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Author Solo Write

Author Solo Write
You are a writer, preparing to publish your first novel. It has been edited and revised over and over until you hate the sound of the title, but it is done at last. You have sent it sent in to various publishing companies, and you are finally able to take a well earned rest.
But just as you lean back into your favorite chair, you hear a knock at your door. Glancing at the clock, you see that it is two in the morning. You were up all night sending out your manuscript, and you ought to be the only one awake all over town. There should surely be no one at your door.
Trying not to wake up the other inhabitants of the house, You go to the door, preparing to yell at whoever it is. But you see no one. Just an envelope. You pick it up and read.
Dear Author,
You are one of the lucky few chosen to represent the Sunny Meadows Publishing Company as we open. We are a publishing company who specializes in children’s and young adult literature. We will publish your book, along with nine others, and they will be sold world-wide. We will give you 90% of all money we earn from your book, and you will celebrated throughout the world as one of the finest authors to be found.
Bear in mind, we at Sunny Meadows can be viewed as slightly eccentric. I hope that this will not stop you from taking this once-in-a-lifetime chance. We will never publish any other books.
Please be at our headquarters at 12:00 sharp on July 16th, 2020. Lateness will not be tolerated. This conference will be lasting several days, so we do ask that you come prepared.
We have accepted one book from each the following genres: mystery, graphic novel, fantasy, sci-fi, realistic fiction, historical fiction, poetry, short stories, picture book, and beginning reader.
Please fill out this form and send it to us before July 16th.
Book genre:
SHORT summary of book:
We are excited to see you there!
Kytleen Marsh
Head Editor of Sunny Meadows Publishing Company
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(June 19, 2020 - 5:25 pm)

Oh My Goodness I already LOVE the sound of this solo write!!! Okay here we go:

Name: Saylor Swallow

Age: 19
Gender/pronouns: Female She/Her
Appearance: Has brown eyes, short-ish brown hair, rose gold glasses, is usually wearing a cream blouse tucked into a ankle length blue skirt. 
Personality: Immerses herself in books, keeps a commonplace book ALWAYS in her pocket, so she can write ideas, quotes, or really anything. Sweet and kind, observent, often makes witty remarks, shy at first but then gets used to people. Very sensitive about her brother (see backround)
Background: She lived on a big farm with her parents, and older brother until she was 17, then she moved to a big city and works at a library. When she turned 18 she recieved the news that her older brother had drowned in a river. She is still very sad.
Luggage: Commonplace journal, 2nd journal, pen, pencil, clothes, pajamas, toiletries, camera, and a couple of books.
Book genre: Historical Fiction
SHORT summary of book: Following a family in Colonial Williamsburg, such as dealing with taxes and rebellion.
Shipping: Sure! Boys around her age
Other: I can't wait to read this!
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(June 19, 2020 - 8:42 pm)
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(June 19, 2020 - 10:54 pm)

Just for clarification, we are accepting 10 authors, one from each genre.

submitted by Kytleen M., Head Editor
(June 19, 2020 - 11:03 pm)
wow this sounds cool! (I don't know if someone will post before I finish mine but if that happens I'll just change my charrie's genre...)
Name: Iduna Vance 
Age: 22
Gender/pronouns: She/her
Appearance: Has long, wavy dark hair, emerald green eyes. Fair skin, slight freckles. Fairly tall. Usually wearing jeans and a dark-colored shirt or knit sweater. Suede boots. 
Personality: Withdrawn, except around people of similar interests, with whom she launches into conversation eagerly. INFJ-T. Sarcastic, deadpan. She can debate, and will argue for things she believes in. Aloof, but very loyal to the friends she has.
Background: She's an only child, and was raised in a city apartment. When she decided to become an author, she moved to a slightly more suburban town nearby. She has a part-time job 
Luggage: Laptop, headphones, clothes, toiletries, pencils, pens, at least five books, bookmarks, blank paper, journal.
Book genre: Sci-fi
SHORT summary of book: Sci-fi dystopian novel, set in a futristic world in which humans are much more technologically advanced. A group of children/young adults have been imprisoned since birth in an underground bunker because of their "abilities" to "damage" the world. Follows the children after they escape from the bunker and are faced with the real world.
Shipping: Sure why not. Same age range pls :) 
Other: N/A
To be clear, is this modern-day or something else? Because I put "laptop" and "headphones" in her luggage list...
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(June 20, 2020 - 9:50 am)

This is indeed modern day.

submitted by Kytleen M, Head Editor
(June 20, 2020 - 10:21 am)

Reserving a spot if that‘s okay!  I will post soon.  Oh, my character will be writing fantasy. 

submitted by Peregrine
(June 20, 2020 - 10:46 am)

ahh yes. awesome idea

Name: Myra Ellis

Age: 24
Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her
Appearance: red hair. rather awkward smile. short. black combat boots. black sweatshirt. blue eyes. black jeans. black beanie. long (you guessed it) black scarf.
Personality: awkward. anti-social. very very dark. has a 'cheerful' front thats fake. possible murderer if this was a ski lodge :3
Background: Myra grew up in New York City. she lived in a townhouse with her rich father. her mother is somewhere. She went to a boarding school. (at 16) her father dissapeared. his empire crumbled. she moved to Texas, got a job in a diner... and while she waited for orders, she wrote. eventually she ditched the diner job and bought a one-room apartment. she spent all her time writing and *poof* now she gets the letter! 
Luggage: computer. multiple gel pens (she hates pencils) several notebooks w/ black covers. a (blaaaack) bag to carry it all. also several more black scarfs. 
Book genre: murder mystery! :3
SHORT summary of book: [un-named] is pretty happy with his life. he has two jobs. pretty successful. then he is murdered. [best friend] is devestated-until evidence reveals he is th murderer. but [best friend] doesnt think so- until he has a frightening dream (or was it a memory?) of holding a bloody knife... is this real? did he kill his best friend? 
Shipping: ahh... yes please. in her age range please.
Other: ahem. she's dark.
submitted by HeroesOfOlympus, age eternal, somewhere-everywhere
(June 20, 2020 - 11:38 am)

i forgot to say she has really really really really pale skin and her hair is very long and very straight

cant wait to start! 

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(June 21, 2020 - 11:33 am)

This sounds so cool!

Name: Rencon Elterbert

Age: 23
Gender/pronouns: Male, him/he/his
Appearance: Brown hair that is always neatly combed.  Dark blue eyes that have a very aware look to them.  Tall and thin. Wears pressed tan colored pants and button up shirts in natural colors (dark brown, green, ocean blue, etc.).  When going out he wears a grey overcoat and dress shoes.
Personality: Always very composed.  Things rarely upset him. Talks only when needed, rarely laughs or smiles.  Can seem introverted but is actually hyper aware of things.  Notices things most don’t.
Background: Grew up in a foster family, and was never adopted.  Doesn’t know why he was an orphan and long ago stopped hoping to ever know why.  His foster family was nice but not over caring, gave him only what he needed and never more.  Reality was harsh for him and he escaped often to his imagination as a child, he still does it now.
Luggage: Several fountain pens with many bottles of different colored ink.  Blotting paper.  A typewriter.  Paper.  Notebooks. Clothes and hygiene items.  A photo of himself when he was a child, and a bracelet with a charm of a pheonix on it he found. A strange old book in an ancient language.
Book genre: fantasy
SHORT summary of book: A young friendless orphan boy who meets a mysterious young girl.  He becomes trapped in the girl’s past and the girl becomes trapped in his.  They must find a way back to their present.  But it is not as easy as it seems, especially when they find they are connected in strange ways.
Shipping: No thank you.
Other: Can’t think of any this moment.


submitted by Peregrine, age Many moons, The Aerie
(June 20, 2020 - 1:14 pm)

Name: Katherine Ellis

Age: 18

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/hers

Appearance: Large, round Harry-Potter style glasses, white hair in a pixie cut, pale skin, wears dark red lipstick but no other makeup. Extremely skinny and flat as a board. Only wears dark red t-shirts, blue jeans, and black Converse. Sometimes doodles/writes on her skin.

Personality: Socially awkward but friendly enough, but has a hard time starting/continuing conversations. People get unnerved by her staring right past their heads at nothing. She likes norwegian death metal and jazz. She has a way of questioning authority in a way that makes her seem disrespectful, but she's really just trying to understand. Extremely curious. Can spell any word you throw at her. Very secretive. Adventurous too.

Background: Comes from a two-parent family. She's lost in the middle of 15, and still is because she published her book under a pen name, Kady Armitage. She does not care about her being lost, and prefers it that way (she tells herself).

Luggage: Black notebook, sketchpad, mechanical pencil, regular pencil, pencil sharpener, red, blue, and black pens, toiletries, tube of dark red lipstick, headphones, iPod, clothing, laptop, chargers, $600 in 50s

Book Genre: Realistic Fiction

Short Summary Of Book: Cosette moves to a new town and meets a strange new girl with whom she and her sister go on adventures and unearth secrets.

Shipping: No

submitted by Cosme Nadia
(June 21, 2020 - 7:59 am)
Name: Altoos Peregrine
Age: 15
Gender/pronouns: male he/him
Appearance: Black hair in spikes, green eyes, crooked, pointy nose, sharp chin, black Day of the Dead t-shirt with fleece-lined bomber jacket, jeans covered with sharpie doodles, black boots.
Personality: moody, likes animals, English accent, speaks French, has a nervous habit of doodling on anything he can find, not very brave.
Background: homeschooled by rich family living in England, ran away when he was 12 and shipped on a boat to America, lives with a semi-famous graphic novel author.
Luggage: BB gun, pet raccoon, art supplies, sketchbook (he never lets anyone touch it), smartphone.
Book genre: graphic novel
SHORT summary of book: apochaliptic world where people ride dinosaur-like creatures and bond with primeval spirits.
Shipping: not interested
Other: he really loves Indian food.
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(June 21, 2020 - 12:19 pm)

I like your character’s last name, Firebird!

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(June 22, 2020 - 10:57 am)


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Name: Clay Dier

Age: 21

Gender/pronouns: Male He/Him

Appearance: Dirty blond hair that flops over his eyes, green eyes and tan skin, tall and strong, he plays soccer. Wearing a switchfoot shirt and jeans.

Personality: Queit, reserved, but very kind. Caring and helpful.

Background: His mother was a history teacher and his father is a scientist. They both encouraged him a lot in his writing but his mother passed away when he was 15 and his father has been very distant ever since.

Luggage: A notebook and pencil, his book, and a ring that was his mom's.

Book genre: Short stories

SHORT summary of book: A collection of short stories about Sci-fi/Dystopian worlds.

Shipping: Yes, with people around his age.

Other: Nothin'

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(June 22, 2020 - 2:26 pm)

anyone want to ship someone with Iduna? idk

it looks like we just have poetry, picture book, and beginning readers left? I hope we can start soon :) 


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