Hello! I'm Miss

Chatterbox: Inkwell

Hello! I'm Miss

Hello! I'm Miss Luna-

And I'm Mr Sol-

And we own the Astral Tea Cafe! We hope you have an amazing time here. Here's our menu! All items can be paid in whatever currency your universe-

Um, Luna? We maybe shouldn't mention that kind of thing, no one knows about that-

Oh, right. Excuse me. In whatever currency your country uses! We are open to everyone. Please enjoy! I'll give you the menu.




Stardust Croissants  

Sun Tarts

Lunar Macarons

Planetary Chocolate Bars

Solar System Lobster Tails

Space Cookies

Asteroid Cupcakes






Anti Gravi-tea


More menu options coming soon!

Price upon visit, determined by currency.



You can join this as one of your charries, or yourself! You can guess me if you'd like.

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I push open the door, hearing the jangling of wind chimes as I go. 

"Hello, I'm Terra. Er, I'll have some Lunar Macarons, and some Positivi-tea, thank you!" 

I let my powers take over and grow a couple of golden and silver vines. 

"W-will these do?" I say, holding out the vines. 

"Of course, dear!" Miss Luna answers.  

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Lord entropy~

The sweet couple who just moved in next door to me (it think their names were indigo and yellow)

wave goodbye and i slip into the new café. As someone who is dedicated to the pursuit of FOODS i am very ready to EAT THINGS. 

It's a good thing rodney took another route. This is a nice calm place, and while i am neither of those things at least i try to be. 

what would you like deari-  "SPAAAAACE COOOOOOKIESSSSSS!"

"um, please."


I pass the money, blush a little, and get busy crushing on everyone who walks past me.


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That new space-themed cafe has finally opened. Maybe I’ll give it a try. I AM quite the connoisseur of space-themed things in general.


A small planet-shaped bell hangs over the doorway, and jangles when I walk inside. It’s a pretty jingle, not too loud, but beautiful enough to be noticed.


I see the menu, and wonder what looks good. A guy (Lord Entropy, are you a guy? Sorry if I’m wrong!!!) walks up and sees the options, cuts off the cashier, who takes his money, and he walks away blushing to his seat.


“I’ll take two Planetary Chocolate Bars, and one Asteroid Cupcake. I’ll also take a cup of Loyal-Tea.”

Usually I would have Anti Gravi-tea, but I don’t know which brand they buy, and I’ve had bed experiences with some.


”Oh, will this suffice for payment?”

I swirl my fingers, and some fluffy silver cloud float from my fingertips. The cashier accepts them, and I go to my table, across from the guy, to wait for my tea. 

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I walk in the new cafe, my stomach rumbles. 
"Good morning!", I say. I look into the glass case containing the pastries. Mm...the stardust croissants look marvelous.. I think. 

"I'll have one of those, pleas!" I say and hand the money to Miss Luna. She hands me my warm pastry and I sit down at a table with my book.  

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As I walk into the store a small celestial bell rings. I take a look at the menu and smile happily, remembering many happy occasions during my childhood when I baked star cookies with my Xew. "May I have a small bowl of mini star cookies with a cup of Posi-tea?" Miss Luna waves her hand and a tray flies onto the counter. I hold out my hand and small pile of coins shimmers on to it. These coins are white, with a galaxy emblem in the center. "Ah" says Miss Luna "Unless I'm mistaken this is the currency of the Aesran Starletts. The sky essence within these is very valuable."

I take a seat at one of the barstools with my tray of star cookies and Posi-tea. I pull out my drawing pad and work on a sketch of an Ikarian Dragon.

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I look around the cafe, and suddenly feel that someone I know is here. It can’t be though, since my planet was destroyed many years ago. But wait, that planet I stayed on for refuge... Aesran, or something along those lines. My gaze falls on a girl, sketching what appears to be some type of drawing. As my tea hasn’t arrived yet, I suppose I could walk over to say hello.

She looks up. “Do I recognize you?”

”I think I may know who you are, but you may not know who I am. I am from the lost planet of Queryen Aria.”

<Is this ok with you? I figured since my backstory is a galaxy theme, and yours is too,> 


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*sketching some sort of drawing*

should be

*sketching some sort of dragon* 

although I suppose that they would both work... 

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"Queryen Aria.....it sounds familiar, like something out of a dream. Queryan Aria. I remember that name, but my memories of it are blurry, incomplete." I say, confused. Nite is about to say something, but someone who I recognize as a nymph walks towards us. "Apologies to interrupt...Aesranians, or whatever you call yourselves these days. I have a question for you, did you happen to see a nymph called Jasmine, on your planet Aesran? I'm Terra Naturae, from the Nymph Planet, or Nymphaie. Please, if she's still alive on your planet, whatever you do, do not let the people kill her. She disappeared a couple weeks ago, maybe a month, and the nymphs have reason to believe she has been captured by the Aesranians." she says nervously

"Jasmine...yes, my people captured her a few years ago. But I'm sorry to say that I can't help her. I broke off from the Aesrans long ago because of the cruel colenisation they are doing to plant planets like yours. I do not associate with them any more." I say. I can still recall discovering the cruelty of my people, joining a rebel group, but being forced to run away.

"Oh" she she says, crestfallen "But do you remember what they did with her?"

My face darkens. "She became the slave of an upperclassmen. She was in the same rebel group that I was in, but she was discovered and captured. They debated killing her, but they decided to add insult to injury, and make her work for the same people she had been working against." 

<@Nite Skiies EEEKKK I'm so excited to work out our back stories. I've been meaning to do something like this for a long time. 

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Tears threaten to spill on my cheeks. 

"S-she w-wou-would n-ne-never d-do t-tha-that...s-she's pr-pro-probably d-dead b-by n-now, s-sui-suicide..." 

I sit down at another table. 

"But it's a rare sight for an Aesranian to abandon their planet. I have respect for you...could I buy you anything? Thank you for not participating in the Massacre of the Nymphs, by the way. One person can make a huge difference." 

I smile softly, taking another bite of a Lunar Macaron, and offer one to the Aesranian, and notice the other person behind her. 

"Um, I just realized I never asked your name...Person with the Aesranian would you like a macaron as well? Uh, yeah..." 



I step through the door and notice Terra. 

"Hi! Terra!" I say, rushing to her. "Who are these?" 

"Aesranins...they're nice though, don't worry, Spirit. Uh, two people, this is Spirited, one of my closest friends!" 


(Terra's full name is Terra Naturae, Spirited's full name is Spirited La Almonca)  

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”Person with the Aesranin, would you like one too?”

I- No thank you. I’m actually from Queryen Aria.”

The nymph’s face looks amazed.

”You-You mean the lost planet Queryen Aria??”

”Yes, that one.”

I try to brighten my face, but it falls again, as I remember my planet.

”I-I’ll come back”, I say as I slowly, almost as if in a daze, walk off. The Aesranin and nymph look confused, but I don’t notice. I’m too busy trying to run from my past. 

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I look around. A lot more people have filed-



My hands start shaking uncontrollably, and I stand up and walk towards the 2 people conversing. 

"Apologies to interrupt...Aesranians, or whatever you call yourselves these days. I have a question for you, did you happen to see a nymph called Jasmine, on your planet Aesran? I'm Terra Naturae, from the Nymph Planet, or Nymphaie. Please, if she's still alive on your planet, whatever you do, do not let the people kill her. She disappeared a couple weeks ago, maybe a month, and the nymphs have reason to believe she has been captured by the Aesranians." 

I wait nervously for an answer.  


Erm, sorry...but I feel like the nymphs aren't respected by a lot of people, and this could be fun. In my book, galaxy-powered people and nymphs do not get along.  

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Yes, I am arguing with Elliot again. Is that anything new?

"We are not going in another cafe. I don't want to meet anyone more."

"B-but- They have-"

"ENOUGH! I'm sick and tired of you getting to go wherever you want, to do whatever you want, all because you think we won't get caught. Give me one actual reason I should enter." 

"There are three guards quickly approaching our direction." 

"Wha-what... Get inside that cafe! Now!"

"I thought you'd never ask." Elliot says with a grin.

We rush inside the cafe, disturbing multiple other customers. Elliot orders two coffees and tips the barista with his "charm". We quickly sit down, and notice the guards about to walk in. 

"Quickly, find us someone to talk to! Then we will look normal." I whisper. 

Elliot nodes, than goes off looking for someone to sit with us.  

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I nervously fiddle with the moon charm on my necklace as I step into the cafe. I glance around for my friends Amberley, Bridget, Akila, Solana, and Jing, but none of them are here yet. I look up at the giant board displaying a huge menu. I approach the lady at the front- her nametag says Miss Luna.

"Um, hi. C-could I have a Stardust Croissant and some Fantasticali-tea?"

"Of course! I'll get that right up." Miss Luna replies.

I fish around in my pocket for money. I have two kinds...Sorcerers Coins, and Moonstones. I hold them both out.

"Uh, which one would you take?"

Miss Luna take in a sharp breath.

"You have Moonstones...I haven't seen those since we moved here...we can take either."

I pass her the Moonstones, considering her clear fascination with them. Besides, I might need hte Sorcerers Coins for later. I sit down at a table and wait for my friends. 

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