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Callan was getting on the bus. It was high school, so it would obviously be a new school. It was called, “Academy for the Gifted”. He probably wasn’t gifted, but he really didn’t care. He had moved across the state recently- away from his girlfriend- now ex. Because his family wasn't rich enough or something.

The bus stopped at the steps, and everyone rushed out, up the stairs and into the towering school. He stepped towards his locker, and checked his schedule. 

Meanwhile, Ruby had just stepped out from her mom’s car. “Have a good day!” called Ruby’s mom. “Okay, thank you mom!” Ruby called back. The car drove away, slowly but surely, until it was down the hill. Ruby stepped into the school, trying to find Calliope and Violette. A few minutes later, Ruby found them, standing in front of her locker, along with three other people she had no idea about. 

“Hi Vi! Hi Callie!” 

“Hey Ruby!” they both answered. 

The other 3 people were talking. One of them had purple hair and purple eyes, one had a cat-ear headband and several paintbrushes on her, the last had a lot of piercings in the shape of Cassiopeia. Ruby’s bag accidently brushed one of their hands. 

“Oh, um, hi! My name’s Laina Greens, you can call me Laina or Lae. They/them pronouns, that’s Cassiopeia, call her Cass please-” they pointed at the piercing girl. “-she/her pronouns. The last one’s Coral Walker, you can call her Coral.” They pointed at the one with the cat-ear headbands. “Anyways, Cass…” 

The three began talking so fast and in a weird language, laughing occasionally. 

“Anyways, so Ruby..what classes do you have?” 

Ruby showed Violette and Callie her schedule, then Callie smiled. “We three all have the same exact schedule!” 

Back with Laina, Cass, and Coral, they were talking in their own language that they invented- Cass knew Coral from a summer camp, and Laina and Cass knew each other from another school. 

Ruby, Vi, and Callie soon left to go to first period class, along with Cass- she had a ton of other classes [ sorry, this has been removed for privacy reasons ], leaving Lae and Coral, heading towards the art studio. They reached it, and Coral went to the brushes and canvases and paints and easels and whatnot, while Laina took out her bag and their iPad, computer, earbuds, and apple pencil, setting it up on an empty desk. A few minutes in, Coral shouted, “LAE I’M STUCK, LITERALLY STUCK!! I HATE ARTIST’S BLOCK, I SWEAR! ARRGHHHH HELP ME PLEASE-” Laina pulled out their earbuds. “Umm- Hmm. What do you feel like drawing?” “I HAVE NO IDEA, VENT ART?” “Okay..um-” Lae opened up a new tab and searched up “vent art ideas” then turned the screen to Coral, restarted the music, and continued drawing anatomy practices on their iPad. 

Joshua was with Daniel and James, talking about coding and Minecraft, when they got the idea to convince Laina (who was the owner of the Chaos SMP) to allow them into the Chaos SMP. Because, y’know, they like MC and coding, and yeah I won’t bore you to death anymore. Joshua took out his coding notebook and pens from his locker, and they headed towards coding class. 

Artemis and Aislynn currently had a free period, so they were under the shade of a tree, talking about which teacher to prank first, and how the prank should go. Lynn had a stack of paper and a pen, and was writing down ideas, and Artemis was currently talking at the speed of light, not just about the pranks, but also about how much she hated her brother and how much she loved dissecting things and blood. 

“Y’know what, Artemis- your idea of putting a frog on the teacher’s chair is good. Let’s go do that before lunch break.” 


[Because blood’s fun. ]


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