Hello Everyone!I have

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Hello Everyone!I have

Hello Everyone!
I have a writing challange for you.
*rubs hands together* I'm going to give you a first line, and you can write a short story starting with that line.
Here is the line:
Dark and stormy nights are underrated, and Timothy thought that, considering his unusual circumstances, this one was quite nice.
I'm looking for some creative replies, especially from you writer people!
My advice to you is not to look at anyone else's stories until you've written yours, so that there's no danger of stealing ideas.

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Is that a CHALLENGE?!!!! 

Ok, I am not acutally one of those people that accepts every challenge, I just find this one interesting. and I am doing this. I love the first line btw. 

Dark and stormy nights are underrated, and Timothy thought that, considering his unusual circumstances, this one was quite nice. Although he lived in the 'sunny state' of Florida, for some reason, it was stormy pretty often. Usually, the rain would be a problem to Timothy, but he felt different now. Some new, different feeling as he watched the blazing sun.  

The rain had been a constant blockade for Timothy at many occasions. Once there was going to be a big barbecue outside Timothy's house, and he had been super excited about it. However, his dad saw the weather forecast, and it said it was going to be storming at the time of the barbecue. So, Timothy's dad cancelled it. Timothy felt so bummed out as he heard his dad call everybody to say that the event was cancelled, and Timothy sat grumpily watching the rain when he should have been muching on hot dogs in the backyard and talking with his friends. 

Another time, Timothy got a new bike for his birthday, and he couldn't wait to ride it. He was so ecstatic, but when he opened the door, the only thing he could see outside was heavy rain, and it killed him to sit inside just staring at his new bike and not being able to ride it.

Another time, he had begged his parents to drive him to the beach. His parents were usually very busy with their jobs, so it was hard to find a free day. Luckily, one free day did appear, and he and his whole family went down to the beach, excited. Timothy ran down to the water immediately, anticipating the feel of the tide and how he would swim in the big wide ocean. But within five minutes of swimming, it started raining, and everyone on the beach walked off. His family had to practically pull Timothy away as he tried to make excuses on why they should stay. After that, it was some time before his family could find another free day to go to the beach.

All of these experiences had left Timothy with a bad taste in his mouth, and he had come to despise the rain. Sometimes he would yell at the rain and sulk for a long while whenever he saw it. His parents and sister would always laugh and shake their heads seeing him, but they didn't have the experiences he had. 

But one day, his mother turned on the weather channel and it said that the city he was living in would have a long time of sunny weather. When Timothy had heard this, he got really excited. He called his best friend Mark, told him the exciting news, and then they started planning all sorts of outside fun. And so outside fun they had. Lots of it. For weeks there was sun, and so for weeks was outside activities. Playing tag and freeze tag, hide and seek, water balloon fights, playing at the playground, swimming at the local pool, and trying to explore 'secret places' in their neighborhood. It was fun, the most fun Timothy thought he had ever had in his life. Not one sight of the wretched rain.

But then, a strange thing happened. Timothy missed it. As days after days passed, Timothy kept looking at the sky and wondering when the rain was going to come back. It sort of became a hope. It felt silly, considering what strife rain had given him before, but among the difficult hard memories rain had given him came new exciting thrilling memories rain brought. Timothy remembered he and his sister guessing how long the rain would pour down, and guessing where the lightning would hit and how close would it hit. He and his sister giggled when Timothy said that the thunderstorm cloud would have to be as thick as a giant to rain this much. He remembered when he and Mark had been caught in the rain while playing, and the exciting race to get back home to keep from being wet. It felt like an adventure, and running from a dangerous threat in a movie. He remembered when a thunderstorm brought a blackout, and it was funny to hear his sister scream at that. The family found candles to light, and played board games, which had a more spooky feel when surrounded by shadows. He and his sister had also tried to wander around the rooms without candlelight, challenging themselves not to bump anything in their path. He remembered during a hurricane when his family were huddled together, he heard the heavy wind and saw the thick rain, and felt scared but excited as well. He had forgotten those times in place of the negative ones. And now, he felt bored without the rain pounding at the window. 

As he stared at the sun, his phone rang. He looked at it, and it said Mark was calling. He answered it, and Mark's voice said, "Hey, Timothy. You up for more games today? What should we play? Hide and Seek? Tag?" 
Timothy answered, sighing, "No, I'm getting kinda bored of those." 
"Oh..." Mark's voice said. "What should we play then?" 
Timothy looked outside. He didn't want to say that he missed the rain for fear that Mark would call him ridiculous. He thought for a moment. If only sunny days were as interesting as rain. He remembered the rain memories again. Then he had an idea. "Actually," he responded. "I have some new games that we can play." 

Soon, Timothy and Mark were playing some rather unusual but fun games. They guessed how hot the sun will be, guessing ridiculous numbers like one billion degrees. They guesses what would melt in this weather, guessing stuff like eggs and even fire, the latter of which was guessed by Timothy and it ended with them erupting in laughter. They saw how long they could stand seeing the sun (though that game didn't last long, as you can imagine). They guessed cloud shapes. The two boys had a fun day, and Timothy felt more appreciation for sunny days. As the sun was sinking in the sky, the boys said goodbye for the day and headed back home. Timothy stepped into his house for dinner as the first raindrops in weeks hit the ground. 



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