So I was

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So I was

So I was going to make this be a ski lodge, and then I realized that a) everyone would know who I was immediately, b) there are way too many ski lodges already, c) if I did turn it into a ski lodge I would be really bad at the commitment, and d) I kind of wanted to make it into a novel.

I will start working on this novel in either April, July, or November, depending on how much time I have, and I might eventually turn it into a solo write.

So basically, at this really fancy Russian ballet school, (this will probably take place in the 1920s or something from that era so that it seems more ~proper~) the head teacher is murdered. I will have about 5-10 main suspects, but you can also submit forms for background characters. I will write it in alternating perspectives with the teacher being discovered dead in the prologue and then going back in time so that we can see the events that eventually lead up to the murder.

Anyway, here's the character sheet:
Name (fancy Russian names preferred):
Gender (because this is historical fiction, I apologize but I am only accepting males or females): 
Age (anywhere from 11 to 18): 
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This sounds like an interesting story!  I would really like to see it if you ever decide to post it here.  Anyways, here's my character.  I had to look up a Russian last name and I have no idea how to pronounce the name I picked.  It just looked right.

Name: Sergei Ilyich Fyodorovych 

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Personality: Quiet and reserved.  Extremely nice and kind. Very empathetic.  Does willingly whatever people ask of him.  Easy to trick because he trusts everyone and always thinks they mean well. Very much a follower.  Doesn't have any backbone and always wilts under pressure, though he never cries.

Appearance: Very thin and on the taller side.  His thiness belies his strength.  Has long fingered hands and small feet.  Large dark brown eyes with thin eyebrows that slant just a tiny bit down.  His dark hair is on the longer side and is always brushed neatly.  It stays neat no matter what vigorous movement he does.  (I'm not sure what 1920s historical Russian clothing looks like, so you can choose whatever outfit you think fits his personality).

Other: He is not a really good ballet dancer, despite how hard he works and all the effort he put in.  A fact that he is constantly teased about.  His kinder teachers say he has great talent inside him. But it has yet to show.  The only reason he is in this school is because his parents are rich and pay lots of money to keep him there. 

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I forgot to add other to the form, so if you have any other you can include it. Also, don't worry about searching up historical Russian clothing, because they will most likely end up wearing their dancewear 99 percent of the time anyway. But if you want to, feel free to put it in.

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(January 7, 2021 - 3:22 pm)
Ooh, this looks super cool!!
Name (fancy Russian names preferred): Annika Petrov (yes, I looked it up, probably could be fancier; no, I don't know the correct pronunciation
Gender (because this is historical fiction, I apologize but I am only accepting males or females): Female
Age (anywhere from 11 to 18): uhhh let's do 15
Personality: Serious, clever, focused, dignified. She isn't easily distracted or swayed, and she's very strong. 
Appearance: Silky, wavy, thick auburn hair, piercing blue eyes, slim build, very flexible, sharp features, tall, light skin.
Other: Annika is an amazing ballet dancer, one of the best in the class. She's also very competitive. 
I think female Russian last names end in a (though I'm not 100% sure). So it should be Petrova. Her father's last name would be Petrov, then his daughter would be Petrova. Russian skater Sergi Grinkov's daughter is Sasha Grinkova.
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Oh, okay! Thank you so much Admin! She'll be Annika Petrova then :)

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(January 8, 2021 - 3:00 pm)
Name (fancy Russian names preferred): nikolai vasiliev
Gender (because this is historical fiction, I apologize but I am only accepting males or females): male
Age (anywhere from 11 to 18): 14
Personality: makes wry jokes, has creepy laughter, scared of the dark, likes fancy but comfy suits.
Appearance: albino, one blue eye one brown eye, red suit.
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Second Clue:

always remember that happy angry excited awesome dont ask me lol i dont even know 

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Art thread ld? 

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Art thread old.

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Name: Klara Hefter
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Personality: She is a young girl who everyone perceives as childlike, but inside she has a much deeper understanding of the world around her. She got into the dance school through a scholarship and a bit of luck.
Appearance: Klara has brown hair, which causes a lot of teasing and bullying from her classmates as during this time period brown hair meant that you are a jew. The anti-semitisim of the pograms still held on, and even though she herself wasn't jewish, she was teased for looking like one, and therefore felt pitty for all thoughs who where forced out of their homes. Klara has blue eyes and pale skin.
Name:Aleksander Gutstien
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Personality: Is very hard working, but this doesn't mean he has a cold heart. Aleksander is kind to all the others who are with his at this school. He helps out the younger children when they need to memorize a certian step, or something of the like. Aleksander is really good at maths andis above many other people in his grade. But he doesn't bost, and helps out other people. Yet, many students are enviose of him and give him the bad eye.
Appearance: Blonde, blue eyed, pale skin. He isn't really special in that way. 
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