebula started for the mouth of the cave when he turned back, his curious exploding inside him. “Hey, Grandpa? Has... has the Slaughtering Snowstorms really only hit the First Pack?” Herb looked up and stared at Nebula for a good long moment. “Yes.” 

Despite his better judgment, Nebula found himself beside his grandfather’s bed again. “Tell me about them. So the pack can be ready.” Telling Alpha Sun could wait. Nebula had a story to hear. Herb stood up straight, like he always did before telling a story, and began to tell.

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Chapter 7:

Herb looked up, trying to recall the experiences he had so long ago. "It was a long time ago, when I was no more than a pup. I remember my family was happily playing in those days. Me and my siblings were playing in the snow, rejoicing at all the fun things we could play with. Oh, those sweet innocent days." Herb paused for a moment and looked outside, then began again. "We thought that it was paradise. But it was not. One day, my father was accompanying us when a mighty cold wind swept across the land. Me and my siblings shivered from the sheer coldness of it. My father murmured, 'Strange...' But he thought nothing of it. That wind, my dear Grandson, is the Warning Wind. It's telling you that a mighty fierce storm is coming. It's what I felt today, I'm sure of it." Nebula opened his mouth in surprise, then promptly shut it. Herb smiled and continued: "The next day, I wandered from home into the woods, wanting to explore. Then the wind started howling. 

You have heard blizzard winds, haven't you? Moaning things. But they don't compare to this one's. The very sound will make you shiver out of your mind. I was right scared when I heard them. Like a natural instinct to take cover. Then it hit. Oh, just thinking about it is a nightmare. The snow, the wind. I was practically frozen inside out! It was a nightmare. The snow froze everything around it. Everything was white. You couldn't see two feet in front of you. It was so cold. Oh, cold like death. I burrowed in the snow and hoped for dear life that I would be saved. Thankfully, my father came back and helped me travel home." Herb paused. He was getting flashbacks, and he couldn't tell much more. "But... He died.... died... He was nearing home, but... he collapsed... 'go home! Before-'...And I went home..." A tear went off his cheek. "Hard to explain what a nightmare everything was. Go, and tell Alpha Sun to prepare. Prepare as fast as she possibly can...For all of us..." 

Nebula silently nodded and ran out. Herb sighed. He hoped that what happened to him... What had happened to his father.. would never ever happen again.


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Chapter 8: 


Meanwhile, Sun was at the Scribe Cave with Squirrel and various other scribes, trying to find information on the snowstorms on the first pack or any other big snowstorms that might count as 'slaughtering'. But unfortunately, they were not having much luck. "Why aren't there scrolls on this?!" Squirrel said frustratingly. "We have all the info in the world, but NOTHING ABOUT A DANGEROUS SNOWSTORM!!!" Sun looked back at Squirrel. "Listen, I'm really confused too. But we can get through this. Remember, if we don't find any scrolls, we also have Herb. He will tell us the story and how we can handle this. And if not, then we can prepare ourselves for whatever is coming. No matter how dangerous it may be." She smiled at Squirrel. If only she felt as confident as she spoke. This may be a new threat. To her, to all the pack. Everything could be affected. She turned her head toward the entrance. Hopefully, Herb would wake up and Nebula could come and get us soon. 

Then, by some magic, Nebula came into view. Sun immediately shouted, "Nebula!" and sprinted toward the entrance. Squirrel looked up, then excitedly followed Sun. Nebula came to the entrance and quickly said, "Herb is up. And he told me about the Slaughtering Snowstorms. Told me to tell you to prepare... As hard as you can." Sun was relieved. She could finally get some answers. "Come sit down, and tell us the story," she said. Nebula came inside and sat down on the hard dusty cave floor. Nebula sat down eagerly. "This will be one to write down for the recordscrolls!" Squirrel said energetically. Nebula looked down at him for a second, then began his retelling of the story. 

"Wow," said Sun as Nebula finished his story. "Sounds like that snowstorm is severe, and that may just be tipping the nightmare that this thing may be. I will go out and tell everyone to store food and animal fur blankets. You and Squirrel should prepare too." She nodded at them. "Please excuse me." She ran out of the cave. She started alerting every wolf, every cave of the danger. She didn't want to panic the pack, but it was what she had to do to keep everyone safe. As she ended her alerts, a messenger wolf ran up to her. "What is it? Have any questions about the Slaughtering Snowstorms?" Sun asked. "No, Alpha," the wolf said, "Hazel has come back. Says she has a dire message for you." "I'll come right away," Sun said. But on the inside, she was filled with dread. Please let this be good news, please don't let this be bad news. I've already got more than what I can take.


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Chapter 9: 

 "Home! Where Mama?" Penguin asked, sitting around on a stump. "We will find them later, Penguin. Right now we have to tell the news we found to Alpha Sun. You know, that nice lady?" "Afa Sun! Afa Sun!" Penguin said excitedly. Hazel smiled and sighed. Penguin was some fun, but she was going to be thankful when he is relieved from her at home. Suddenly, Alpha Sun came into view. Hazel called out to her. Alpha Sun came up and said quickly, "What is it? What is the news?" Hazel stepped back for a moment. It was strange to see the usually cool alpha frantic like this. "What happened while I was gone?" Hazel asked inquisitively, tilting her head. Sun realized how she sounded and tried to look a little calmer. "A lot has happened, Hazel. Let us both explain our situations." Penguin ran up to Alpha Sun, his eyes filled with brightness. "Afa Sun! Bring toy?" He looked around, seeing if the alpha was hiding anything for him. Sun smiled and said gently, "No, but you can go out and play while your sister and I have a talk, okay?" "Okay... Bring toy later?" Penguin sked hopefully. "Yes, maybe later. Now go out and have fun, ok?" Sun responded. "Okay!" Penguin said and started to jump around in the snow. Sun nodded and then sat down. Hazel sat down beside her. Sun said, "Now, what is this news you have brought me?" 

A long time after, while Penguin was playing in the snow beside them, both wolves finished their stories and were confused and scared. "This is so weird. Like something mysterious is happening..." Hazel trailed off. "So, these words..." Sun said. "Did you happen to write it down on something? To bring back?" "Yes, I did, actually. On our way back from the ice thing, I found some bark and carved out the words with my claws. Kind of taxing on them, but the writing was kind of more important than my claw, you know?" Hazel laughed nervously. Sun stayed solemn. Hazel took a deep breath and said, "Anyway, here it is." She dropped down a piece of bark with some scrawled carvings of the writing. Sun took a moment to examine the words, partly because of their meaning and partly because of the bad carving. Finally she looked at Hazel and smiled. "Thank you Hazel. This was an amazing discovery. We can learn a lot from this." Hazel puffed up her chest in pride. She always tried to do her best for the alpha, and this was one of those times that it counted. Sun continued: "As for this writing, I believe that from looking at this that it may be an ancient prophecy. Way back when, there some wolves who apparently had magic and wrote these down. It is said that these messages... always comes to those who need them."

 Hazel looked up at Sun. Does this mean... that the prophecy had their pack in mind? She looked down at the crude bark and read breathlessly, "Wolves who can't find their way, wolves who cannot... find peace... Wolves who are in danger..." "Unless they travel east..." Sun finished. "I will go and tell the pack. We are leaving this place. Maybe forever."

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Chapter 10: 


Nebula looked around the now empty cave. This had been his home since he was born. And now he was leaving it all. He was homesick and hadn't even left yet. The once full-of-life walls felt weird now. Lonely. He could still see the tic-tac-toe games he had played with other pups on the walls when he was little, and the spot where he had stored his toys. Obviously, he got rid of the toys as he matured, but he still felt sad. He felt sad about everything he was leaving behind. He knew the whole pack did. They had been living here for thousands of years. Everyone was comfortable and happy here. Now, to just have been told they had to leave everything? To leave their home, their memories? It didn't seem right to him. He still remembered the uproar earlier today: 

Nebula had been telling all who would listen about the Slaughtering Snowstorm story, with a healthy dose of embellishment. "So, his father fought through every wind, suffered every minute, all to bring- oh Alpha Sun is back!" Nebula looked over at her shadow coming. She has sure been a lot of places today. Well, she didn't have to tell the other pack members about the Snowstorm story; he was telling all about it. She could thank him later. The crowd who was listening turned around and stood up to greet her. Sun ran up to them, took a deep breath and said, "I hate to be the bearer of bad news... again... But I have to say this. We have been given a sacred prophecy for us, one that predicts danger from the whole tribe." The crowd murmured among themselves, some of the tones skeptical of a prophecy, and some worried about more danger. Nebula himself was more on the skeptical side. A magical prophecy? Is the alpha superstitious or something? What a laugh, he thought with a smile. Sun waited for the crowd's voices to die down, then she continued. "This prophecy may state that we will be in danger, but it also says there is another way to secure that we are safe. We must move. Away from our homes." Now THIS made an uproar. The entire crowd exploded with voices. "WHAT?!' "Away? Where?" "We haven't moved from this place for a thousand years, and we don't know what's out there! You will make us all killed!" "We are leaving everything for a prophecy? That's it?" "What kind of alpha are you? Do you even know whats at stake?!" Sun tried to quiet down the crowd. "I know, I know. It will be hard. It will be hard for me, too. But we have to. There have been several evidence in our history when prophecies are true. So, I'd rather be safe than sorry. What about you? What if you are wrong. Your stubborness will end up hurting your family and everything you love. So, I'm leaving tonight. Whoever wants to come with me, come. Whoever wants to face the wrath of whatever is in store, including the Slaughtering Snowstorms, do. I won't judge you." The crowd still grumbled and murmured but their rage mostly dissipated. The crowd thinned and went back to their homes, probably to tell their family to pack up. They all looked grumpy and/or sad.  Nebula himself was a mixed ball of emotions. He didn't know what to think as he headed home. 

Herb stood at the cave entrance, looking at how sad Nebula felt. "Grandson, I know it's hard. It's for the best. For all of us," Grandpa said softly. "It doesn't feel right. Just to leave," Nebula replied. "Feels like we are leaving a part of ourselves. I don't want to." "I know, Nebula. I know. It will be better for us in the end." Nebula didn't want to talk anymore. He walked out of the cave and into a clearing with no other wolves in it. Less crowded. He then sat and assessed his thoughts alone.

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Chapter 11: 


The sun was setting. It would soon be time to leave. It has been a while since Nebula left for the plains, Herb thought. If he doesn't come soon, I'll have to go get him. Herb felt the fresh welcome breeze. It has been so long since he could just sit and enjoy the wonders of nature. He sat down on the grass and reveled everything around him. Everything was still. But he knew it wouldn't stay that way for long. Soon it would be covered head to paw with ice and devastating winds. Herb shivered at the thought of past memories. 

Herb stood up and hobbled over to the bags he had packed up with belongings from their home. He started carrying the bags with much difficulty to the center of the pack homes, where everyone would be gathering. After a long time of grunting and pulling, he made it to the snow plains. Great, Herb thought. Now my Grandson can help me with this stuff. Herb dropped the baggage and yelled out Nebula’s name over the empty flat plains. For a while there was nothing but silence, but after a few minutes Nebula appeared in view and ran toward Herb. When he got there, he panted for a few minutes “Is ... it time... to go?” “Yes, Nebula. I am heading there now. No need to be in such a rush,” Herb smiled. “Yeah, yes. And... let me guess...” Nebula said as he glanced over the bags. “You want me to help carry those.” “Well yes, if you wouldn’t mind,” Herb knew from Nebula’s expression that he did mind, but he knew he’d do it anyway. “Fine,” Nebula said, disgruntled, and he picked up some of the bags. 

When they arrived at the center, Herb was met with a pretty horrible sight. Hundreds of families, saddled with many bags and packages, were sitting together, sad and discouraged. Families were huddled together, and some were even crying at the loss of their home. The scene was pretty gray to look at. Even Nebula’s face was in shock from seeing these things. Soon, the crowd cleared for Alpha Sun, who still looked determined despite of things. Herb admired her for that. Always staying hopeful for everyone. She looked around and said, “I know this is hard for everyone. But today, we can start a new future. A new adventure. It may seem like you are leaving your heart behind, but you are not. Those caves that you live in were just caves until you moved in. The heart that moved these caverns are still with you. With all of us. Don’t think of this as the end. Think of this as a beginning, for all of us. Now, it is time to let this adventure unfold!” Herb looked around the crowd. The wolves were still sad, but they felt a little heartened by the alphas speech. Sun walked ahead of the pack, onward toward the east. The crowd moved to follow her, and a new era began.

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Chapter 12: 


This would have been a strange sight to anyone. Hundreds of wolves moving across the land in a huddled group. Sun looked back at every single wolf moving together. She hoped she had made the right decision in doing this. Well, it will keep the pack safe. She breathed, and then moved on. She could see familiar spots in the woods and rocks that she visited throughout her time here. She may have encouraged everyone (even if it was only a little bit), but she felt a twinge of sadness herself. You would have to be heartless to not feel that a little bit. I mean, everyone knew that this was home. Wolves don’t like change. But they need to understand that we are going to another home, a home with the same hearts and souls there. Which are inside them. 

At least some wolves weren’t down. Sun noticed Penguin among some other youngsters having fun and chasing each other, laughing, as they raced around the huddled pack. Penguin’s father was watching them, and he couldn’t help but smile. To the little ones, this was a fun adventure. New exploration. Sun silently thanked them for that. 

Soon, every single member was down their mountain home and off across flat land, a bigger version of the snow plains up the mountains. Suddenly, Hazel appeared out of the thicket of the group and caught up with Sun. “Alpha Sun. We are getting near the place where that chunk of ice is. Perhaps we can rest there and investigate the place? Besides, a lot of wolves are getting tired and need a place to rest their paws, anyway.” Sun looked ahead of them. It would be a good idea. “Ok, Hazel. We will stop there.” Hazel smiled and drifted back into the crowd. 

Soon, a sparkling thing came into view. A gigantic glacier. That must be that ‘chunk of ice’ Hazel was talking about, Sun thought. Some of the wolves gasped in awe at the sight of it. Sun announced out loud, “We will be stopping at the glacier to rest for a little bit!” Once they got to the glacier, some stopped to lie down and rest while others poked and prodded the ice, looking at it with wonder. Some adults found what must be the prophecy embedded in the ice and began examining it. Sun got near the spot where the prophecy is and the wolves cleared out of the way to make room for her. Sun looked at the fancy, smooth ice carving. Interesting, she thought. Squirrel, as she expected, was curious about the writing too. “What an expert carving, looks as mystifying as the prophecy itself-“ he stopped his sentence while reading the prophecy. “What is it Squirrel?” Sun eyed him. “N-nothing. It’s just the fact that it sort of says... ‘betrayal’ on here. Do you not think that it may relate to you?” Sun said, “I have considered that. But there is as much chance of someone betraying me as someone betraying you or anyone else. But still, we should keep an eagle eye out, just in case. Even if it’s someone else, that could still be serious.” “Right,” said Squirrel, and went back to examining. Sun sarted to look at it with him again when someone shouted something interesting. “Hey! We can stand on this thing!” Sun, curious, headed toward the sound of the voice. Then, lo and behold, there was a flat piece of glacier which a pup was standing on. Wolf pups noticed and started climbing on too. Even the adults were interested and joined them. Sun cautiously stepped on with them. It was amazing. Slippery but amazing. It felt weird to know that they were standing on a solid piece of ice. Squirrel joined them in a few minutes. Soon, all of the pack was on the glacier. 

Sun looked at everyone’s faces. They looked happy and curious. They had their mind off the loss of their homes, thank goodness. They were finally starting to enjoy themselves. But what they didn’t know what that the glacier was half off a ledge and below them was the ocean. Well, at least they didn’t until a slight movement was felt. Sun stood up and looked around. What was that movement? “Maybe this thing isn’t safe. We should get off and-“ 

The glacier tilted and hundreds of wolves began falling toward the deep ocean below.

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Chapter 13: 


Hazel could barely breathe as the ice beneath her tilted. The entire pack screamed, and clawed into the falling ice. Hazel hung on to dear life. It didn't help that several wolfs' shadows were seen falling into the freezing ocean below. Hazel looked around. Where was Penguin? He was just playing with the youngsters a few minutes ago. She looked down and gulped. Could he have been sent into the ocean depths? He didn't know how to swim; he could die down there. Many wolves could. The glacier wobbled. Hazel looked up and saw Alpha Sun above her. Alpha Sun said with a slight twinge of panic in her voice, "This might sound crazy, but we have to let go of this thing. If we don't, this glacier might fall down right on top of us!" Wolves looked at Alpha Sun uncertainly, and Hazel knew why. It was a long way down, and wolves could die from the impact of landing into the water alone. Could we take that risk? 

Sun looked down for a moment, sighed, and then let go. Everyone watched, terrified, as they watched Sun fall all the way down into the water. As soon as she hit the water, she was submerged. Everyone looked down in suspense. Then, they saw it; Sun's bright yellow fur appeared on the surface of the water. The glacier leaned more toward the water. Wolves started jumping off the glacier into the water. Hazel, pushing away her fear for a moment, detached. 

Hazel felt the air, the force of it, pushing up her air and face. Hazel squeezed her eyes shut. She didn't want to see what a terrifying sight this must be. She heard the voices of wolves getting closer and closer, and she knew she was going to land soon. She braced herself. Suddenly, she heard a faint tiny voice above her. She opened her eyes and looked up. There, up on the cliff, was a tiny black wolf. Penguin. 

Hazel crashed into the water. The air was knocked out of her, and she struggled frantically against the water. Then, she felt a wolf bite her fur and pull her up and away from the cliff. Hazel gasped for breath. How.... how is Penguin still up on the cliff? He must have climbed off the glacier just as it started to tip, Hazel thought. "Wat out," muffled the wolf carrying her. Then, boom! The glacier fell over the cliffside and smashed into the water, creating a ginormous tidal wave that washed away all the poor swimming wolves. Foam spread everywhere along the ocean. Wolves swam against the currents to stay together. The wolf holding her finally let go and Hazel turned around to face him. It was Nebula. Hazel smiled weakly at him and then looked at the rest of the soaked pack. Her parents, Agua and Fire, swam toward her. Hazel was glad that the family was still intact. Mostly. She faced her parents. "Penguin- he's...." she looked back at the cliffs. Penguin was gone. Hazel had lost her brother.

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Chapter 14: 


Nebula sighed. This was nuts. First, they had to leave their home forever after a THOUSAND YEARS of living on it, then they found this mystical glacier thing WHICH FELL, TOPPLING US INTO THE OCEAN, and then he had to save Hazel because the alpha Little-Miss-Be-Nice told me to go save her, THEN the glacier fell, THEN it turns out Hazel’s little brother is STILL UP ON THE CLIFFS! What else do we need, a meteor striking Earth and killing us all? 

Agra and Fire swam near Hazel, saying comforting words to her. Hazel looked close to tears. Humph, if I ever got an annoying sibling like that, I’d be glad he was gone. Herb groaned, and struggled swimming. He half swimmed-half frantically flapped toward Nebula’s side. He looked toward Alpha Sun. “Maybe... we could... find some... land?” He breathed. Nebula cocked his head at Herb. How on earth did he survive the impact of landing on the water? He could barely swim! Sun looked over at Herb and thought about his question carefully. Nebula knew she would have trouble finding any place to let our legs rest. There was no land for miles, unless you count the sheer steep cliff. 

Finally Sun’s eyes landed on the glacier behind them, which was miraculously standing upright again. Oh no, Nebula thought. Not that thing. “Maybe we can find some land. That glacier is still steady. We could ride it through the water until we find some land,” Sun said confidently. 

Understandably, the crowd didn’t like that idea. The air was blur full of words about toppling and danger. “Hold on, hold on,” Sun said, worried. She had to deal with a lot of crowd disagreement lately, Nebula noticed. “It’s not going to topple. A bit sturdy glacier doesn’t just fall Willy-nilly. I believe it will hold if we find a way to climb up there.”             

“I agree,” Squirrel said as he appeared out of the crowd. “I believe a part of the glacier was hanging off the cliff. Our weight over that part must have caused it to tip.”                 

Sun nodded. “Better than standing here in the cold ocean, right?” She paddled over to the glacier. The pack reluctantly started following her. Hazel sadly swam behind the rest of the group, her head down. Nebula, himself, was more behind than anyone else, thanks to Herb wanting Nebula to help him swim. Nebula hid a growl in his throat. So much for peace and happiness, thanks to Alpha Sun.

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