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Remember that Computer story me and Honeybee were doing before NaNo shut down? 

Well, Im gonna reboot it! 


The Rogues are a group of villains- led by (yours truly) a virus-making evil schemer who goes by themysticw0lf online, but is actually named Nox. 


The Defenders, or as the Rogues know them, the Peace-Loving Hippy Flower Children (they got very creative with the name at first..), are lead by (Honeybee's character) Ghost of Honeybees, a normally peaceful queen honeybee that has a swarm of ghost honeybees following her. 


The Computer is the computer the Defenders are in, owned by a loyal owner, Kayla Greens. She doesn't want to lose it, since it holds sentimental value to her, and she can't afford another one.


The Alleyway is where the Rogues are. They plan their evil schemes here, and it's quite intimidating, if you don't know themysticw0lf. 

themysticw0lf finds out that Ghost of Honeybees is in The Computer, and wants revenge...they gather the Rogues from the Alleyway, and attack the Computer. 

themysticw0lf and Ghost of Honeybees used to be quite good friends...will this new rivalry rekindle their friendship, or lead to devastation for The Computer?  




Name (user, I will use your CB name as your 'real' name.): 


Rogues or Defenders?: 

Were you in the original?: 


What are you; 


Weaknesses, mentally and physically;   





Name: themysticw0lf, Nox is my 'real' name

Pronouns: she/they

Rogues or Defenders: Im the leader of the Rogues :)

Were you in the original: oh yes I was :)

Appearance: Im changing this a lil' bit, I'm a shadowy person, with raven-black hair, and pale white skin. I usually wear a dark black domino mask, and if I take if off, you see glimmering purple eyes, scarlet-y lips, and eyeliner wings that are black, with silvery eyeshadow. I also have some silvery streaks in my hair. I also normally wear a black crop top (nothing too revealing) and a pair of black denim shorts, and high-heeled (not that much, maybe like uhh 4 cm?) black boots. I have a silver circlet in my hair. 

What are you: I'm literally a shadow-human. 

Powers: I can disappear into the shadows, can shut nonliving things off for a tiny bit of time, for example, I can shut lights off, uhh I can easily hide and sneak around. 

Weaknesses: Too much light makes me weak, since I can't stand a lot of light, I put my friends' needs before me, I'm shy and untalkative and a little bit bossy.  

Other: shad0ws is my alternative name. 


Honeybee's form, from what I can remember


Name: Ghost_of_Honeybees (CB name is Honeybee, you already know that) 

Pronouns: she/her

Rogues or Defenders: Leader of the Defenders

Were you in the original: Yes, she was

Appearance: Literally a swarm of ghost honeybees

What are you: She's a swarm of ghost honeybees. 

Powers: Has venom stinger, can watch over multiple places at once, 

Weaknesses: Uh...Honeybee, um, I'm just gonna put 'She's friendly and can hold grudges' bc from what we wrote she never forgave Nightfall.

Other: N/A, I think? Honeybee your free to make changes to the form :)


Yeah thats about it! Oh right im writing this for camp nano!! 

Signing off, themysticw0lf <: 

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Ohhh yes this thing! NaNo still doesn't work for me and I'm too lazy to email the people or whatever so I'm not doing camp NaNo :( but I'd totally be up to reboot this with you if you'd like! (Whoops, for some reason I'm using a Spanish keyboard on my iPad and I just typed ñike...I keep making mistakes because all the letters are shifted XD alright now we're on English)


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I was thinking this would be more of a solo project because well, last time we were horribly unorganized and generally the first part went well, then it all crashed...

Anyways, you're free to join if you'd like! (: 


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Actually, that is a good idea. I'm terrible at commitments, so when I try to work on things with other people, it's good for a little bit and then I start to feel overwhelmed. I'd be happy to join!

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Name (user, I will use your CB name as your 'real' name.):


Pronouns: she/her

Rogues or Defenders?: Hmmr defenders 

Were you in the original?: Yep!

Appearance: For this purpose I shall be a small cat with purple eyes and fluffy brown fur. My snout, tail, and claws are all short.

What are you; As the name suggests a magical cat. *is giving in to the cat ear thing*

Powers: I can cast magic! I specialize in illusions and spells that gather information.

Weaknesses, mentally and physically; I blame myself for too many things and I'm not very good at fighting. 


@Honeybee, I was too lazy too, so I just coded Google Sheets complete with some nice graphs, and you could also write down your progress. 

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This sounds really cool!
Name (user, I will use your CB name as your 'real' name.): Lazerbat
Pronouns: Male, he/him
Rogues or Defenders?: Rogues >:)
Were you in the original?: I don't think so. 
Appearance: Giant helmet that is covered with an 8-bit pixel grid. It shows an emoji based on my current emotion. Giant robotic compact bat wings, that allow me to fly and hover. Huge sword  made of lazers. My outfit has a very cyberpunk vibe to it. 
What are you; Human with bat DNA. 
Powers: I can fly using my bat wings, I have a giant sword that's made of lazers, amazing hacking knowledge, Adapt hand-to-hand combat, my power is that I can read other's minds and sort of see the future. 
Weaknesses, mentally and physically; Doesn't trust easily, can be easier to defeat without my tech, will ocannisally backstab allies, kind of violent sometimes   
Other:  I'm very exicted!
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Second, Kayla was actually Silvae Puella. Which one do y'all like better, Silvae Puella or Kayla Greens? 

Third, I'm going to include everyone who submitted their forms originally~

Nightfall (me, now going under themysticw0lf), Twilight, Feline Fantasy, Morning, Honeybee, Wreeboo, MoonHalo, Quill, NerdFace, Luminescence, Azalea, Juniper, Dusk Sky, Bakerloo, Jubilee, peppermine, Rainbow Riot, Fallen Leaf, Silver Crystal, Majestic Mary, and Lazerbat. 

Also, I had to include peppermint's quote: She said, and I quote "(Not a giant candy cane! I repeat, not a giant candy cane!)" Sorry, I found it hilarious. (No offence, ofc!)

In addition, Honeybee wrote something I found hilarious: "“THE COMPUTER COULD BE DESTROYED.” I interrupt fiercely. “Is that what you want? Because I think saving the computer is worth a little Fading. Those rioting idiots need to be stopped.”"

Rioting Idiots is amazing, thank you so much Honeybee. 

Also, I'm changing my appearance :>


Name (user, I will use your CB name as your 'real' name.): shad0ws, Eclipse is my 'real' name. 

Pronouns: she/they

Rogues or Defenders?: Rogues, leader of the Rogues. 

Were you in the original?: Yes

Appearance: My unsolid form is a gray smoke blob, resembling a human, with galaxy-colored eyes. I can turn into a blue metadata blip (everyone can). My solid form is a girl, with pale white skin, and dark raven-black hair, i have galaxy-colored eyes still, and am wearing a black, silver, white, and gold domino mask, I never take it off. I actually don't have eyeballs, the eyes are literally just pieces of smoky quartz that are galaxy-colored, when I take them off I can shoot shadowfire from them/  

What are you; either a girl, a metadata blip, a gray smokey blob resembling a human, or ~air~. (kidding on the last one.) 

Powers: 1, I can shut down nonliving things for a short amount of time, depending how tired I am; 2, I can shoot shadowfire from my eyes; 3, I can hide myself with shadows; 4, I can sneak around (not rly a power, just y'know, ~practice~); 5. I can drain power from the moon. 

Weaknesses, mentally and physically; sunlight and artificial/LED light make me weak, I hold grudges a lot, *thinks* mentally next, I often don't tell anyone of my illnesses/problems, I'm socially awkward, fatal flaw: inferiority, I put everyone's needs before my own. 

Other: I will be using shad0ws as my main now :>and Im puttig a lot of quotes from the original in..


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Name (user, I will use your CB name as your 'real' name.): 360, goes by Twix.

Pronouns: he/him

Rogues or Defenders?: Defenders

Were you in the original?: no 

Appearance:white cloak and clothing,with green eyes and hair,tall.

I have a laser pistol which can shoot green bolts and a green energy sword. 

What are you;  A antivirus 

Powers: destroying viruses, stopping hackers, can travel through lines of code and teleport.

Weaknesses, mentally and physically; can run low on energy when wounded badly, and can be hacked.

Other:  can I still join?

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