Animal shelter RP!

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Animal shelter RP!

Animal shelter RP!

So it has come to my attention that there aren't that many rps over here anymore. Theres like a gazillion of those ski lodges but not many rps. So, I decided to make this (it's also been like forever since I made an rp so here it is).  

It's basically, like I said before, an animal shelter rp. Its called the Creature Climate, and it is run by Miss Sage, and some other volunteers. The shelter has dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and other animals. It has a main entrance sitting room, vet room, storage room, two cat rooms (one for the kennels and one for the cats to roam once in a while), a dog room, a backyard for the dogs, and a miscellaneous room, with every other animal there. Feel free to add any other rooms as well.

And... that's it. The basis is so simple that you could literally do anything in it. You could be an animal volunteer just starting out or you could be a person looking to adopt and then bond with your animal (the rp doesn't have to be all in a shelter) or you could be an animal. There so much you can do with the animal concept. The story will be whatever you want it to be. However, if the story goes a little slow, I'll add a character to make the story more interesting. Also, you can create any worker or animal there, it doesn't matter to me. 

Use the charrie list I used below. 

Name: Sage Taylor (including a last name is optional) 

Gender: female

Age: 32  

Species: human

Appearance: has smooth black hair tied up in a bun in the back of her head, clear white skin,  thin, arms are a bit covered with bite and scratch marks from unruly animals, checkered blue dress with a white apron over it. 

Personality: she is gentle and kind. She does care about her appearance, however, she doesn't mind getting dirty over an animal's sake. She cares deeply about animals and tries to respect every one of them. She likes to keep everything under control, and can sometimes get stressed if things are out of control. She still does try her best to keep the customers happy though! She is very patient, and will try her best to make sure every animal gets a happy home. 

Why you are at the shelter (if you are an animal, say how you got there or how long you have been there): she works there. In fact, she runs the place.

Other: N/A 

I'm not including a shipping thing since this doesn't seem like the type of place to do that, but if you want to, you can ship other characters.

 Have fun :) 


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Yaaaasss! Meee! Right. Here’s my Charrie 

Name: Kiara

Gender: Female

Age: just out of puppyhood

Species: German Shepherd lab mix

Appearance: She looks like a German Shepherd, but thinner. She is fast. Like, super fast.

Personality: she is loyal and loving. She hopes to get a furever home with an athletic family, with at least on kid. She is house trained.

Why you are at the shelter: she was taken here after she was found on the side of the road with severe wounds. She is afraid of the color red, because the man that hurt her always wore red. 

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Can you have more than one Charrie? If not just ignore this one. 

Name: Smoke

Gender: Male

Age: young adult

Species: cat

Appearance: he is a gray tabby with gold eyes and a scar on his left shoulder.

Personality: He’s your average cat. Kinda grumpy, thinks he’s amazing, stuff like that. He likes pets a lot though, but is VERY mouthy. Loves food, especially turkey. 

Why you are at the shelter: he was brought here as a kitten after someone found his mom and litter in an alley. He got bitten by a dog, that’s why he has a scar.

Other: He’s looking for a mate.  

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Its perfectly fine to have multiple charries. 

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I love animals! Here's my charrie!

Name: Airana Jewel (Goes by Aira)

Gender: Female

Age: 23 

Species: Human

Appearance: She has 7 foot long black hair with some gold streaks in it and her hair is in a braid and she wears black shorts and a black t shirt with some rhinestones in it and some black nail polish with gold outlining and she wears tennis shoes with rhinestones on them too.

Personality: She can be kind of tough but she can also be kind and she loves animals. Except sharks, snakes, bugs, scorpions, spiders, moths, eels, poison dart frogs, regular frogs, toads, trantualas, and blennies. 

Why are you at the shelter (if you are an animal say how you got there or how long you've been there): She loves to help animals.

Other: She defends the others if needed.


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May I please reserve a spot?  I'll hopefully get a sheet in as soon as possible!

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I'm going to join!

Name: Mocha

Gender: Female

Age: Uhhh... young?

Species: Ferret

Appearance: She's a champagne ferret, so her fur is a light brown with white undertones. She has a white mask and bib, as well as white mittens. The rest of her is light brown with white undertones.

Personalitly: She loves to play, play, play, and PLAY!!!!!! Very happy and bubbily, she's prone to randomly attacking things, stealing your personal belongings (shiny things mostly), and when she's not awake... she's asleep.

Why are you at the shelter: She was born their

Other: She plays with the cats in their room and gets along great with them.


Name: Coffee

Gender: Male

Age: Young

Species: Ferret

Appearance: He's a sable ferret, so he's mostly dark brown, but with a white face and a lighter brown mask. His shoulders/throat area and back feet are a darker color than his back.

Personalitly: He's rather lazy and sleep, always looking for a cuddle. He will play, but not ruffly and will ocasonly steal some toys. Mostly a stuffed crocidile that he loves and calls "Crocey"

Why are you at the shelter: He was also born here

Other: His mother died, so he got adopted by Mocha's mom. He and Mocha are best friends and quite close. They think they're brother and sister, but aren't aware that Coffee was adopted.


More information!

Mocha and Coffee had three other siblings, 2 are related to Mocha, 1 to Coffee. They were adopted and Mocha and Coffee are the only ones still waiting for a home. The resson they're having troubles getting adopted is because they come as a pair, Mocha and Coffee are inseperable and will get very downhearted if left apart.  


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In a few days I'll start the rp. People can still submit charries and join during the rp though if they want.

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Right!  Sorry for the late sheet!

Name: Lilly

Age: One month.  In human years, one year old.

Gender: Female.

Species: Munchkin cat, orange Tabby cat.

Appearance: Extremely short legs, normal for a Munchkin cat.  Light ginger fur with small stripes of a darker shade.  Huge brown eyes.

Personality: Very playful and hyper.  On rare occasions, you'd see her stand on her hind legs to peek at something interesting.  Loves to cuddle up in your lap and purr.  Loves to sleep in sun-spots, and loves dry food.  Can be a little annoying at times.  A very curious and clumsy cat.  She purrs a lot, especially to get you to pet her.

Why you are at the shelter: Her original owners couldn't take care of another cat, so they had to give her away.

Other: Nope, nothing!

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When are we going to start RPing? I’m so excited!

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Ok, I'll start the rp now! 


It was a bright early morning when I drove up to the shelter. The building was quiet, so I supposed that all the animals were still asleep. I unlocked the door and came inside. As soon as I shut the door, the whole biulding came alive. I heard barks from eager dogs and meows from the waking cats. I heard the twitter of the birds, and I thought I heard little pitter-patters of feet, even through all the other noise.

I walked through all the rooms, checking them just in case anything happened. Every time I went inside, all the animals were excited to see me. They crawled up the sides of their cages, trying to get a good glimpse of me. I kind of liked them for that. Made me feel like I was needed. I said hello to all of them, smiling wide. Then I dusted myself off, and braced myself for the work ahead.

There was a lot to do, so much that I was grateful I was going to have help in a short time. I got the dogs outside in the yard, and cleaned out the litter boxes. I had to decide which cats were to go io=nto the free roaming area. When I did decide, each one of the cats I picked out of the cages into the roaming area were really excited and as soon as I dropped them down, they walked around the area as if they had never seen it before. Unfortunately, I also had the job of putting some of the cats back in cages to give the others a turn, and they didn't like that at all. But such is life. I then gave every animal food, which is one of my favorite parts of the job. Every time I dropped off food, all the animals were happy and almost looked like they said "Thank you" with their eyes.  

After a long while, I dropped down in a chair for a few minutes' rest. Then, I noticed cars starting to pull into the parking area. I smiled. I knew some of them would be volunteers, and others customers. This would be where the real day began. As people got out of their cars, I opened the door, waiting for them to come in. 


This is basically a little introduction thread. Also, if you guys want, you can make NPC customers and other stuff. You can do whatever you want with this rp, basically. 

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As Sage walks through the cat room picking cats to go to the play space, I realize that today I will be going. Grrr. I’m going to have to fight to get the best sunny spot. Normally I wouldn’t have to, but today Draco and Scar are among the cats going. Oh well, Gleam, the adorably shy, gorgeous calico, is going too. Once I fight Draco and Scar away I can invite her to the sunny spot with me. That’ll show all the toms that want her! I am the greatest! Haha! As Sage picks me up with one arm and Gleam with the other, I wink at Gleam. “Do you want to sit with me today?” She looks a little scared, but nods and purrs. Yes!!

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Name: Fia

Gender: female

Age: 5  

Species: Jaguar


Personality: Kind unless you annoy me. I am logical and have a hot temper

Why you are at the shelter (if you are an animal, say how you got there
or how long you have been there):I have been here for 3 years, 3 months, and I am hear because I was being smuggled out of my native home but got caught.

Other: I am actually a panther but panthers are melanistic jaguars and leopards, not an actual species so I can't put panther in the species part. Also, I can swim because jaguars like to swim.

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