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Futuristic Roleplay I

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It's...been a while. I kind of vanished off the face of the CB. Does anybody even remember me? Oops. Apologies for vanishing without any explanation. At all. But I'm back! And to celebrate that, why not create a roleplay?

Well, I love sci-fi. Who doesn't? People who don't love it, I guess. But why not make a roleplay that's sci-fi? Everyone loves roleplays. Except for the ones who don't, I guess.  

Oh well, let's just get started.

~~The Plot~~

It is in the distant future. There's space travel, androids, self-driving cars, and most importantly---an Intergalactic Council. For the most part, there's peace throughout the universe. Sure, there's the occasional space pirate attack, and the occasional border skirmish. But everything is changing. 

There's a rising organization who call themselves the 'Order of Light', who claim the Council's leader, a powerful alien known as Jainnen Tuuli, is corrupt, and dangerous, and wants power. They've been attacking Council installations and spacecraft.

It's up to our charries to decide which side they want to support in the inevitable confrontation.


You have basically free will with this. You can be any type of an alien, even a human if you wanted. Maybe your charries will even be an AI or an android. Who knows? But there are some rules.

1. No overpowered or mary-sue charries. This should be obvious, but I'm putting it here because when you make an alien species for your charries, you will need to be extra careful they aren't OP.

2. I will be playing as Jainnen Tuuli, so no, you can't play him. However, feel free to be another Council member or something.

3. Max number of charries is 6, though I recommend 4 at most.

4. You can play as the leader of the Order of Light. I don't mind.

5. Be creative and unique with your charries!


Info Sheet--




Home Planet:






Alliance: (None is an option, and this can change throughout the rp)




I'll post my charries later, this is just getting really long. 

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I remember you. Probably from back pages. So, is this like Star Wars where humans from Earth don't exist, there's just aliens that don't look like humans and aliens that do? In a system where there's no earth? 

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No, Earth exists, as do humans. It's more like Star Trek than Star Wars.

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Hey Sybill! I definitely remember you, though I'm not sure if you remember me. Welcome back! This sounds like a cool roleplay (and I haven't joined one in forever).

Name: Aigith Rim

Occupation: Sort of a hired adventurer. People or organizations hire her to do different things. She’s worked as a bounty hunter, a criminal, and an assassin, among other things.

Species: Selieth, a species of aliens native to the planet Luren. There are several different tribes within the species that live in different environments on the planet- ocean, jungle, desert, mountains, etc. They have tinted skin, and the coloring depends on their environment. For example, Ocean Selieth would have blue tinted skin, Jungle Selieth would have green tinted skin, and so forth. They have white hair, usually kept long, with streaks of whatever color their skin is tinted. They also have small white marks near the corners of their eyes, which are usually light colored, shades of blue or grey. The Selieth are a very cultural species and hold tradition in the highest regard. They mistrust technology, and hunt and gather for food. They’re very strong and have abnormally fast reflexes. Their main weapon is the spear, and most Selieth children can throw a spear by the age of five. They live to be very old, and their elders are the most respected people in the community. By nature, they’re nonviolent people, but will resort to aggression if they need to protect themselves and their home.*

Home Planet: Luren

Abilities: Strength and fast reflexes

Appearance: Lightly green tinted skin (she’s from a jungle tribe), long white hair with streaks of green, grey eyes, white marks at the corner of her eyes, tall, usually looks fairly serious.

Personality: Rebellious, to say the least, doesn’t do well with authority figures, drawn to danger and adventure, comes off as stoic, but if people get close to her she’s actually playful and easygoing.

Gender: Female

Age: 55 years old, but as Selieth live to be very old, that would be equivalent to mid-twenties.

Alliance: Not strongly allied any way at the moment, but she was hired by the Order of Light (if anyone decides to be the Order’s leader, they can decide what they want her to do)

Weaknesses: Doesn’t take direction well, and doesn’t like to talk about her past.

Other: Her backstory is basically she was born and raised on Luren, in a jungle tribe of Selieth, but was always curious about the world off of Luren. When she was older, she left, stealing a space ship and travelling the universe. As she went, she picked up other people, and eventually assembled a crew for her ship. They spent a few years as criminals, then they were caught and imprisoned for a while. Now they just do hired work around the universe.

*Disclaimer: I don’t write sci-fi. I was kind of just going off the top of my head while making up this species, but I had a good time doing it!

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Name: Artemis Zygo

Occupation: Can she be leader of the Order of Light? 

Species: Half human, Half Zendi

Home Planet: Tambour 

Abilities: Highly intelligent, strong

Appearance: Artemis has lighter skin, with a blue crystal in her forehead. She has long, silver hair that, unless tied back, seems to float. Artemis has piercing blue, almond shaped eyes and markings on her face, which are smaller white dots that line around her cheekbones and down her mouth and chin. She is tall and lean and very agile. 

Personality: Artemis is very calculated and smart but doesn’t lack in passion and emotion. She balances the two pretty well, to the disdain of her more apathetic species. She isn’t very trusting to those she doesn’t know well, but loyalty is everything to her. She is still young and got to where she has because of her leadership skills, but the ability to lead others while still figuring out herself can be hard for her. Artemis is the type of person to not show weakness to others, and she’ll never let others see her cry but she’ll cry in the darkness of her own room. Most people around her will see her composed outer shell, but there’s always a battle going on inside of her between how she was raised versus how she wants to be. 

Gender: Female

Age: Her species age differently, but since she’s only half, she looks to be in her 20s

Alliance: Order of Light 

Weaknesses: She’s got some pretty heavy inner conflict which she can usually control, but if it’s exposed, it’s her biggest pressure point 

Other: I’ll just explain her species here. The Zendi have lived on Tambour for a very, very long time, and it’s one of the oldest planets out there. The Zendi are more apathetic creatures, and they focus on limitless knowledge of the entire universe. The crystals in their foreheads are where they can draw larger amounts of knowledge than the human brain can usually contain, so it’s almost like a storage space kinda thing for them. It’s not like the Zendi are peaceful, they just don’t want to mix with any other species but their own. They are a very sophisticated species, but since they are ancient they are also in touch with their history. The architecture of the planet looks futuristic, but there are also traditional designs, forests, and mountains. The Zendi push the concept of not having emotion, as they are obsessed with perfecting their species. Artemis’ mother was Zendi, and her father was human. This is usually forbidden, but her mother gave her to the council on their planet when she was young. Her mother would tell her it was because Artemis was special and had gifts only the council could help her with, but Artemis always knew her mother was just paying for her mistakes. Artemis was smart, but too emotional like her human father, so she left the planet when she was old enough and began exploring the galaxy. 

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Hey, great idea, Sybill! I love sci-fi and role plays. And yes, I remember you.

Name: Ora Sseddin

Occupation: Farmer and spy-in-training (I'll get to that in a minute)

Species: Gnax. Basically, Gnax are short lizard-like people with scales and claws. They live underground on their home planet, Agraxan. They have some measure of technology, but they're roughly as advanced as humans.

Home planet: Mars. Her parents moved there to start a new life before Ora was born. She's never even seen Agraxan.

Abilities: No supernatural ones. She can farm decently well, and she's observant and sneaky.

Appearance: Ora's tall for a Gnax, so about four feet. She has yellow-green reptilian eyes with flecks of blue, as well as very pale green scales all over her body. And she always wears a scarf around her head to hide the fact that she has no hair.

Personality: Ora tried to make everyone happy, so she's sweet but quiet. Insecure but kindhearted. And probably apt to be stepped on by those with louder voices.

Gender: She considers herself to be female.

Age: Sixteen in human years, which basically aligns with her Gnax age.

Alliance: Ora's avidly pro-Jainnen Tuuli. Her parents are spies in the Order of Light, and she's being trained to follow in their footsteps.

Weaknesses: As I said, she's insecure, and she'll give in to pressure easily.

Other: Available for shipping, if that's a thing. 

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Finally got around to posting my charries! And @Yunjing (I really hope I spelled that right), Artemis can be the leader of the Order of Light.

Name: Jainnen Tuuli

Occupation: Head Council Member

Species: Qinroan, a species from the planet Duraka. They are usually quite tall, and are a little yeti-like. They are humanoid, but mostly covered in fur, which can be light blue, grey, white, light purple, or black. They are usually quite strong, are almost immune to frostbite and the cold, and are very technologically advanced.

Home Planet: Duraka, a snowy planet with many fjords and mountains.

Abilities: Very, very powerful, both physically and mentally. Cold temperatures do not bother him.

Appearance: Tall, muscular. White fur, the few patches of skin that do show are tinted light blue. Bright, yellow, cat-like eyes. His nails and teeth are quite sharp. Three long scars trace diagonally across his face. His slightly pointed ears have a few silver piercings. Usually wears a black uniform, with fancy silver designs. 

Personality: Cool, calculating. He can come off as insensitive or detached. Wants to do what's best for the 'greater good'. Logical and cunning, though he can also be hotheaded at times. Short tempered, but has a very strong will.

Gender: Male

Age: About 63, though Qinroan tend to live slightly longer than humans. (Usually about 100-105 years.)

Alliance: Intergalactic Council, naturally

Weaknesses: The heat--anything above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and it becomes difficult for him to function he gets so warm. That fur is NOT made for tropical climates. His hotheaded-ness can cause him to make bad decisions as well.

Other: If you have a charrie that could actually be shipped with him, then first of all I'd be very impressed at your ability to create someone compatible with him, and then I'd be absolutely delighted to ship him with them.


Name: Renjiro Mohaka

Occupation: Pilot, and also a theif/bounty hunter/criminal in general

Species:  Half-human, half-Royskatten--a brightly colored, mammalian humanoid species from the planet Mitsurin.

Home Planet: He was born on Mitsurin, but then moved around from planet-to-planet after that.

Abilities:  Extremely convincing and a good liar, due to his Royskatten traits. Heightened senses. Agile and quick. A cunning trickster.

Appearance: Tall, thin. Tanned skin. His eyes are a bright, gorgeous blue. His hair is dirty brown, and usually tied back in a small ponytail. He has an undercut. On his face are blue, orange and yellow markings. His ears are large and pointed, and also have the colored markings on them. They have an abnormal amount of piercings. His nose is a little cat-like, and he has one of those bullring piercings. A charming smile, though his teeth are slightly pointed. Usually wears a leather jacket, boots, and pants. Has a cat-like tail.

Personality: Cunning, extremely charismatic. Think Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles--though a little less good-hearted, and a bit more cunning and intelligent. Has a bit of a darker streak--the side of him that's a bounty hunter not afraid to spill some blood. Friendly, seems very genuine, though most of what he says is a lie.

Gender: Male

Age: 24, he ages like a human.

Alliance: None, currently.

Weaknesses: He may be gifted with words, speed, and blaster skills, but he doesn't have much physical strength. At all. He also lacks any truly powerful abilities. He's much more skilled with talking his way out of situations than fighting his way out. He can be regretful of some of his past decisions, which can affect him quite negatively in a multitude of ways.

Other: Totally open to shipping! He also has a spaceship. Which is where he pretty much lives now. 

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Can I reserve for one (or maybe two)?

Also, Sybill! Good to see you on the CB again!! 

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Sure thing!

We'll start once we get one more person and everyone who reserves makes their charrie sheet. This roleplay certainly got more attention than I expected, so thank you for that! 

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Name: Muorocheii-Zyccaea (Muorocheii is her family name; Zyccaea is her 'first name')

Occupation: engineer- she works with complex robots designed for very specific purposes.

Species: a Neiusiyrpenteiss (NAY-oo-ser-pen-tiss)

Home Planet: Svuilokkaei (Voo-lock-ee)

Abilities: can breathe underwater, has very tough skin and sensors on the sides of her face that can sense things coming up behind her.

Appearance: about 7 feet tall, with thick, scaly red skin. She has large, glittering black eyes like a bug's, and slits for nostrils. Gills line her neck, arms and legs. Where her ears would be there are small flaps; they act as both ears and sensors that detect movement behind her. There's a large fin on her back. 

Personality: Extraverted, but not particularly outgoing. Blunt, sarcastic, has a bit of an ego. Confident, relaxed; the first to insult and last to be insulted. Still, she's very perceptive and loyal. She's also very intelligent (and not afraid to show it). ESTP-A.

Gender: female

Age: 96, which is like 30 for humans

Alliance: (None is an option, and this can change throughout the rp) None right now; doesn't care for politics

Weaknesses: somewhat selfish, blunt, not always very kind. Prone to flaunting. A little reckless.

Other: Open to shipping with girls (if they can stand her :/)

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I haven't been on the CB the two weeks or so but can I join? is this charrie ok?
Name: Advanced Radar Imaging Android (goes by A.R.I.A)
Occupation: Aria basically monitors planets, asteroids, and spacecraft around the galaxy for the Intergalactic Council, and notifies them whenever anything is up. She occasionally controls Council spacecraft.
Species: Android/A.I.
Home Planet: She was manufactured on Planet Thaddis, an industrial zone. 
Abilities: Being an A.I., she has extremely advanced computing/processing abilities. She is also extremely technolgically advanced and is equipped with a number of built-in gadgets on her at all times. Also has a *very* good memory, quite perceptive.
Appearance: She has a humanoid appearance with fair skin, green eyes and bobbed dark hair. Fairly attractive, but you can definitely tell she's an android. 
Personality: Analytical, critical, very logical. Loyal due to her programming. Smart, perceptive, stubborn. Has a mind of her own (so to speak). She is fully conscious and sentient, but still loyal to the Council. She can maker her own choices, though. 
Gender: Female (by programming)
Age: Built around 20/30 years ago, but, being an A.I., she doesn't literally age.
Alliance: (None is an option, and this can change throughout the rp): Intergalactic Council. 
Weaknesses: Coding glitches, and also her programming sometimes makes her overly stubborn because it's her conscience programming versus hardwire code. Aria is unable to do some things because she's not a biological creature, and she will always look for the smartest way out of a solution, even if it's not the easiest. 
Other: She has an automated voice. Something like Alexa. 
...I was kinda envisioning something like J.A.R.V.I.S. from the MCU... is this character ok? I was trying not to make her OP. 
I will probably make one more charrie in a later post.  
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Yes, Aria is fine! We should be ready to start now. Anyone can still join throughout the roleplay, so long as they read past posts so they know what's going on. Feel free to add additional charries throughout the roleplay.

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Name: Madeleane BlackCrown Garfield Silverstien 

Occupation: copilot of the Sardonic Depression Bounty  (her owner's spaceship)

Species: Android

Home Planet: Made in Taiwan (Earth)

Abilities: Pocketknife finger, gun finger, screwdriver finger, etc. Some basic coding skills. AI computer brain.

Appearance: This model of android looks human. So, tannish 'skin', bright evergreen 'eyes', auburn 'hair'. 

Personality: Think Iko from The Lunar Chronicles, she has a faulty personality chip, and is very outspoken, and sarcastic. 

Gender: All clues lead to female

Age: Has been in operation for 6 years

Alliance: Maddox Oliver BlackCrown Gold

Weaknesses: Has to get recharged every 4 1/2 hours. 

Other: I don't think so. If anything comes to mind....


Name: Maddox Oliver BlackCrown Gold

Occupation: Smuggler (people pay him to smuggle stuff across planets/through the galaxy)

Species: Human

Home Planet: Born on a ship, raised on a ship, might even die on a ship. So no home planet

Abilities: Kinda good at fixing ships/androids, little metal claws on middle, ring, and pinkie fingers, and thumbs, ship pilot. 

Appearance: Big grey-green eyes, messy black hair, palish skin. Usually wearing a dark grey hoodie.

Personality: Generally kind, but not very trusting. But friendly, to Madeleane. Slightly sarcastic and brooding.

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Weaknesses: Can't swim. Can't even float. (for some reason, though, he wants to go to the ocean).

Other: Reeeally wants to go to the ocean. For some reason he has not been to or even seen a body of water larger than a decorative pond up close. Also has a thing that's basically a "Hey Google" wristwatch that accesses the interplanetary database. But he's put such-and-such on it on his own. And loves naming random stuff long strings of meaningless-together words. Such as, his favorite chair is named 'Slightly Orange Depressing Boredom'.

I reserve for another charrie.

A CAPTCHA said bye Nyx. Keeping up with the times are we? 

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