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AtV Philia RP

All is quiet. The silence envelops the entire planet, broken only by the sound of the hamster-like yetis munching on the few leaves the planet provides. The usual cacophony of sounds made by the Philians is gone. A lone figure stands, waiting for something. 

The cities behind them are entirely deserted. The inhabitants are gone. Only a week ago, most of the planet would be bustling with busy citizens going about daily life. But now? There's only one. The rest have vanished. 

Suddenly there's a bang. A bright light can be seen as an object hurtles towards Philia P73's surface. The object gets bigger, emitting a roar of engines. There's another bang, and all is quiet. The lone figure rushes forward, towards the crash. 

The airship is still flyable, but only just. The doors sputter open and several figures climb out. "You've come," the lone figure says. The pilot and passengers nod. "We have." 

Over the course of the week, many landings occur. Some are crashes, some are neat. The formerly deserted city is now inhabited- though not by Philians. 

The building they've converted to a base of sorts is in the center of the city. The Center, they call it, and that is where the mismatched group meets. 

There aren't many, but as the Philian says, it's a start. "Why are we here?" is the question first asked. "And where are the Philians?" is the second. 

"I am the last," the last Philian would respond. No other questions would be acknowledged.

Until now. The group is gathered at the Center. It's time for answers. 

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Okay! Let's start RPing, shall we? (I've left this a bit vague, since I'm not entirely sure who Fila will be traveling with, or where she found a spaceship, for that matter, but I did assume she came with Yang, given that they're friends and they were coming from the same place. Other people might also have traveled with them-- feel free to add your charries in!)

~ Fila Ramaya ~

I step out of the spaceship as soon as we touch down, breathing in the fresh air with a delighted sigh. Of course, the cold hits me a moment later, and I start shivering uncontrollably. I hadn't expected Philia P73 to be so much colder than Hutan, but then again, I've never been off my home planet, so it's not like I would have known.

Well, whatever. I head back in and grab a blanket-- it'll do until I can find an actual coat. I can't let my own discomfort keep me from this mission. There seems to be some kind of huge cover-up going on here, and I have to get to the bottom of what's going on. This is what all of my activism has been building up to!

Yang runs out of the ship behind me, her own blanket draped loosely around her shoulders. "Are you exploring? Can I come with you?"

I nod, and we set off through the ramshackle collection of ships, tents, buildings, and more. Another traveler steps out from one of them and introduces themself...

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(Weird, the topping post showed up before the original post...)

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Kairo ~

"Jai. Jai. Jai. Jai. Jai. Jaihra Faay." 

"Kairo, why are you calling me. It's the middle of the night here."

"The nights on this planet are way too long. Let's get going."


"I'm outside of your window, let's go." I clicked off my byte, and rapped on Jaihra's window. At least I hope it was Jaihra's window, because I was currently perched on a stolen hoverbike fifty feet in the air. 

Fortunately, it was Jaihra's window. Unfortunetely, she opened the window so violently she smacked my beautiful face right on the nose. I almost fell to my demise, but luckily my fantastic reflexes kept me on. 

"Kairo, what in the name of Oyomc are you doing here! I haven't seen you in years!" Jaihra gritted her teeth in annoyance. Kairo took no notice. 

"Hey little cousin! I missed you too. I need your help. And I know what you're going to say..."


"See? I knew you were going to say that. This is going to be really awesome though. And you're like the smartest person I know, which means that you're the only person that can help me." I gave my best attempt at puppy dog eyes. 

Jaihra sighed. "What do I get?" 

"Work experience, resume padding, and most importantly: adventure. Come on, it'll only take a few moon cycles!" Jaihra shut the window on me. "Hey, come on!"

She opened it up a few minutes later, with a backpack slung over her shoulder. She sat behind me on the hover bike with an audible sigh. I revved the engine and speed off towards Aquila V.

"Kai, how did you get your own Messier Elite ship?!" I grinned. If there was one way to make Jaihra happy, it was cool tech. 

"I earned it doing hard honest work." I lied. She rolled her eyes. "Make yourself at home. Oh, and you better read that paper on the coffee table."

I hopped into the pilot seat, and flicked all the switches for take off. I flexed my hands and gripped the throttle. 

"WAIT! Kairo, are we going to Philia P73?!"

"Oh, I forgot to mention." I turned to look at Jaihra. "We're going to Philia P73."

"Did you here the central government? No one is allowed near Philia P73!" She exclaimed. "This is awesome! Phoenix is going to be so jealous." 

"Duh, why do you think I need you? You have to hack into Air Traffic Control and let our ship into Philia P73. And trust me, Air Traffic HATES me so you have to work dilligently. Aquila is already banned in 167 star systems."

"Air Traffic Control?? They have the weakest firewall ever. I'm already in." I set Aquila on auto pilot and wheeled around. 

"You're already in Air Traffic Control?! Jai, you're incredible and I love you so much."

"I know," she smirked. "Ok, granting access to Philia P73. I gave you access to the 167 systems you got banned from too. Also, you have 9 bounties for your head. What's up with that?"

"I got in trouble with some Space Pirates a couple months ago. Don't worry about it." I checked my map. We were right on schedule. 

"Why are we landing?"

"We're going to take a stop at Central Space Station and see if anyone needs passage to Philia. It's easy cash, and maybe we'll make some friends."


Does anyone want to travel with Kairo and Jaihra? I'm so excited for this RP!

<3 Fidelity 



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My charries, Danica and Analia, would be happy to travel with Kairo and Jaihra! They can meet up at the Central Space Station.

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(This will probably be a long post. Apologies in advance if it is.)

Yang Kecil~~

Fila and I had gone to Philia together. We'd somehow managed to scrape together enough money to pay for a pilot, who I suspect might be a smuggler from the strange noises I keep hearing in the cargo bay. I think my parents would actually disown me if they knew I'd snuck out of the Academy to go to Philia, but I couldn't stand not knowing what was going on. Both Fila and I agree something extremely suspicious is going on.

The ship lands delicately on the icy surface of the planet. There's not a tree in sight, which is a little freaky. It reminds of the time when I was younger, and my parents dragged me with them to visit some friends on the desert planet of Ts'ehayi. But even then there were tree-like plants-- sure, they may have been leafless, but they were wood-like and and had branches. 

Fila rushes out of the ship as soon as the ramp opens, though runs back in a few moments later, shivering violently. After seeing her reaction to the weather, I grab a blanket and drape it around my shoulders. Already, I can feel the cool air. I hate this coldness already--it's strange, and new, and very unpleasant.

Fila runs down the ramp again, wrapping a blanket around herself. I follow close behind, just as curious. "Are you exploring? Can I come with you?" She nods in response, and we run towards the groups of buildings, ships, and tents. As we arrive, an alien approaches us.



Kettu walked through the artificial rain, pulling his hood up. Purple and blue lights shone from the buildings, illuminating the dark, metallic streets. He could see the faint fuzziness caused by the energy shield protecting the man-made planet. He'd gotten used to the permanent nighttime after a long time, though he still missed his home of Muinaiset, before the Vojnovy had taken it.

He headed down towards one of the more run-down sectors, where he knew he could find a pilot to take him somewhere no one was allowed to go-- Philia P73. He could sense 'Vojnovy' all over this, and felt a duty as one of the few free Okrenti to figure things out. 

~~~ (I was thinking Kettu would hire Ji as a pilot, but I didn't want to decide this so I'll leave it here.)


After seeing the broadcast, Seólta knew he was going to Philia. Seólta was an expert on lies. He could tell this was a cover-up, and he also knew it seemed suspiciously Vojnovy-attack-like. Every other species that had fallen to the Vojnovy had sent out a similar distress call. The direadh were the only ones who won a war against the Vojnovy, and even then, they barely did so. And the direadh were the greatest species.* 

Seólta had a sneaking suspicion the governments had been dealing with Vojnovy. Perhaps they'd even hired them.

The only problem was that Seólta needed a pilot. He was a soldier, not a pilot, and besides--he was far from used to his Okrenti vessel.  

Seólta was at the Central Space Station--  a massive interstellar space station, located near the heart of the Krein galaxy. Ships went in and out, and a plethora of different species could be found there. Seólta had been spending the last couple of months here, taking up a few odd jobs as a mercenary. There was a surprising amount of mercenary work--everyone wanted some group of space pirates gone, or protection to this star system, or this group of people wiped off the face of the galaxy. It wasn't morally correct in the slightest--but it paid well. Very well.

Seólta looked around once more, examining the ships more carefully. He was in one of the less regulated sections, where pirates and guns-for-hire like himself could be found. But you had to careful when hiring these types of pilots. They would be willing to take you anywhere--but they weren't very trustworthy, and the ride sure wouldn't be cheap.

Seólta spotted a ship named  'Aquila V'. It seemed to have a rather small crew. Two people--humans, it appeared--were waiting beside it. One was a girl with dark hair, holding a byte in one hand, furiously typing away and muttering something about removing bounties. The other was a tall boy, with golden brown skin, who looked to be in his early twenties. They seemed trustworthy enough--but more importantly, they looked the type who wouldn't know that his necklace was actually a biomechanical vessel core.

He approached the pair. "Your ship taking flights to Philia?" He asked.

"Sure is," The boy responded smoothly. "Need a lift?"


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((Forgot to put this in the actual post, haha.))

* When I said 'direadh are the greatest species' this isn't actually true. What is true is the direadh are the most narcissistic species. So uh, don't take offense, Seólta just has a big ego. 

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@Sybill, how should Aya and Seólta meet?


At exactly six-thirty, Aya was woken by the banging of metal on metal, same as every day. 
"Wake up chickies, time for your teeest!" Miss Cartdi called in her high, reedy voice. There was the normal grumbles and sniffles, then muffled thuds as girls swang out of bed. Aya hopped off the narrow matress and pulled the dusty curtain around her bed, creating a small room. She changed out of the gray nightgown into her white Student Tunic, slipped her feet into a pair of clunky boots, and made sure her pendant was still there. It was. 
Aya grabbed her brush and pushed through the curtain, walking past rows of illuminated stalls where her classmates were getting ready for the day. She yanked the brush through her mass of curly tangles and opened the heavy wooden door leading to the shared corridor. There was a mass of sleepy boys trickling out of the door opposite, leaving their cool dormitory and slumping into the open-ceiling corridor. Muggy, damp air coated Aya's face as she entered the slowly-moving group. 

To Aya's surprise, they werent directed into the mess hall like normal, instead down a bright corridor washed in prickly white light. A shadowed archway at the far end was their destination, it seemed. the various Hall Monitors ushered kids along, occasionally giving a wake-up pinch to the most groggy. 
Finally they stumbled into the vaulted room lined with benches cluttered with all sorts of people. One stood out to Aya; a stubby woman with electric red hair absently reading a herb dictionary upside-down. Aya rose up onto her tiptoes to try and get a better look but she was blocked by the teasing boy, who let loose a wild scream. Chaos errupted, and Aya was carried away by the crush of people all flowing toward the long stone table at the far end of the room. She found herself squashed and scooched to the side, hitting her back on the table and falling onto it awkwardly. Once the Hall Monitors had calmed the Lower Boys down, stopped the Upper Boys's laughter, told the Lower Girls it was all right and nodded approvingly at Aya and the Upper Girls, silence fell in the vaulted room. Miss Grankle, the Leader, took a small packet of paper from one of the Hall Monitors and began to talk.
"Welcome, Healers. Students, welcome our guests." there was a chorus of 'Welcome, Guests' and some answering nods.
"Today, Students, you have been excused from classes"-a couple woops-"to be Picked. These Healers will Pick a student to be their apprentince. You will leave the school and say good bye, then go to live with your new Teacher. Let the Pick begin!" Miss Grankle bowed and pressed a button behind her. A glowing silver screen appeared and names began to flicker across it. Healers started standing up and walking across the room, inspecting the screen where student records were projected. Hologram videos played on the walls, showing different students completing assignments. Aya was a little shocked by the holograms and tech- apart from the class tech, they didnt have much science in their school. It was mostly centered around herbs and healing. She shook away her thoughts and sat at attention, scanning the room for the red-haired Healer. 
The red haired Healer found her first.
"Ah, darling, you look like a bright one. I could use some help, eh? Would you like to come back to Twa-Ald with me?" Aya blinked. She had just been offered an apprentinceship. Should she take it? What about Mom and Dad? 
"Of course, I know you might want to stay, what with the muggy air and charming flies. Ill find another, dont worry." red-hair said. Aya made up her mind and jumped off the table.
"Oh, no, Ill be your apprentince! I just need to tell my mom." She muttered the last part, afraid Teasing Boy had heard her. 
"Alrighty then! Ill tell the skinny lady and we'll be off!" Red-hair announced joyfully. She strode off toward the skinny lady, who happened to be Miss Grankle. Aya stiffled a laugh.

And so Aya left a message for her parents and boarded the small rental ship red-hair had bought. Red-hair was prattling on and on about a dreadful Flea Sickness that had spread through her planet and finally stopped to say,
"Do you know how to drive? Yes? Jolly good. Im Adri T'aal, and you are...?" Aya mumbled her name and grabbed the wheel. She clicked Power and felt the familiar whirr of engines starting. She was back in her element.

They landed on a small strip of land backing up to a tall stone tower. The ship flew off on its own and Aya started walking toward the tower, following Adri, who was carrying Aya's small bag. the events passed in a blur- Adri showing Aya her room, Adri instructing Aya on the right way to mix a tincture, Adri telling her she had promise and taking her for a swim. 

A month later, Aya felt at home. 
Well, she did until the radio broadcast interrupted their peaceful afternoon. Adri decided they had to help and so, since there was a rather nasty toenail-rotting sickness preying on her neighbors, Adri sent Aya. 
Which meant that Aya was alone in the Central Space Station, nervously tapping her fingers against the faded red work shirt Adri had her wear. How would she get a ride? Maybe... Maybe that little ship, the one that looked like the Dune Rider. Aquila V, it was named. Aya decided to give it a try and marched forward, pressing through the crowds and finally reaching the little ship.
"You taking any more passengers?" she asked.


yeah thats long hah

Kairo might have a little more passengers then what he bargained for XD

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~ Elrina ~


"...And you think this is going to help you out of this?" 

"well i- i um i th-thought tha-"



"Mr. Havstlescroten, ill talk later." 

i dash out of the courtroom and  grab my phlone and answer the cal. 

"what? oh yes hello Aniva. the ships ready? ok, i know i know, ill give it to you at the alley, alright bye."

i dash to the exit and push open the wide doors and spread my wings. they push me up and a soar through the air over the huge city. i spot Aniva waving at me from a small alley and a start gliding down. a land with a gracefull thump and i fold my wings back. 

"naw, han-"

"Aniva, i will only pay you after i aprove of the ship." i say.

i walk into the ship, glancing around carfully at the controls, the storage and the hach that conseals the fuel. theres a small door in the back wall. i slowly open it, then slip inside. OH YES. it was a room full of screens and a computer. this must be a goverment ship... this means they spy on people!! theres also a row of cabanits over all the screeens. i open one and inside is ten cameras, neatly in a row. extras! for if one breacks... oh this is so awsome. I shut the cabanit and was out of the Spy Room, as i call it. i walk through the open door and hand Aniva a small burlap sack. Aniva thinks im giving her a bar of gold, but all she gets is a pile of rocks. i quickly jump in the ship as she peeks in the sack. i pull the door down and run over to where the controls are. i plop down in the chair and hit the gas. the ship jercks to life and shoots up to the sky. i put thee ship on auto pilote and slide into the Spy Room. i plop down in the rolly chair and switch the computer on, and gasp. This is totally a goverment ship. there files for different people on here... i scroll through the long list of people and suddenly glance up at a screen to my right. somthing is out of place... the camra is watching Main Street in Evereleiaa Donteyah City. theres a big bulky shape in the croude of people, but i cant make out what it is. 

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Kairo ~

"You taking any more passengers?" I turn around and see a T'a-Katir girl. I scan her up and down. She was wearing an Ayall Medical School tunic, which meant she was probably mad smart. 

"Hello?" She asks again, annoyed. 

"You're the first passenger of the day. Lucky you, you get first dibs on your seat. 15,000 standard credits for full passage to Philia P73." I say with a wink. I'm totally ripping her off, but you've gotta sell it with the charm. 

She doesn't seem too impressed. "15,000 standard credits?! I wouldn't pay that much if you had an Air Force Zkeev Medal." 

I smirk. "I actually have an Air Force Zkeev Medal. How do you think I got Aquila? Flew her away from a whole fleet of highly trained Cantalenian speedships."

I thought that story would surely blow her socks off, but she just stares at me. In fact, I think I saw a eyeroll. Did this girl really eyeroll? At me??

"Look, I just need passage Philia. I'll pay 10,000. Take it or leave it." She states, crossing her arms. 

"14,999," I counter.


"14,998," I try again. She glares at me. I glare back. "Fine! 10,000. I need to see your ID to make the transfer."

The girl hands her Standard ID to me. Aya Katui. A healer, like I thought. She'll be useful on board for the time being. 

"Welcome aboard Aya. I'm Light." I gesture towards Aquila's rampway. 

While Aya makes herself comfortable, I scope the station for other potential passengers. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot an Okrenti walking towards me. I smooth out my jacket. Time to turn up the charm. 

"Your ship taking flights to Philia?" The Okrenti asks cooly. 

"Sure is," I respond, with my sauvest voice. "Need a lift?"

"I do," he replies. "How much are you charging?"

Since Aya already swindled me, I really had to sell this Okrenti on this one. I turn up the cute Cantalenian accent. "I have a special deal just for you. 30,000 standard credits."

"You must be absolutely mad." 

"I'm mad that you don't want to travel to Philia with me," I say. Initiate the puppy dog eyes. 

He laughs. A cold kind of laugh, not a warm one. "I could do much better than a human pilot anyway." 

Why does everyone hate humans! Humans are so cool! Ok, we're sort of cool. Anyway, it was time for my favorite prank. 

"I'm actually not human." I lean in for dramatic effect. "I'm a direadh in a human vessel."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"I know you're not, because I'm a direadh." He whips out his Standard ID and shows it to me. Sure enough, under species it reads: direadh. 

"Ok fine, Say-ooo-li-taa. 30,000 credits, take it or leave it." 

"I'll take it," He replies. "And it's Seólta."

"Bro, just get on the ship," I say, dropping the charm. I point towards Aya, who's already buckled in.

"Who's that girl? Your girlfriend or something?" He inquires, eyebrows raised. 

"Aya?!" I ask incredulously. "Of course not. The only girl in my life is Aquila. But you should talk to her." I slap his back and herd him up the ramp.


Wow! This post is getting long. I think I'll do part two seperately. Hopefully Team Aquila will get along!

<3 Fidelity 

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Kairo ~

"Are we ready for take off?" Jaihra stands on the ramp, Aquila's keys hanging on her index finger. 

"I think so! And hands of the keys!" I shout back. I'm about to close the ramp, but a someone taps me on the shoulder. I whip around to see two girls, around Jaihra's age. 

"Excuse me sir, do you happen to be going to Philia P73?" One of them asks. 

"I sure am! Does you family need a ride? Where are your parents, honey?" 

"It's just us," she replies. 

I put on a frown. "Unfortunetely, I can't take you to Philia without a) adult permission or b) money. Something it seems you two girls don't have."   

"What about that girl right there?" She points to Jaihra.

"Jaihra? She's my copilot. She's also my cousin so I'm basically her adult supervision," I reply.

"Please? We have some money but we don't have our parents anymore. We'll help aboard any way we can," the other sister said quietly. No more parents? Dang it, that's just downright sad. And something about their voice sounded so familiar. 

"Are you guys Cantalenian?!" They smile. 

"How did you know?" The first girl asks.  

"It's the accent. And I'm sorry about your parents. My family was raided during the Rebellion as well." I hoped I was right about their parents. It looks like I was. "You know what, I'll give you a free ride. I hate the Cantalen government as much as you guys must."

There's a muted shout. "You're giving them a free ride?!"

"Deal with it Seó!" I shout back.  

They smiled with appreciation and handed me their IDs. "I'm Danica, and my sister is Analia." 

"Nice to meet you guys! Follow me." I walked up the ramp, into the main compartment. Seólta and Aya are lounging around my coffee table, chatting. 

Jaihra looks up, suprised. "Jaihra, meet Danica and Analia." 

"Thank goodness! You got people my age." She waves at them happily. "I fixed the starboard yebpv regulator and touched up the left wing paint job." I looked out the window. The left wing now has a rainbow down the middle. 

"Jai, usually I would be mad, but that actually looks awesome." I sit down in the pilot seat, and Jai sits down next to me. "Alright, Aquila is ready for take off!"


I'm having so much fun writing this, you have no idea.

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I'll make a post later but, my gosh, Seólta and Kairo are a fun pair. I can see them being the rival-friendship type-- they act like they despise each other, but would still do anything for the other.


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(I've decided to nail down an exact age of Seólta. They age more according to their current vessel, which would place Seólta at 23.)


Although the 30,000 credit fee was way too much for the ride, Seólta decided to take it anyways. He was smart enough to know how rare a flight to Philia would be, so he wasn't going to waste time looking for a cheaper ride that likely didn't exist.

"I'll take it. And it's Seólta," He said, correcting the pilot's terrible pronunciation of the name. 

"Bro, just get on the ship," The pilot said, no longer trying to act like a Prince Charming. He sounded a little tired, if anything. The pilot gestured towards another passenger--a tall T'a-Katir girl, who looked about Seólta's age, perhaps slightly younger. Her dark, turquoise-colored hair partially covered her face, so it was hard to tell what she looked like. But by her clothing, Seólta could guess she was a medic of some kind.

"Who's that girl?" Seólta asked. "Your girlfriend or something?"

"Aya?!" The pilot asked, sounding shocked, and almost--incredibly--offended. "Of course not. The only girl in my life is Aquila. But you should talk to her." Seólta couldn't help but thing that didn't make much sense, because ships weren't alive, let alone gendered. But then he remembered humans' odd tendency to refer to vehicles and machines as female.

The pilot slapped Seólta on the back and shoved him inside. Seólta shot him one last glare, though it didn't seem the pilot noticed.  He stepped inside the Aquila V, and looked around.  It wasn't a bad ship--actually, despite how much Seólta hated the pilot, he had to admit he had good taste in spacecraft.  Seólta saw a young girl painting a rainbow on the left wing. She had the same hair color as the pilot, and their face shapes were similar. Perhaps they were related. 

"So, Aya, is it?" Seólta slid behind the circular table, sitting next to the girl. She looked at him with an unreadable expression. "Name's Seólta."

They shook hands, and then the girl spoke. "Did that Light guy try to rip you off, too?"

Seólta nodded. "Got away with it, too. Wish it was easier to find a ride to Philia."

The girl murmured agreement. Seólta could hear Light, if that was actually his name, talking to two young humans outside of the ship. They were explaining something about not having parents, but having money, or something. Seólta continued chatting with Aya, only half paying attention.

"...sorry about your parents. My family was raided during the Rebellion too," Light had been saying. "You know what, I'll give you a free ride. You guys must hate the Cantalen government as much as I do."

Seólta's ears flattened at this last part. "You're giving them a free ride?!" 

"Deal with it, Seó!" Light responded. Aya hid a smile behind her hand. Seólta was half-tempted to glare at her, but instead he focused all his rage on Light.

The girl who was painting the wing had returned, and Light introduced her to the two newcomers. Their names were Danica and Adalia. They looked to be twins, or at the very least, sisters. Light's relative turned out to be named Jaihra.

"Alright!" Light announced proudly. "The Aquila is ready for take-off!"


Sorry this didn't advance the plot, but I didn't have any ideas and besides, it was getting pretty long. 

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At least she wouldnt be riding alone with the grumpy pilot, Aya thought. She frowned and felt her pocket, where the missing 10,00 credits left an empty hole. A small sigh escaped and she propped her head on her elbow, turning to look at the ship.
"So, Aya, is it?" a voice interrupted her thoughts. Aya turned and studied the voice's face- ginger hair and bright blue eyes with cat pupils. Must be a okrenti, Aya thought.
"Name's Seólta." he said. Aya took the offered hand and gave a firm shake, which was probably harder then Seólta expected. She thought for a second and compared Seólta's disgruntled expression with the slightly triumphiant grin on the pilot's face. 
"Did that Light guy try to rip you off, too?" Aya asked, dropping his hand.
"Got away with it, too. Wish it was easier to find a ride to Philia." Seólta said angrily. Aya murmered agreement and lifted her head, gazing around at the ship. Seólta continued talking, but Aya could tell he was hardly paying attention. She gave a couple quick responses and watched two girls enter the ship.
"You're giving them a free ride?!?" Seólta shouted suddenly, glaring at the pilot, who was showing the girls a spot to sit. 
"Deal with it, Seó!" Light responded. Aya muffled her giggle behind a hand quickly, ignoring the flicker of rage that passed across Seólta's face. The pilot shouted something about taking off and another girl, looking very similar to Light, scurried over to the pilot seat and smacked a nob. Light settled into the well-worn chair and leaned forward. His sister- no, maybe a cousin, ran over to the doorway and clanked around with various clinky things. A loud whirring sound resonated through the ship and various lights flashed on and off. Then there was the familiar woosh of air as the hatches closed and Aya happily felt herself being lifted off the ground as the Aquila took to the skies. The cousin took a seat at a small silver desk in the corner and clacked away on a hologram screen, muttering to herself and glancing at a byte clutched in her hand every once and a while. Aya turned back to Seólta, and opened her mouth to talk, but a loud crackle errupted from the speaker in the ceiling and then they heard two voices saying the same thing. One was barley audible, and it came from Light, who was holding a small box to his mouth. The other was static-y and came from the speaker.
"Welcome, passengers, to the Aquila. We're flying no-stops to Philia. Im your pilot, Kairo. This is my co-pilot and cousin, Jaihra. Now, since this isnt a short flight, I suggest you get to know eachother. Names?" Aya tapped her fingers against the rim of the table and looked over at Seólta.
"Seólta." He said. Aya liked being second-
"Im Aya." Aya said. She glanced pointedly at the two girls, who were huddled in the corner. Go on... Aya grumbled in her head, staring at them with her arms crossed.
"I... Im Analia." The girl with her blonde hair in a braid said. 
"My names Danica, Im Analia's twin." the one with short blonde hair chimed, sitting on a poofy chair. Aya nodded and turned back to Seólta. 
"So, why did you decide to come help Philia? The Healer Im apprentinced to, Adri T'aal, she sent me 'cause there was some sickness she needed to cure..." Aya realized she was rambling and stopped, waiting for Seólta's answer.


Ooh, thats a good species name, Tomru... 

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He waited for Aya to finish, then answered her question. 

"I know a cover-up when I see one," Seólta responded. "I'm doing this because I want to see what happens. That's all, honestly."

"So, you didn't do it to help the Philians?" Aya asked. She didn't seem accusatory, or angry, just curious. "Seems a little... Morally ambiguous."

Before Seólta could respond to this, the ship came to a halt, throwing everyone forwards. There were several cries of surprise and anger.

"What was THAT for, Kairo?!?" Jaihra yelled. 

"Didn't you say no-stops?" Seólta muttered under his breath.

Everyone waited for an answer from the pilot. Kairo cleared his throat. "We have, an, um--issue."

When Kairo didn't offer any more explanation, Seólta, Aya, and Jaihra stood up and went to the cockpit to see what was going on. Danica and Adalia lingered behind, nervously.

Seólta stood behind Kairo's chair, leaning on it, and ignoring Kairo's glare. Leaning forwards, he tried to make out what had stopped them through the glass windshield. There were several shapes, which looked to be spacecraft--spacecraft Seólta recognized well.

"Vojnovy," Seólta spat. 

"It looks like they've formed a barrier," Aya pointed out. 

Jaihra looked up at her older cousin. "Can we get through?" She asked.

Seólta studied the ship's formation. It was a barrier, all right. They clearly didn't want anyone getting through--Seólta could see the lights of the ship's weaponry faintly glowing, meaning they were armed and ready to fire. A few other ships looked to be in the same predicament as the Aquila. 

"I think they're blocking the way to Philia," Seólta said after a moment. The ships seemed to be orbiting around something--the outer edges of the star system Philia was in. There had to be close to a million of the things.

"Why would they put such heavy guard around one planet?" Aya asked. "Unless..."

"The Vojnovy were the ones who attacked it," Seólta finished. He and Aya shared a look. 

"Okay, well, this theorizing is great and all, but it doesn't actually help us," Kairo said. 


Decided to stir up some action--let me know if I should change it. I felt like after so many ships landed on Philia, there would be some kind of security around it. 

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