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Story Idea Sharing Thread

This thread is for all you writers to share your amazing story ideas--current ones you're working on or previous ones that you really liked, or you can ask for help with developing your story ideas or just general feedback!  

I actually have only really gotten back into writing recently, and I also have this huge problem where I will come up with a story idea, create the characters (which is honestly probably my favorite part lol) and then become interested in something else and give up on the story idea. However, the current one I'm developing shows a lot of promise! So we're going to talk about that:

The idea is that our main character, Theodosia (Theo), gets thrown into a bit of a survival story with several other people. She's 14, an orphan, and lives with her 27-year-old sister Alexandra who went to college very early and graduated at 19, a year after both of their parents died. Theo really loves science and engineering and technology and all that jazz, and when a famous billionaire who is a bit of a Tony Stark type of character announces some sort of science or engineering contest (shhh I haven't quite figured out what the contest will be yet), Theo joins. She, along with six other winners (all high school-age boys), either from her state or from all over the country (haven't decided on that yet either) win. They are all picked up in a fancy shmancy limousine or bus or something and road tripped to meet the Tony Stark character and be given a tour of all the cool futuristic technology things he's working on and be presented with a ton of college scholarship money and things like that. Some general prize stuff. But somewhere along the way, their bus/limo either crashes or is attacked/shot at/something, and their driver killed or severely wounded. Theo and the six other kids will somehow be cut off from any help that could come and they'll have to survive on their own in the middle of nowhere until they can get back to any kind of civilization, which is many miles away since they just so happened to crash somewhere where there isn’t much of anything. And there may possibly be someone trying to defeat them/kidnap them/something or other. And there’ll be romance and fun Easter eggs.

It’s really rough so far but that’s the general idea haha

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Sounds cool! I have a large universe, they will all be connected someday through interdimensoinal portals-These are my Universes:
U-K (Portalization in depate)
Earth (Interchangeable, Portalin1)
Perfection (Everything is perfect. Nothing bad....Until portals pop up!)
Big Bang (Artist's interpretation of what the real Big Bang would do. Portalized.)
Zooropa (Planet of animals-portalized)
DiamondFlash (Where prtalization started)

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Dear Theodosia, what to say to you?

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Ah yeah that's where I got the name from haha

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You have my eyes, you have your mother's name...

Anyways, this is an awesome thread!!! I love all the ideas that have been posted so far. 

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This is a great thread idea!

I'm working on thinking through a few ideas, so here they are!


Silva Vivus Umbrae. In the old language, it meant the Forest of Living Shadows, a well earned name, but ever since the invaders came it's just been called The Woods.

Something about this forest isn't normal, doesn't seem right. T

rees whisper when there is no wind, streams chuckle softly to the trees, and birdsong sounds less like music and more like a hidden language.

Sometimes plants or bushes will move during the night, with clearings appearing and disappearing in the space of a day.

Originally, the invaders built twenty or thirty towns in the Woods. The Forest ripped them apart, and now only one remains, one single island of 'civilization' in the sea of trees. Outside the Forest, townsfolk are making bets about how long this last town will last. Not long. Or so they think.


So that's the first one! Here's the second. It's much less...structured.

What if there was a city where everything was devided in two--sun and moon, day and night, light and dark, magic and science. But the city is threatened, and for the first time, the two halves must learn to work together.


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Yes. Yes yes yes. 


she loves the second one so much by the way


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