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AE Get-To-Know-You RP

AE Get-To-Know-You RP (AE Academy)


Hello. The Nanny again. You've read my AE Thread post? Good. This is the AE Get-To-Know-You RP. So, you'll copy-and-paste your AE Sheet from the AE Thread and comment it here. The RP is unlike others. It has no plot, no storyline, just a bunch of AEs and one tired Headmaster meeting each other. Yeah, there may be drama (you never know with Alter Egos) and there may be some weird stuff (like pie-throwing contests) but this RP is just for your AEs to meet eachother. So, I'll start posting once we have 5 AEs enrolled. NOTE: This AE cannot die. It is eternal, for I will never abandon it. If you come across this after Year One has ended, fear not! We'll restart it and follow the same rules and stuff as Year One. I hope your AEs meet good friends and have fun here at AE Academy. The Nanny (aka The Headmaster) is out.  


1. There is no limit to the AEs you can bring. (yourself cannot come, it is an AE Acedemy after all) 

2. No turning this into a regular RP. (by introducing a plot or a mystery) 

3. Connected to Number One: only beings allowed are AEs.

4. You must fill out a AE Sheet (find them at the AE Thread) for every AE you bring.

5. NO bullying. AEs are going to have fun and only fun here.

6. There will be a "End Of Year" pool party at the end of Year One (dont worry, year one wont last a year. or... it can if you want :3) 

7. Follow the Headmaster's orders. They are in charge here. And you know the Headmaster is me.

8. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 


PS. if this starts an AE war, i will never forgive myself.

Heres the link to the AE thread!

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Oh, an academy? This seems intriguing.

Question. Will there be school uniforms? That would be pretty cool. 

Ugh, are you kidding me? I'd probably have to wear a SKIRT. Can you imagine me in a skirt?

I don't know, you might look kinda nice, actually. 



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(May 21, 2020 - 1:47 pm)

This is cool!! ill add my AE's here they are:

Name: Amanda

CBer: NoOneKnows

Gender: Female

Appearance: pale skin, black hair with neon green at the top XD (like Billie Eilish), gray eyes speckeld with gold. likes to wear Hogwarts like robes. (for the academy)

Personality: demanding, funny, sarcastic (sometimes, not always xd), fiery temper.

Luggage (for AE Academy): big suitecase, with some shirts, jeans, t-shirts, and more Hogwarts like robes.

Species: -animal, human, other...- Human

Age: -i know, i know, AEsAreAgeless, but what age do they look like?- she looks 15.

Favorites (Food, Color, etc.): fav food is cake. color is lavender

Hobbies: singing, drawing, talking, reading, ETC.

Other Stuff: open for shipping, has to be around her age tho.

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@AW, there is optional school uniforms. Navy-blue skirt or pants, white shirt with AE Academy on the back, navy-blue headband (optional), white socks, and a navy-blue jacket with AE Academy on the back. this is optional, so your AE can wear it if they want! 

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I'm going to fill in the form tomorrow, I don't have time right now.

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(May 22, 2020 - 8:20 pm)

Name: pine

CBer: HeroesOfOlympus

Gender: male

Appearance: brown hair, green eyes flecked w/ gold, a light green T-shirt, grey shorts, corky smile. im very flexible. im tall.

Personality: extrovert! i make friends really easily, i can start a conversation with anyone, and... um... uh... what else? hm... oh yeah! sometimes im sortof shy when theres like a million people i dont know but then i get over it. im very optimistic and Sky says im like a little ray of annoying sunshine. 

Luggage (for AE Academy): a green satchel with some books, a notebook, more clothes, a tupperware of Sky's cookies and... uh... ill probably remember what ive missed later. 

Species: -animal, human, other...-   human.

Age: #AEsAreAgeless, but i look like im 14 or 15

Favorites (Food, Color, etc.): favorite color is green, favorite food is pie, and favorite person is-NEVERMIIIIIIIND *red face*

Hobbies: annoying sky, throwing water balloons at Sky and Felix, daydreaming and doodling.

Other Stuff: i have a cru-*shuts up, face extremly red* nevermind. forget i said that. 


Name: Felix

CBer: HeroesOfOlympus

Gender: male

Appearance: i have gold-brown hair, brown cat ears, blue eyes, a grey 3/4 sleeved shirt with a picture of a cat on it, jeans w/ holes in them, and a small smile. some days ill wear the uniform. im also pale. 

Personality: im less of an extrovert than Pine, but im not an introvert. im shy around lots of people, but if im only with three or less people ill show my energetic, friendly side. as a cat i was very bratty, and lazy. im still a little lazy on weekends tho. if something intrests me, i wont give up on it. and im stubborn. 

Luggage (for AE Academy): ill bring a grey bag, with some books, three notebooks, a dark grey hoodie, my camera, a sketchbook, and a little toy bird. (still have some cat instincts...)

Species:  human. but i used to be a cat. 

Age: (#AEsAreAgeless) i look around 14 1/2.

Favorites (Food, Color, etc.): favorite color is purple, favorite food is muffins, favorite people are Sky and-someone else... *face flushes*

Hobbies: sleeping, drawing anything i see, and chasing birds. (I CANT HELP IT AHHH) 

Other Stuff: [Sky's note: He likes Pine.] *oblivious to what Sky just wrote* hm... uh... uhhhhhhh... i dunno.


cant wait for this to start! 

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Shadow’s info is underlined, Blaze’s is not. If none is underlined, it’s for both. Also, Shadow’s dialogue is bold, Blaze’s is in italics.

I don’t see why I’m second in everything…

It’s ‘cause you’re younger.

Name: Shadow Blaze

CBer: Luminescence

Gender: Male Female

Species: Hippocampus (Front half: horse, back half fish)

Appearance: Horse half: blue roan. Fish half: midnight blue Horse half: Gray (In other words, white). Fish half: pale gold

Personality: I’m not so sure yet though, they’re kind of new AEs for me. He didn’t have a name until Thursday, and the species I decided on today. And she didn’t even exist until today either.

Excuse me- YOU decided?! Humans...

Yeah, Luminescence, we just decided to let you know, you didn’t “decide.”

Sorry. You’re right...

Luggage: Ummm… They’re fish horses, and I don’t know what they generally bring to AE Academies…

We bring lots of things, thank you very much! But why I should tell you I don’t know… HMPH.

Shush Shadow. I’m going to bring-


Age: Eleven



Other: He has a younger sister- a very annoying one, actually. EXCUSE ME? -named Blaze. She has and older brother named Shadow.

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Oh yikes. Everything got un-underlined, un-italisized and un-bolded! *facepalm*

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I was not on the original. may I join anyway? Please reseve for me if so.

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(May 24, 2020 - 3:46 pm)

reserved. For how many? 

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(May 27, 2020 - 5:48 pm)


Name: Ellis 


CBer:I go byMahriel but IRL I am Isabel.




Appearance:Tanwith dirty blonde wavy hair usually kept in a  ponytail, tallish, about5'6, pretty, sharp eyes and high  cheekbones, slim but strong, walks verysilently, wears  uniform with pants not skirt, peircing blue eyes.


Personality:A bitof a loner because she has a hard time  trusting people. Very attentive(some would say she sees all,  though that is not quite true, just most,not all) but not a  snitch. If she trusts someone she is the most loyalfriend out  there, but it is hard to earn her trust.


Luggage(for AE Academy): A suitcase which has my  uniform and books, that is prettymuch it, there is also a  dagger (am I allowed to bring that?)


Species: Human, but mygrandfather was half alien half  human, so I look human but am moreacrobatic then humans  (aka I can jump a little higher/farther etc.)


Age: 16 (it is an acadamy soI assume it is for teens? idk)


Favorites(Food, Color, etc.): Food: Pizza, Color: Blue/gray,  Weapon: Dagger.


Hobbies:Fighting,reading, writing.


OtherStuff:Up for shipping with someone her age or older.


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(May 26, 2020 - 8:56 am)

Thank you, Mahriel, for joining! Yes, Ellis is allowed to bring a dagger, as long as she doesnt use it on other Academy members. 

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(May 26, 2020 - 10:38 am)

Name: Sally! 

CBer: So I first thought it was an actual sky, which would have been really cool, but it turns out it was ust a normal person, Dusk S. Pity...

Gender: I identfy as a unicorn! Unicorns are always female, so I'm female! I'm not actually a unicorn though... 

Appearance: In detail? Ok, I look awesome! I also have bright blue eyes, I have many freckles on my cheeks, I have a bright pink shirt with a white unicorn with a rainbow mane and tail on it, I have bright yellow shorts, and I have rainbow-colored sneakers that light up whenever you walk in them! 


energetic. Ok, moving on...


Wait, do more! You have more than that! 


Really? Ok. I am social and an extrovert, and I like to be annoying to other people, and I'm reckless, but my friends don't care! 

 Yeah, they do... 

 And I like to involve everyone in everything! I also am optimistic, and I'm also bubbly, and I don't read emotions well. I just think everyone is happy! 

 Luggage for AE academy: A stuffed unicorn, a ninetendo switch with Animal Crossing: New Horizons on it, some boring essential stuff like toothbrushes and clothes, a flashlight to make shadow puppets, and some magical princess books! 

 Species: Mentally, I'm a unicorn or a kitten! But I'm actually just a boring old human. 

 Age: 10! 

 Favorites: My favorite food is EVERYTHING, my favorite color is all the colors of the rainbow, and my favorite animal is a unicorn, my favorite sibling is Alice (because shes the only sibling), my favorite show is My Little Pony, my fa- 

 Hobbies: talking, coloring and drawing, eating, playing on the playground, writing disney fanfics, driving everyone crazy, playing videogames, playing with chalk, and watching tv, among many others. 

 Other stuff: Nothin'. 

 Name: Alice 

 CBer: Dusk S. 

 Gender: female. 

 Appearance: Appearance: long blond wavy hair, clear white skin, glasses. I will be wearing a casual pink shirt. Jeans. 

 Personality: not very friendly or social. I am kind though! Shy...nerdy.....bookworm... I do like science and research!  I'm friendly once you get to know me.

 Luggage for AE academy: flashlight, lots of books, my laptop, and essential stuff. 

 Species: human. 

 Age: 14. 

 Favorites: My favorite food is spaghetti, favorite color is blue. No idea what else to say here.

 Hobbies: Reading and writing, researching and figuring out things, strategizing, hanging out, playing videogames a tiny bit. 

 Other stuff: N/A. 

 Btw, are captchas included in this? If it is, I'll put Shade's charrie. 

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Captchas are not allowed to attend AE Academy but they can come visit. thank you for joining!

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(May 27, 2020 - 3:13 pm)

Here is the link to a place for CAPTCHA's 

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(May 29, 2020 - 10:52 am)