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Kay, so this is my first RP but I think it's a pretty good idea.

There are three islands, situated in a triangle, in the middle of the Westward Sea, far from any other land. Long ago, it is said that there was a fourth island, rising from the choppy waters in the middle of the triangle. there also used to be bridges connetcting every island to the center on, which was called the Isle of Clouds. But then, the Fenhavens destroyed the bridges, and the isle of Clouds was obscured by thick clouds of fog. The Isle and its bridges soon sank into legend. Now, in the present day, the three main islands have established ferry travel between them. However, the dangerous waters make travel hard, expensive, and risky. The Gateway, also known as the Oracle, has made a prophecy saying that children called Bridge Keepers will rise to stop the Fenhavens from pulling down the economy and the civilization of the islands. 

Children with marks on their heads

Raising the bridges

And fighting against

The ancient, eternal evil.


There isn't a certain limit to the amount of people that can join, but I'll start sometime after Christmas. i'll decide the specific start date depending on how many people we have then. Here are some explanations that you'll need to know for the charrie sheet:

Bridge Keepers have birthmarks on their foreheads that supply them with abilities. Here are the different types of birthmarks:

Star: Powers of sixth sense, intuition, foresight

X: Powers of strength and fighting

Oval: Powers of invisibility and teleportation

Diamond: Powers of healing

There are three bridges. The first is the Wavernan Bridge and it connects Waverna to the Isle of Clouds. The second is the Foterrese Bridge and it is connected to Foterr, the largest of the three main islands. The last is the Kassayan Bridge, connected to Kassaya. 

You must choose one for your charrie. Here is the charrie sheet:






Backstory (optional):

What Bridge are you Building?: 


Limit two charries per person. 

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hohoho, I join though

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Hi Wreeboo, I saw your thread about this one disappearing. If you click twice on "Submitted by" at the top of the submitted by column, it shows the bottomed pages. It's never failed me, though looking in the back pages has. Here's your RP! :) 


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Aw, thanks! I'll try that next time.

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Name: Emily 

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her 

Appearance: Down below. Only thing missing is the birthmark.   

Personality: Shy. Doesn't like being the center of attention. Loves nature and animals. Tends to overrationalize things. Kind, yet quiet to those she trusts. Doesn't do well under pressure. A little smart. 

Birthmark: Oval. 

What bridge are you builiding: Wavernan bridge. 

Other: Just a few questions :). What are the fenhavens, other than aggressive things that destroyed the bridges? Are the Bridge Keepers born and raised like normal children? Do they have the knowledge of what they need to do, or are they going to discover that during the story? Are the Gateway or Oracle play any part in their lives? Do the citizens of the island know who they are, or are they just kooky kids with powers to them? If some of these are mysteries or something we can decide, great! I was just wondering. 




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Hmmm. First question: the leader of the fenhavens, the Shadow, is an immortal dark-god. He is dead-set on destroying the power of the light-gods and light-goddesses so he can regin over the world. The other fenhavens are either completely brainwashed by the Shadow with no hope of ever returning, people who actually somehow believe in his cause, or lesser dark-deities. Question 2: yes, and no. They are born perfectly normally, and they're raised sort of normally. They were always considered strange, but they had fairly normal lives. Guess I'm gonna start a list before this gets outta hand XD

3) All the Bridge Keepers know is what's in the prophecy, and that fenhavens are bad.

4) Yes, but mostly only during the time of the RP. The Gateway found them after the Great Quake, which was techincally just when there was a giant earthquske and everything was crazy. the Gateway took in the Bridge Keepers and began to teach them about the prophecy. She'll most likely pop up at random times during the story to give vague advice.

5) They're just wierd kids with birthmarks to the regualr people. The Bridge Keepers keep their powers hidden, as instructed by the Oracle. Of course, the fenhavens already know about the powers so the Bridge Keepers can use their powers against them.

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Oh okay. Thanks for answer all the questions XD

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I'll try to join, but I might not post too much, I'm terrible at committing to things XD

Name: Claudia May Snyder

Gender/Pronouns: she/her/they

Appearance: light tan skin, dark hair that goes down to her shoulders, gold wire-rimmed round glasses, light brown turtleneck sweater, black jeans, white converse.

Personality: Shy. Really shy. Smart, too. She reads a lot, and that's mostly where all of her spare time goes. Has great ideas but gets super nervous about sharing them with anyone, so they usually go unnoticed.

Birthmark: oval

Backstory (optional): Uhhh...can't think of anyrhing rn XD

What Bridge are you Building?: Wavernan

Other: um...no.

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Name: Oree Luminus

Gender/Pronouns: Female She/Her

Appearance: See below

Personality: Bouncy, bubbly, smarter then they let on, expert on body language, kind of docile in fights

Birthmark: Star

Backstory (optional): They don't even know. They were brainwashed

What Bridge are you Building?: Kassayan Bridge

Other: Hates stereotypes

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I'm so sorry, I made a draft of my charrie sheet on nano and then forgot about it.

Name: Ashley

Gender/Pronouns: enby, they/them

Appearance: a high ponytail with shaved sides of the head, baggy cargo shorts and a long t-shirt

Personality: They're tough, but suffer from a lot of secret trauma caused by their ability and past

Birthmark: star

Backstory (optional): Ashley's mother was killed in a ferry accident when they were a young child. Their father then abandoned them and they were left alone at the young age of seven. They managed to survive off of stolen food and shelter under rocks, in hidden alleys, and wherever else they wouldn't be noticed.

What Bridge are you Building?: Foterrese

Other: none


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I think I'm going to limit the amount of people that can have the same birthmark to two. That means that all slots for star and oval birthamrks are full.

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Name: arcanist Q

Gender/Pronouns: gender fluid, most of the time non binary, but sometimes male or female.

Appearance: long blond hair, with rainbow bangs, milky blue eyes, red and silver cloak.

Personality: weird

Birthmark: diamond

Backstory (optional): arcanist Q was kidnapped at birth, and forced to use they're powers to heal evil warriors during battle. arcanist Q does not know who the warlords were, but they have a sneaking suspicion that the warlords were fenhavens.

What Bridge are you Building?: kassayan

Other: blind, but has exceptional hearing.

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