Hey Lizards! So

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Hey Lizards! So

Hey Lizards! So we were doing a three word story in NaNo and if anyone wants to read it here it is.

She put on a heavy winter coat and went outside, but then the weather instantly changed and it was suddenly hot. She looked up to see birds flying overhead, calling out strange calls. Birds of winter were rare, these were super rare and on fire. She stared up in wonder and then got frightened and ran back inside. She shouted Wow! In awe she went inside and went to the window, set birds on fire because why fire, then took out her scarf and lassoed the biggest one to a green fence. Then, she ran out the window and screamed in horror, bursting into an even bigger ball or flames which proceeded to turn bright pink. She decided that the world is a mess and moved to Australia.. Her accent changed and none recognized her until she married a celebrity and started a diamandspitzhacke business with Harry S. who recorded a single song that sounded weird and horrid destroying people's eardrums. Although the song was so horrible, that Harry's career came to a stop, he became a loner. One day she decided to go back to where she truly belonged, so she grabbed her stuff, packed it up and went back to her forest, where she burst into tears, comforted only by the thought that she had kept her dreams alive. She decided that she wanted to move back to Australia where she had so many business opportunities and wanted to follow her dreams. She left once more with her husband. When she arrived, she made friends with a penguin who told her that she needed an aspirin for Harry S.' severe aches and pains that won't go away. She was concerned about Harry, day and night.She looked at the gray sky, birds flying overhead missing his hair. Then, she started on a quest so her name will be remembered. She went to Macy's, where they looked at greeting cards and lipstick. She tried on a blue suit, a light green blouse, and an aqua hair tie. When she was done, she went to Barnes & Noble and decided to buy Lauren G.'s autobiography, Cake=Good. She decided to buy seventy copies.After Barnes&Nobles,she wanted to go read her seventy books, but she got distracted by a pigeon. Who was neon green and had orange feet. Strangely,said pigeon was from Moscow, Russia and was spying for the government. Of course, she didn't know that Russia was spying on her books on her books so she read "Cake=Good" right away and fell asleep. The pigeon stole all the books and flew to a secret place in Canada where Vladimir P. was knitting a bright pink shawl for his mother. The pigeon gave Vladmir vital information and the books. So Russia got the cake recipe which was quite dangerous for international relations because it made people sick. So she stole a private jet and flew to Australia, where she sang to kangaroos. They loved the song so much that they gave her a pet ostrich and told her its name was Fred. After she got the ostrich, the world went very badly. The end.

I am so sorry this is so long admins!



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This is-um- an intresting story. I do wonder if russian birds are spying on me right now though.

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(January 12, 2021 - 8:19 am)
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