I need characters!

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I need characters!

I need characters! So I'm writing a story about these girls who are all supposedly living in an orphanage, but when the main character, Jane's best friend, Harriet, dies, she finds out that they all are just the girls without destinies who don't have a place in the world. I need characters for it! I have a little girl named Lily, the cook, the leader of the place, Laura and obviously Jane. Thanks!

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There should always be a mean girl. How about. . .

Name: Angelica

Age: 14 (or just a few years older than the other girls)

Looks: Long blonde curly hair. Pale skin with a slight smattering of freckles across her nose. Bright blue eyes. She is tall and slender.

Personality: She is always snobby to the other girls because she remembers her mother. What she doesn't tell them is that her mother was not a good person. She says that her mother was "beautiful, rich, and perfect." However, she was an old kitchen maid for some famous rich family. Angelica's mom was mean and she is embarressed of her, so she lies. She is lonely, but she is too afraid that the other girls will reject her, so she rejects them instead.

I hope this is helpful. If it's not, then I'm sorry. Your story sounds great, and I hope you keep the CB informed while is develops. 

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Oooh I love it! Thanks! Yeah, I will try to post my story, however I hand wrote it so it'll take a while.. 

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If you don't like that character, I can make another one if you want.

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You'd always need a mysterious person in the orphanage. You know, like the one who's always to the side and doesn't talk. I made the characters with a nonspecific age, kind of just rounded? I don't know the ages of your characters.

(Mysterious Female)

Name: Lucia or Lucienne

Age: Maybe the same age of most of the characters or maybe a year younger?

Gender: Female

Appearance: She would have average height, maybe five feet tall? She'd have honey blonde hair, green eyes, maybe glasses? Fair skin? She's usually be wearing casual clothes, maybe jeans and a jumper with trainers? She probably won't be hiding her face.

Personality: She'd be very mysterious and quiet, staying to the side and not wanting to interact with anyone. It would be a surprise to hear her talk and you'd probably never see her. She tends to stay in the background and never wants to draw too much attention.


(Mysterious Male. Sorry, I'm just obsessed with this character now.)

Name: Xenon

Age: Probably the most oldest in the orphanage.

Gender: You can either make them a male or non-binary. I don't know, maybe just to add drama to the story.

Appearance: They have an average height, probably 5'2"? They have crimson hair and light blue-ish green eyes. Maybe chestnut skin, and a few dark freckles. They'd usually wear jeans, a random T-shirt, trainers, and maybe something covering their face? Maybe a hoodie hood or a cloak?

Personality: They'd be very mysterious and quiet, staying to the side and not wanting to interact with anyone. It would be a surprise to hear them talk and you'd probably never see them. They tend to stay in the background and they never draw too much attention.

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How does nonbinary add to the drama?

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*Shrugs* I don't know? You could get judged for it? It's not much of drama, but it could add interesting plots into the story.

We would probably not post anything about being judged.


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And also if they're nonbinary but born female or something, then they might feel out of place having been sorted into an "orphanage" for girls. That's not really drama but it does make for an interesting internal conflict.

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Sorry for this whole conflict. You can just ignore my post, I didn't mean anything to offend anyone. I'll look over my posts more closely and try not to have this happen again. I'm sorry if I caused anyone to be offended or anything.

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A matron or two, maybe? 

Name: Ms. Carrie (Carrie Meadows, because it sounds cheerful)

Age: Mmm, lets say. . . in her thirties? 

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ms. Carrie has a short bob of chestnut brown hair and mundane brown eyes. She wears brightly colored dresses with a crisp, clean white apron every day. Her cheeks and the tip of her nose get pink in the cold, making her look ten years younger than she actually is. Always has a warm smile. 

Personality: Ms. Carrie is a sweet woman who loves to be around children, especially the youngsters. She is nurturing and kind, and won't eat until every child has already eaten. She will take care of any child and is basically a mother figure. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Name: Ms. Mary (Maryl Windle) 

Age: Older than Ms. Carrie by about 10-20 years

Gender: Female

Appearance: Has straight black hair in a tight bun, wrinkles, a thin mouth because she never smiles. Ms. Mary has cold, dark eyes and a permanent frown. She wears dark-colored dresses, usually black, green, or blue. 

Personality: The exact opposite of Ms. Carrie. She's cold, mean, and harsh to everyone. She doles out severe punishments to the littleist things and favorites the mean girls. 

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