HEY EVERYONE! writers,

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HEY EVERYONE! writers,

HEY EVERYONE! writers, editor prodigies, and bookworms! Welcome to the story thread!! we are going to make our very own world, super powers, heros, villians, and magical animals! know we need to unight and make a master peice!!This will be done as a ROLE PLAY AND ROUND ROBIN!!! ( a story with multipul CBers particiapating!!we will work together to write and writes a comunal story of their respected characher!!) 

here are some word we will use:

-Charrie-means Characher, often used in RP like this! ( here is an Ex; " Anyway, here are my Charries.")

-Charries street, is a sheet in RP that one use to intoduce/create a charrie

RR or Round Robin, like a ROLE PLAY, multipul people work together on a story, However this will be more like a standerd book each person takes turns writing chapters! 

-SI, Sceret Identity

- OP, Over Powered or Over Powering. when a Characher in The RP is Super-Powerful and its not fun for other people to RP. 

start thinking of a world, what is it like? is it magical? ect.

then think of some Charchers! what are their powers? do they have powers? weakness ect.

the we make villains

THEN STORY TIME!! get those pencils ready!! 

I would like to have this story done by march of 2022!! and we will start today!!(oct. 25 2021)


(P.S) if you have huge long pargraphs don't be ashamed! type that baby out we would love to hear your ideas!!





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Ooh, this looks like fun! I'm relatively decent at worldbuilding, I just always get stuck on the actual writing of the story. Two things I'm sort of obsessed with are shapeshifters and ghosts, so if I'm allowed to join y'all might see a lot of those. At the moment, I have two shapeshifter-oriented worlds I've created that I haven't been able to see through, if anyone wants to hear those? If not, I'd still love to help out with this!  

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(October 25, 2021 - 6:06 pm)

Hey!! Okay, okay LETS.GET.WRITING!! to start Lets do a Charrie Sheet!! ( if you want to join say "I want to join!" because this poll for writers closes November 8 for being part of writing the story!!)

Charrie Sheet:



Age ( 13-18):





( they are elves not fairy elfs or chirstmas ones, think LOTR)


Name: Fennel

Age:17 Strawberry moons ( they count by moon like  moons, blue moons, ect.)

Ablitiy: Shape Shifter- Into a deer

Description: Tan skin, sun kissed hair with LoOOOOOOng waves that reflect pure sun energy that feeds all plant to make them grow. Handles a long bow an expart Runner and camouflager can hide from anything.

Backstory: have not thought of one yet :)


Name: Evergreen

Age 16 blue moons

Abiltiy: Tree dancer- can trun into a tree( mostly evergreens)

Description: tall, with dark olive skin, deeep chesnut hair and straight  with blue berrys in her braids, handles a short srowd, plays the River Flute ( she is like a fairy in personally)


name: Juna

Age: 18 Blood moons

Ablitiy: wisper- can trun into wind

Description: pale skin that glows like moon beams, stricking Red hair like autumn leaves to her shoulders wears bright green garments, weapon calls apon the wind. 



alright here are a few carries i made up i will have there back storys soon!! happy writing


(P.S.) what do you think of my  Charries??? 




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Back story for my Charries!

Three children were born on a still night, The only light the the deep red moon and the flickering stars. as the cosoms whirled, and the wind wispered the frist child was born.

A cry. A wimper. A hush. Juna was born the wind seemed to dance and whirl about the young child. THen came Fennel, sweet, darling Fennel. The Deer of the froest ran wildly to see the gentle girl. The last child was born, the trees danced. and bowed there stife back to welcome the baby girl. Evergreen the trees sang, and that was here name. she had a melodic sense to her to dance amd sing. these were the strange daugters of the wood, they were not like the other elves. The trees did not dance for any other elves, or the deer did not run wildly of other young children, And to get a gift so early this was not the way other ekves had been born. you get your power when you come of age, not when you are infanted! and so the elves called these children, the gifted ones; the ones that nature loved. 

There parents went on a hunting trip when the girls where still young. they never made there way back.

Nature was overjoyed. Silly thing to be happy about. So the girls lived in the deepest part of the wood were the Huckle Holly elves dared not go. The cursed ones lived there, The ones that nature loved.



alright soooo sorry about this super short backstory....( dinner time is soon :( )

but I hope you like it....AND ALSO!!!! PLEASE DON'T LET THIS THREAD DIE!!!!!  


Happy Writing



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Here's my charrie! 

Name: Tiamanna Crisly 

Gender: Female

Age: 13 Rabbit Moons

Ability: I can see things in my brain without seeing the real place and movie things around there. 

Description: Blue-Purple hair tied into seven braids, pale blue eyes which gives ability of seeing things in my brain. 

Backstory: Was trained to use my abilities by my family (My entire family is super-powered) 

This is the story of Tiamanna Crisly. I don't know why her name is this, but somehow, I made it up.  

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(October 29, 2021 - 6:58 am)


We need to pick 3 female Charries and 2-3 male Charries  for this book I am thinking autumn-but i am still unsure. (this is going to be a series, and Sparkling Rainbow I think your Charrie would make a LOVELY winter elf!! I am totally in love of Tiamanna she is so cool...I mean blue hair I am jealous!!) 

So some thing to think about:

- What season will this book 1 be?

- what Charries are we choseing?

- What is the land/world called

- What is the land/world like?

- What is the plot for this story?

Alright we are going to have a vote for the first 2 points. the vote for this ends Nov.1!!

if you  have any ideas or last minute changes feel free to share even after the vote...they might not be use after the vote but you never know...

Happy Writing  

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HI Raven!!

Soooo... do you want to Join??? 

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(October 26, 2021 - 10:15 am)

I'd like to join! (posting the charries later.)

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(October 26, 2021 - 7:14 am)

I want to join!

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(October 26, 2021 - 7:15 am)
This is my charrie.
Name (& pronunciation): Samantha
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother: Johann, Father: Mark
Height: 6'3"
Hair: long, brown, wavy hair.
Eyes: blue
Typical Clothing: Warm: T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, Cold: Sweater and sweatpants, also sneakers
Personality/Attitude: Nice, gentle, loving, generous, tidy
Skills/Talents: tiding up, cooking, sewing
Favourites/Likes: Pizza, painting, being neat
Most Hated/Dislikes: Vegtables, sports
Fears: spiders, other bugs
Hobbies/Interests: drawing, reading
Education: Goes to school
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Hey everyone!!!! YAAAY more people joining!! okay, okay I need male elf Charries for this story...you know to add a little spice!! for my Charries they Are triplets soo you see their age being differnt-they are all now 16 Strawberry moons!! And before we go on  Pancake do you want join this RP stoy we are going to write? or are you just doing a Charrie for fun???? because I am going to make a Roster of all who want to join..so i can remeber...and because the time to join will be over on Novenmber 8!! 

For World Building...I thought there could be THREE mager land one of Etenal Autumn, One of Etenal Winter, And one of Eteneral summer. why i thougt of this is we can write a series one book for each land, this book i thought could take place in the land of Huckle Holly Forest ( AKA the land of eteral Autumn) how does that sound???

Now I neeeeeedddd some one to come up with a name for the WHOLE land (Ex; middle earth) I am making a map right now soooooo if you want to add anything PLLLLLLEEEEAAASSSEEEE tell me Beause I am going to post the fanial map on November 10!!! ( times "a" tick'en!!)

Is you have any ideas for the plot of the story PLLLLLEEEAAAASEEE share!!!


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I am joining, but I will wait for a bit before coming up with the story. It's easier to see what other people do first.

Name idea for the whole world: Wisteria

I will post a plot soon.

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(October 26, 2021 - 2:15 pm)

YAAAY!! Thanks for joining Pancake!! And I LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE the name Wisteria!!

can't wait to hear your plot!! 

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Power: Bending. She can bend, twist, or stretch anything virtually forever, without it breaking. I hope that is not too OP. Also, I didn't realize you had put a Charrie Sheet, so I used one of my old ones. Sorry! 

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(October 28, 2021 - 4:32 pm)

No worries! :) and your Charrie is not OP, but thanks for being so concerned!!Laughing

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Please delete the post this is attached to. It is my first character sheet, but I will not use it, so please delete it.

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