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Charrie sheet and story



                               Chapter 1: Eternally lost

     Dear diary,

            I know this is childish to say, but all I want is my mother... All I want is to go home... Not to my biological mother, she never loved me, she’s the reason why I’m here fighting in the eternal war.

     Nobody can save me now, can they? I’m stuck... I’m lost... I’m alone, with nobody but myself

     Here’s some context, My name is Evening Lidia Eons, I have been accused by my own mother of practicing dark Magic’s and summoning the eternal night that has appeared over our skies... Well, I was angry that day when the darkness appeared, no one else was angry, or sad... They were all happy... They were all loved... They were nothing like me... But now they are, they’re all sad, scared, angry, cursing whoever did this... What if I did bring the eternal night? Oh no... What if i CAUSED this eternal suffering!

Never to be saved,

Never to be found,

Never to speak,

Never to smile,

Eternally tortured,

Eternally lost,

Eternally silent,

Eternally sad...

Eternally lost... Heh, I guess this war has caused my entire planet to be like me... Lost... Lost... They’re coming, the enemies, I have to go,



Always, forever, and eternally,




If anyone wants to be in my story (Eternally, Evening) here is a charrie sheet( 15 spots available)

you will each have a chapter dedicated to your character’s point of view on the war (it will be three times as long as this chapter and I will write them, if you want to help then that’s okay with me)





Eternal Snows or Sunset Embers

motives/reason for being in the war: 

shipping, yes or no:

shipping, who are you shipped with (type N/A if you don’t want you character to be shipped): 

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