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Raven’s Starry Scones


The sign swings in the breeze above you, its bell tinkling. It’s made of the same dark wood as the door, and its sunset-orange lettering stands out against the chocolate-colored background. Your eyes travel down from the sign to the door, which is set into a cozy little storefront with various pastries painted on the walls. 

You push the door open— heavier than u expect!— and the girl at the counter looks up. “Greetings,” she says. “I’m Raven, the founder and owner of Raven’s Starry Scones.” You tiptoe closer (for some reason this little café seems like a place to tiptoe) and see that she’s not actually as young as she seems— she’s closer to twenty, rather than fourteen. Oddly pointed ears extend from a nest of messily braided hair as dark as her namesake. Her skin is the color of caramel, and she wears all black except for brown leather boots. 

“What can I get for you?” Raven asks, and you look up at the menu but don’t see anything you want. 

“Surprise me,” you say. “I want something with adventure.”

“Coming right up,” she says, grinning and revealing pointed canines. “One slice of adventure.” 

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This is sort of a combination between a roleplay and an escape room. You’ll say what you want to do and I’ll tell you what happens.  

When joining, please comment your character’s name, pronouns, three items (these could save your life later in this roleplay, so choose carefully! and the answer to a quick survey: would you rather be able to see the future or shapeshift, and if you said shapeshift, what animal? 

Also, sorry for the ... title. It also got posted twice at first, but I asked the admins to remove the other. Technology! *shakes head sadly* 

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Excuse me what does this mean? 

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when a thread gets "bottomed", meaning it disappears to the depths of inkwell/whatever category the thread is posted on, people will "top" it, bringing it back to the front pages of inkwell. im pretty sure that's tealeaf! 

*sigh* i should really start getting a shorter name. im thinking "fae" or "faery" just as my mentioning name.  

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Ah, that makes sense! Thank you ! 

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