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Because; *Looks directly into camera* I'm unoriginalllll!

Also, I miss the old Boarding School RPs. They were a lotta fun! 

ANYWAY! Here's everything you need to know!

1) The name of the school is "The Staibadourian Prodigy Academy". It's in a country called Staibadour!

2) It's a high school for kids that excel at one thing in particular, and the kids are called "Ultimates", who come from all around the world! (Basically, there would be the "Ultimate Chef", the "Ultimate Fashonista", etc, etc, etc.)

3) The teachers are also Ultimates, like the "Ultimate English Teacher" or the "Ultimate Janitor". You can submit charries for them too!

4) You can have up to... Actually, no limit on characters, go crazy!

5) Starts on Wednesday, but you can join anytime! 


Character Sheets




Student, Extra, or The School's Staff?:

Ultimate Talent? (Can Ignore If Character Is An Extra):






Well, I don't want to overload the Admin, so I'll post my charrie(s?) later!

Sincerely, Samantha "Sammy" Everlast 

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Ooooh, I'll join.

Name: Kaitlen Sanderson

Age: 14

Gender: Nonbinary (they/them)

Student, Extra, or The School's Staff?: Student

Ultimate Talent? (Can Ignore If Character Is An Extra): Oooh, this is hard....Ultimate Intelligence person whatchamacallit! (If that's too confusing, just consider them really, really, unbelievably, smart)

Appearence: Light wavy brown hair, up to their waist, with golden tips, pale skin, green eyes, specked with gold, lots and lots of jangly bracelets, black pants and a golden t-shirt underneath a jacket, with a (golden) necklace that's in the shape of a heart. Inside is some....information. And they have golden flat sandals, and long eyelashes. Oh, and black glasses, with golden jewels in them. Topazes. Yes, that's right. And then they're average height. 

Personality: Kind, shy, timid, and really talkative sometimes. Very detailed. 

Shipping: Open to all genders that are near their age. 

Other: No, nothing else. Oh, they're very honest. 

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Sorry, but the Ultimate talents have to be something certain. You're character can be the Ultimate Star Student, Ultimate Programmer, or the Ultimate Scientist.

If you say your character's the Ultimate Intelligence, that's not exactly fair for the other characters, and kinda OP.

You're character can still be smart, of course! They can't just dominate every Ultimate that has a talent related to smarts. 

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Ooop, okay! Is it ok if it's the Ultamite Scientist! Because I really didn't know....argh wow, I'm very unintelligent. *groan* 

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*Sammg Everlast uses 'HUG ATTACK' - It was (hopefully) super effective!*

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Man I am joining WAAAY too many RP's and stuff but everyone makes cool ones! *cries*

Name:  Beck jordan

Age: 15

Gender: Male 

Student, extra, or schools staff: He is a student intern who is from antartica.  

Ultimate talent: Back when he lived in antartica, he became very skilled at hockey. Actually, he skilled at pretty much anything that involves ice.

Appearence: Long brown hair, big nose, bushy eyebrows, a bit of a beard.

Personality: He is pretty awkward with other people, as he lived with a couple scientists and a bunch of artic animals for about 14 years. 

Shipping: He is good with anyone as long as they are his age.

Other: He really likes fish

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Age:14 i guess.

Gender: female

Student, Extra, or The School's Staff?: Student

Ultimate Talent? (Can Ignore If Character Is An Extra): Ultimate disabled inventor. (one of her steampunk inventions blasted her right arm off. Ouch.

Appearence:  She has short light brownhair that is  quite spiky in places. Her skin is light brown and one of her arms is chopped off. She wears goggles on her head and stubbornly refuses to take them of because "the  dress code doesn't ban them" (i did something like this once) she weats an aviator jacket

Personality:  She is kind hearted but also stubborn and silly. She can be clumsy and her inventions destroyed her hometown.

Shipping: Girls around her age.( She had a girlfriend but they drifted apart.)

Other: She built a robotic arm but it doesn't work as well.

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I can't wait!

Name: Demaree Fairheart

Age: 15

Gender: Female she/her

Student, Extra, or The School's Staff?: Student

Ultimate Talent: Ultimate Reader, she can read on average 26,000 words per minute. But she tries to not read fast so she can enjoy what she's reading.

Appearence: Brown curly hair that reaches her shoulders, blue eyes and clear skin. She wears a plaid shirt tucked into light blue jeans. She also has a pair of silver earrings shaped like stars.

Personality: Likes to be helpful and she knows how to stand up for herself and others. She's also pretty good at sneaking things into places...or sneaking things out. Loves coffee and books.

Shipping: Sure! Boys around her age!

Other: She is bilingual, she can speak French, but she doesn't speak it often.

Also, a lot of other charries haven't appeared yet, so if there are similarities to mine, I can change them! 

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Name: Charles "Charlie" Sùbailte

Age: 41

Gender: Male

Student, Extra, or The School's Staff?: He's the headmaster of the school!

Ultimate Talent? (Can Ignore If Character Is An Extra): The Ultimate Headmaster

Appearence: He's a tall and broad shouldered, tan and has charcoal black hair, with golden eyes. He's always wearing a nice suit with his pin of the school's crest.

Personality: He's nice, but always carries himself with dignity and honor. 

Shipping: Nope. He's happily married and has kids.

Other: That's all I guess. You guys can make an OC that's his kid or something!

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Aaaaaand my actual characters sheets!

@Cynthia Maple, Can Alexander and Demaree become best friends? I feel like they'd get along due to their Ultimate Talents!


Name: Alexander Uaireadair Rìoghochad

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Student, Extra, or The School's Staff?: Student!

Ultimate Talent: He's the Ultimate Writer! From poetry to play scripts to novels, he's your guy!

Appearence: Average height, and has very pale skin, almost white. He has a small zigzag scar under his right eye. (He says he got it years ago, but it's still bright blood red. Black hair that looks like it needs a haircut, with a streak of white. Eyes that look dark green in the middle but fades into dark blue around the edges. He's actually pretty fashionable! His usual clothing is a very nice and fancy black coat, with a dark colored turtleneck shirt underneath. Black shoes and black pants.

Personality: He's quiet, and always watches people without making a lot of eye contact. His character is literally based of my  a n x i e t y. He get's confused/flustered at compliments. He's sweet once you get to know him!

Shipping: Yes! With girls around his age!

Other: He's actually famous for his talent, and he doesn't like that. At all. He has two cats, a white male one with sky blue eyes named Sojo, and a black female one with emerald eyes named Lada. Also, he's best friends with Yves and has a older brother named Zach. Somehow creepily good at martial arts...


Name: Yves "Jamboree" Dìomhaireachd

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Student, Extra, or The School's Staff?: Student!

Ultimate Talent: He's the Ultimate Actor!

Appearence: Dark raven wavy hair that's usually messy, and has an slight odd blue tint. Fair skin with navy blue eyes, that has hues of emerald green, dark purple, and even occasionally gold. Average height, and somehow always caught up with guys fashion trends... 

Personality: Kind and outgoing! He's very extroverted, and likes dragging poor Alexander around everywhere. Theatre Kid TM. He tends to be a bit over dramatic when he's excited. He has a slightly flirtatious personality but he means nothing by it.

Shipping: Yes! Girls around his age!

Other: He's Alexander's best friend, and has an older brother name Ydris. Suspiciously good at card games.

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Yay! This sounds like so much fun. I'm new here, so I'm really excited to join this RP!

 Name: Rachel Gold

Age: 12 years old

Gender: Female

Student, Extra, or The School Staff?: Student!

Ultimate Talent:  Ultimate Pickpocket

Appearance: She
has thick
red hair that looks streaked with a silvery sort of orange in the
light. She absolutely hates wearing it up so her hair is always messy.
grey-blue eyes, she has a few freckles on her face, and her
skin is sort-of-dark khaki color from time outside in the sun.

Personality: Rachel is intelligent and LOVES to read.
She is really strong, both physically and mentally. She has a very
determined soul, and she sometimes doesn't listen to those around her.
She is not very popular because she has been stabbed in the back (not
literally, of course) by a few people, so she sometimes hides inside her
shell and doesn't share her emotions that much. Once you get to know
her, however, she is very loyal. She would even risk her life for her friends and family. She's quick on her feet but also very quiet. She's very alert and notices little things no one else does.

Flaws: She's
socially awkward and an introvert. She can sometimes be mean for no
reason. She holds grudges and doesn't trust very easily.

Shipping: She could have one or two close friends and maybe have a crush on a boy around her age. 

Other: She has a pet lizard named Basil that she's going to take with her. It's practically her guard dog.

(Note: It didn't say I needed to add flaws but I'm very organized so I did it anyway!)

Nothing other than that! I'm soooo excited! I can't wait!!!

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Oh, I cant resist a boarding school roleplay. My commitment is horrible, but Im determined to stick with this one!

Name: Cedar Ash

Age: 15-16, birthday is June 12th.

Gender: Female is easiest to describe the questioning dump she's in. She/Her.

Student, Extra, or The School's Staff?: Student!

Ultimate Talent? (Can Ignore If Character Is An Extra): She is the Ultimate Plant-ist! Boom! (Basically, she can 'connect' with plants [not speak to them or anything, but like- feel them{if that makes sense}] and help them grow)

Appearence: Cedar has root-brown tangled hair that reaches her shoulders, green vine bracelets (fake) and dirt smudged on her tanned face. She has a ton of freckles and wears green and gray clothing, with baggy sweaters and tank tops. Green crocs are her choice of footwear when she's not barefoot. Always has some kind of flowers hidden in her outfit (roses sewn onto her overalls, daisies in her trouser pockets, violets tucked into her hair, FLOWER CROWNS-)

Personality: She's outgoing and bold, although she doesnt trust easily and has a shady side. She likes planting things and being alone- but when a good friend comes along she wants to be with them, always. She's sort of clingy, although she'll tell you otherwise, and proud. Not awkward in the slightest- she doesnt care what people think about her. A normal quote: "Hey, its not my fault you broke your leg!" (then she proceeds to hug them and bring a sprig of their favorite flowers to cheer them up)

Shipping: Lesbian and recently broke up with her girlfriend, although shipping is open. She's demiromantic though... Lets see what matches we can make!

Other: She's pretty bad at math, to be honest. [she's] ADHD and has trouble focusing, so tests are her nightmares-

*cough* i hope i dont drop out- the hour spent on developing this character better be worth it!

(no spellcheck- *coughs again*) 

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My character recently broke up with HER GIRLFRIEND.

What a coincidence!

Maybe they broke up w/ each other! If so interactions could be awkward...

all of your interactions are awkward.


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that's so weird-

such a coincidence! i had no idea!!

yknow, that would be sorta funny if they broke up w/ eachother haha

wanna try it out? 


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Why not?

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