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HELP PLEASE!!! I need a first sentence!!!!!!!!


Okay, I think I calmed down now...

ANYWAY, I have this REALLLLYYYYY good story idea and I'm so excited to write it, but I CAN NOT THINK OF A STARTER SENTENCE. Pleeeaaasse help, CBers!

Here's a breif idea of how I want it to start:

So the main character is a brand-new robot named Ada Patchwork. She was made by a 12-year-old kid (Myles Askew) in their garage. Now, this story is set in the future (around 2339), and has a kinda steampunk-y vibe. Ada really wants to be let outside, but Myles says that "The outside isn't a safe place".


That's... all I have, really. :/

So... yeah. Thanks...?

*should I post this*

*posts it* 

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Ada knew she had to be kept oiled and shiny. Not that the garage was a very shiny place for such a good robot as herself. But she asked to go outside every day anyways. Myles's "no" was always a low point of her day.

She understood, of course; she understood nearly everything. But she almost whished she didn't. 

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Ok, Honeybee's was really good but here is another idea:


There used to be a time and place when I thought Ada keeping me inside was for my own good. Now I'm past that. Of course, she has used all the excuses in the bag. But no matter what I say, I'm kept inside to twiddle my robotic thumbs. All I wanted was to see the outside world. And then I saw an explosion outside of our house.

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The garage was a lot of things and dark and boring were high on the list.

The outside though was dangerous and frightening.

She had never wanted anything more than to go there. 

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Ada should have listened to Myles... she wouldn't be here if she hadn't. Maybe if she had she wouldn't be lost... in the Amazon... with a flock of parrots chasing her... as her joints began to rust. Ada needed to find a way out but she couldn't think... not with a bunch of screaming parrots after her.

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Ada Patchwork peeks through the window of the garage, and watches a group neighborhood children go by on their flying skateboards. She sees Myles Askew, her Creator, in that group. She shuts her eyes and tries to imagine herself, Outside, smelling the fresh air, riding on a flying skateboard with her friends.

She'll glide through the air, and all her friends will watch in awe. She'll ride over to the ice cream shop and try every flavor there is. She'll talk and laugh with her friends, and she'll smile from ear to ear.

Ada slaps herself. Stop, she tells herself. You know your Creator won't let you Outside. Then she reminds herself, He's doing this for your own good. Outside is dangerous.

But, although deep down inside, she knows the answer, she asks herself why Outside is safe for her Creator, safe for all the neighborhood children, but not safe for her.

She turns away from the window of the garage with an emptiness in her heart that she know will never be filled.


Hope that helps! It's a really cool idea!



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WOW! *clapclapclap* thanks, so much, everyone! I think I'll do a combanation of some of them... if you would like, I can post the story when it's done. (if that ever happens... heh heh...)

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