Hogwarts Solo Write!!

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Hogwarts Solo Write!!

Hogwarts Solo Write!!

Hey so this is a Hogwarts Solo Write! Please join, it's my first solo write :> thank you!












Thank you, and here's my character! 

Name: Esmerelda 'Em' Jade

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Em has long raven-colored hair, up to her waist, and emerald-green eyes. Her skin is deathly pale, and she has jade and emerald bracelets on her wrists. She's wearing the regular hogwarts robes and stuff, but has a garnet necklace, with jade links. She also has a garnet ring on. She's really pretty as well. 

Personality: Shy but kind. Loyal and brave, though. Smart as well. 

Backstory: She ran away at the age of 7 because of abusive parents, don't ask, and survived on her own before getting a hogwarts letter. She had gotten skilled at pickpocketing, but it turned out her father and mother were really rich and stuff so she didn't have to steal to get the stuff she needed. 

House: Gryffinclaw (Yes, double-housed people are allowed.) 

Age: 15

Year: 5th year

Other: Ok so she basically learns Gryffindor stuff, but it's for a year ahead of her. Sound good? Cool. She's also pretty skilled with a bow&arrow and a dagger, but she's absolute rubbish with a spear and sword. 

Um, hope you enjoy! 


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I am like, the biggest hogwarts nerd EVER. Ive read all the books 5 times!! So, here goes...

Name: Cassatopia "cosmo" Miln


Appearance: Skin is dark brown, with long, curly hair dyed the colors of the rainbow. Eyes hare pitch black with speckles of white;they suggest the stars. Wears robes day and night.

Personality: Kind, smart, hates snape. Loyal, gets straight Os

Backstory:dont ask. she'll kill you. All you will ever manage is that she was a muggle-born and was orphaned when she was 2. She also says that she never got a letter, professor mcgonacle (?) came for her.



Year: 1

Other:Wand is 11 inch hazel wood, veela hair


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OMG!! Yayyy! I'm definitely joining.

Name: Lilia Owenson

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: She has dark hair that goes a little bit past her shoulders. She is not especially short or especially tall.

Personality: She's nice, and pretty talented in magic, although she's not the teachers' favorite or super obsessed with books or anything, like Hermione is. She has witch parents (two moms), and a sister who isn't old enough to go to Hogwarts yet.

Backstory: She doesn't have much of one... her sister's name is Autumn and she has two moms named Amelia and Juliette.

House: Hufflepuff.

Age: 12

Year: First

Other: Nooope! Can't wait!! 

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Name: Alan taurus
Pronouns: Male, he/him
Appearance: Large scar running across his cheek, completly bald, fancy gold glasses, alert eyes
Personality: Very strange, kind of social, also a bit crazy. He is pretty much a mad scientist who loves experiementing on different creatures, wizards and witches, and spells. He loves creating what he calls "alpha spells", custom spells that are etremely lethal. Alpha spells have been requested from everyone from the Malfoy family to Dumbeldore himself.
Backstory: Was born in a very disturbing labratory, ran away at the age of 8, it currently being tracked down by them. 
House: Was supposed to be slytherin, but in a strange turn of events, got placed in gryffindor.
Age: 15
Year: Fifth year
Other: He is open for shipping
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Name: Carol

Pronouns: She/Her

Appearence: Bright blue hair that is atlest 2 feet long, Regular hogwats robes, Jade necklace that her best friend gave her, Her eyes are really bright and big and they look evil, and she is always wearing rainbow earnings that she claims are dimonds. 

Personality: she is extremmly smatrt but she doesn't brag about it, she always helps her friends. 

Backstory: She grew up with her adoptive family after her parents died mystersly, She never knew what all these wierd things she could do were magic until she got a letter from hogwarts on her eleventh birthday. 

House: Ravenclaw

Age: 12

Year: second year

Other: She is especially skilled in defense against the dark ats and she has an invisibilitly cloak that she uses to sneak around school.

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