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Time Travel Solo Write - 
You burst through the front door and frantically run to your room. You pace along the floor and then sit down at your desk to rub your temple, but immediately spring back up and start pacing again. What to do? Nothing is going right. You need a way out. But you can’t turn back time, can you?
Suddenly, you hear a tap on your window, and you stop pacing and whirl around. There’s nothing there, so you resume your pacing, but you hear the tapping again. You glance out the window but see nothing. After another minute of thinking, the tapping returns once more. Deciding it can’t be a coincidence, you throw open the window and look outside. “Who’s there?” You shout, but get no answer other than the tweeting birds. Suddenly, a bird that was sitting on the fence across from your window flies straight into your room. You scream and wave your arms wildly, hoping to get it out, and it’s gone as fast as it came in. Everything is suddenly quiet, and you notice that the bird dropped something - a leather satchel. You pick it up and realize that inside it is a note. Curious, you begin to read.
Dear selected,
Have you ever wished you could turn back time? Well, you’re in luck. The Guild of Analog Travelers (GOAT) have created a special opportunity just for you! If you’re in trouble and need to go back in time to fix your mistakes, now is your chance. Contrite to popular belief, time travel exists, and GOAT would like to share this discovery with you. If you wish to come, fill out the form and send it back to GOAT. If you wish to bring supplies with you, it must fit in this satchel. Then be sure you are outside of your home at 11:32 p.m. on September 20 to be picked up. Soon all your troubles will be swept away. 
Travelers of the Guild of Analog Travelers. (GOAT)
The note doesn’t make much sense. GOAT? A very strange acronym. And why so specific about the times? And, perhaps most curious of all, how did "GOAT" know that you wanted to turn back time. But in the end, this is your only option. You shake your head and fill out the form.
This is not a ski lodge, like the letter and pseudonym may suggest, but a solo write. If you wish to have a charrie in this adventure, fill out this form:
Packing list:
Backstory/reason they need to time travel:
Please be specific on your charrie’s backstory, the whole fate of this solo write depends on it. And that is all! There is only room for five passengers on the time machine, so fill out the form quickly. Tootles!
Signing off, The Time Traveler. 
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Intriguing! This looks like it could turn out to be very interesting indeed.

Name: Semolian Lee

Age: Fifteen and five eighths.

Appearance: Very tall and awkwardly skinny. She has just recently had her growth spurt, and she is used to being very small and plump, so she doesn't know what to do with her arms and legs. She has long, thick, black hair that is dyed in a blue and purple ombre from the middle to the end of it. It is usually worn in a braid or straight down  her back, where she is almost able to sit on it. Her skin is extremely pale, and she is prone to sunburn and freckling, so she usually wears a large purple sunhat that has become very worn around the edges. She wears loose, tunic-type tops, jeggings, and flip-flops most of the time. She doesn't wear any jewelry except for a small, silver hoop earing in the upper cartridge of her left ear.

Personality: She is extremely friendly, but a bit awkward. She has a photographic memory, and loves to draw people and sunsets. She makes and drops friends easily, because she has a high ideal for the sort of person she wants to be her best friend, and anyone who doesn't match up with that ideal cannot interest her for long. She enjoys listening to rock music in French.

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her/hers

Packing list: Some clothes, a phone, earbuds, a charger. A sketchbook, a pack of colored pencils and a set of other sketching supplies. A small, pocket sketchbook and a collapsible pencil. A hairbrush, rubber bands, and 4 scrunchies.

Backstory/reason they need to time travel: When she was 11 years old, she met a boy at summer camp in her new town. It was a very boring camp, all things considered, but the two of them struck a chord. For 3 years, the two of them were inseparable. But, the year before high school, they fought over something or other very unimportant, and their friendship was lost. Later that year, the boy moved to New York to act on Broadway. They never made up after the fight, and it was the greatest regret of Semolian's life. (Please do not turn this into a romantic relationship.)

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This sounds really fun and interesting!
Name: Vivan Hartely
Appearance: Pale heart shaped face framed by mouse brown hair cut in a bob.  Large green eyes.  Very small for her age and skinny.  Wears dark purple shirts and black pants.
Personality: Quiet and shy.  Is often forgotten about because of her quietness.  Is continuesly assesing her surroundings.  Pays attention to every little detail, even things that don't seem to matter.  Very observational.  Gives the impression that she is scared all the time.  Which is generally true, but once in a while she will surprise herself and everyone around her by doing something daring or brave.  Hardly ever speaks but when she identifies something to be important she will.
Gender/Pronouns: Female. She/her/hers.
Packing list: A book of poetry.  A volume of Shakespeare.  Several handkerchiefs.  A change of clothes. A jacket, mittens, and a hat.  A small notebook along with several pencils and pens.
Backstory/reason they need to time travel: She had an older sister who took care of her and adored her.  Vivian adored her back.  One day when they were crossing a street her sister was hit by a car. An ambulance took her to a hospital but Vivian was forgotten and she didn't know which hospital her sister was taken to.  Vivian lost her sister and never found her again, she doesn't know if her sister is alive or dead.  Vivian gave up looking for her sister and now lives in an orphanage.  She regrets her choice of not looking for her sister, and she also regrets not demanding to be taken in the ambulance with her sister. She wants to travel back in time to stop her sister from stepping in front of the car.  If that doesn't work she wants to make sure she goes to the hospital with her sister. 
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This sounds awesome! I'm on mobile right now so the formatting might be off.

Name: Jack Aaron Ellis

Age: 25

Appearance: Messy light brown hair, light skin, dark brown eyes, tall and lanky.

Personality: Jack’s very curious and always likes to try new things, but is afraid of what others will think of him. His mind is always working overtime, and he has a huge imagination. He’s really good at climbing and building, and always has a plan for everything. However, he tends to focus on his faults rather than his strengths, making him a bit vulnerable.

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him

Packing List: Clothes and essentials, a notebook, some food, and a necklace with a jade pendant (see backstory).

Backstory/reason they need to time travel: When he was 20, Jack got engaged to his fianceé, Anne. He loved her more than anything. About two months before the wedding, she boarded a plane to go visit some family in England. There was a tropical storm, and the plane crashed, killing everyone on board. Anne was found with her jade necklace, a gift from Jack. It was given back to him, and he keeps it as a memory of her. He wants to go back in time to save his fianceé.


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Name: Kit Leoli

Age: 16

Appearance: Blonde hair and blue eyes, which she detests. She always wears black clothes, favoring dark makeup around her eyes. She also almost NEVER smiles, and she walks with a slight limp in her left leg.

Personality: Cynic, goth, introvert. Hates most everyone except her dog Nero, who is a white husky and follows her everywhere. Occasionly she takes a shine to people for no discernable reason, and is slightly less mean to them, maybe even smiling at them, rarely. But most of the time she walls herself off from the rest of the world. 

Gender/pronouns: Female, she/hers:

Packing list: Duffel bag, and in it her clothes, toiletries, a knife, 50 dollars, a loaded pistol, and an old, battered book.

Backstory/reason they need to time travel: She and her best friend; Mikael, were walking home from school, two years before. They were crossing a busy intersection, not really looking, when a cop car came out of nowhere, lights blaring, turned the corner, and narrowly missed Lyra, grazing her leg. But Mikael wasn't so lucky. It hit him, and he didn't survive the impact. Ever since then, Lyra has hated the police force, and looked for revenge. But time traveling would give her something better than revenge...Her best friend back.

Lyra's also open to shipping with guys her age. 

I'm excited for this to start! 

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Reserving! I'll post later today or tomorrow.

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Reserving! I might make a post about the charrie right after this but still need to submit this quick! >-<
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oop hold on they're all reserved !! That's fine . u .

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Bummer-wish I could join in!!!  But it seems like the spots are all reserved now. :( 

Seems like a cool solo write! :) 

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Name: Alec Santiago. Sometimes he goes by Santi.
Age: 20
Appearance: Curly black mop of hair and dark brown eyes, with medium brown skin and a thin but reasonably athletic build. He's medium height and has dimples when he smiles. Usually wears jeans, hoodies, and sneakers, which often have spatters of paint on them.
Personality: Quiet and a little awkward, but also sweet and protective. He's sensitive but can also be pretty defensive and insecure, so when he feels like he's under attack he tends to get snappish and argumentative. When he feels safe, he's much more of a pacifist and would rather settle arguments than start them. He tends to keep his feelings on the inside, and only shares them with people he trusts.
Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him. Also he likes guys.
Packing list: A sketchbook, set of charcoal pencils and watercolors and paintbrushes, a couple of changes of clothing, a toothbrush, $14, a couple of granola bars that he hates.
Backstory/reason they need to time travel: He's an artist who had a rough childhood growing up (he was bullied and didn't have a lot of money, and his parents were always fighting a lot) but since he was eight years old he's been cataloging his life in the form of comics. They show very clearly his growth as both a person and an artist, his good moments and his bad, and over time it's become his way of coping with the world. He had over a thousand pages of comics that he drew painstakingly, all collected carefully in several large binders, and had planned on making it his life's work until his house burned down and it was all destroyed. He had just gotten a publishing deal to turn pieces of it into a book that had promised him enough money to pull himself out of his situation, but now it looks like he won't have a chance at that. He wants to go back and rescue this representation of his life, it's become so important to him. 
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5 days till the first installment! TOP!

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Standing outside his house, Jack Aaron Ellis shivered. It was unusually cold for mid-September, and he clutched the jade necklace in his hand. He checked his watch. It was 11:32, and a sudden tapping sound broke through the silence of the night. Looking up the street, Jack saw a horse-drawn carriage rolling down the street. How odd, he thought as the carriage pulled up. The driver, a dark figure wearing a long purple cloak, said, “Welcome,” it was a woman’s voice that spoke. “You must be Jack. Hop in.” Jack glanced around, shrugged, and hopped into the back of the open carriage. 

Other than Jack, there was one other person in the back of the carriage. A tall girl with black hair, looking as equally as cold as Jack was. With an awkward smile, she said, “Hi, I’m Semolian.”

“Jack,” he replied. The two sat in awkward silence, until the carriage stopped again and another person hopped in. She had a dog trailing behind her, and neither of them made a sound as they sat down, so the awkward silence continued. A few minutes later, two more passengers were in the carriage, who introduced themselves as Alec and Vivian. It was an awkward group, and they sat in silence as the horse-drawn carriage with the hooded driver made its way down the city streets. Suddenly, the carriage turned sharply down an alleyway and rumbled along the gravelly path. After a few more minutes of bumpy roads and sharp turns, the horses stopped trotting abruptly. At first, no one made a move to get out. But a moment later, their driver stepped off of the carriage and lowered her hood.

Her caramel hair fell out around her shoulders, and her icy blue eyes were watching them intently. She stood, running her fingers through her hair silently, and stared at the group in the back of the carriage. They stared back. Finally, her straight face turned into a smile. 

“Hi, I’m Zenara,” she said. “Welcome to GOAT.” She pushed open a door, one that no one in the group had noticed, for it was concealed by the shadows. The group filed out of the carriage and through the entrance, some of them having to duck under the low doorway. 

The inside of the building was about the size of a large storage closet. The entire room was coated in dust and engulfed in darkness - until Zenara flipped a switch, and a dim light flickered on. The periphery of the room was covered in shelves, and in the middle was a bright blue convertible. The group was silent as they looked around the small space. 

“So!” Zenara said, clapping her hands. “Let’s not waste any time. Allow me to introduce you to Mystique,” she held a beholding hand out to the blue convertible and left it there for a moment. A second later, she dropped it in disappointment. “Seriously? No oohs or ahhhs?” The group let out a few weak oohs, then lapsed back into silence. With a shake of her head, Zenara said, “Well, Mystique is going to be your time travel device.” That got a few oohs going. “Let me brief you on how she works. Come on, gather round.” The group ambled over to the convertible and peered inside.


Yes, that's it. The exposition is pretty slow, but it'll get more exciting soon...

Be looking for bi-weekly updates on Wednesdays and weekends. Expect part 2 soon...

Cheerio for now!

Signing off, The Time Traveler 

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It's really good!  I liked how the time travel device is a blue convertible.  I look forward to the next part! 

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