Mansion Thread

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Mansion Thread

Mansion Thread

You bend down, low enough to get a wide view under the crack of the door in front of you. All you see is a yellow carpet.

But it's enough.

You recognize the yellow color from deep in your past. Not something that you can specifically remember, at least for the moment.


You turn around quickly, startled.

"Welcome, my friend, to your audition."

Audition? What audition? For some reason you stay silent, staring at the blurry cloud in front of you.

"I see you're confused. I can't blame you. This audition is, of course, to leave. You could, perhaps, call it a test. Of wits, skills, anything."

You wonder what the test is, not very startled. The giant cloud of a man disappears.

What to do? You could perhaps sit and wait for this to be over. Or call loudly for the cloud man to come back. But no, you're much to determined for that.

The yellow carpet was familiar. The empty white room you're in is familiar. How to get out....

Mentally face palming, you notice a doorknob. Of course, the simplist method of escape. Slowly, you turn the doorknob, to find....


I will give a quick description of what a mansion thread is. A mansion thread will act as a thread where CBers all act as one, and try to escape the mansion. It's definitely an RP of sorts. You can use the terms "I" or "you" for the main character in your writing, but "I" might make this flow better. No forms required. I will be narrating from time to time, and I will eventually end the thread with an escape. I'll reveal my identity at the end.

I am calling this a mansion thread because it will be taking place in a mansion. It's a kind of mystery thread, and people who don't wish to participate are welcome to make theories of what will happen next.

Please, let me know if a mansion thread is already a thing. I have never seen one, so I have assumed it isn't, but just in case.

This will go by installments. Each "Installment" will mean that one mystery of the story has been revealed.

Welcome, to the mansion! 

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Update- you can join this thread without writing anything yet, by just saying that you are to join in the comments.

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Yep I'm joining :)

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Definitely joining this!! 

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