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Fanfiction Stories (If

Fanfiction Stories (If you allow this admin)


Here is how google explains Fanfiction:  fiction written by a fan of, and featuring characters from, a particular TV series, movie, etc.


And that is for those who don't know what Fanfiction is. Have fun. 

We have posted fanfiction in the past, mostly with Harry Potter characters. Just please be sure you specify that's what it is.


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I just have a 'quick' question. Why wouldn't fanfic be allowed? Just wondering.

You have to be careful when using characters created by another person. You need to give that person credit for creating the characters you use.


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Ohhhhhhhh. Okay, I get it now. Thanks. I guess I was confused, 'cause I thought this was for posting FanFic that was writen by us... Never mind. :)

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It is for posting and creating your own FanFic. The admins (i think) mean that you need to give the author of the book credit for creating the story/charries. And again, have fun!

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Oh, also, please put the name of the book and author at the top of your story.

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This looks neat! I've done some stuff like this, but it's in comic form and it's not much of a story anyway. 
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Calvin Goes to Hogwarts

A Harry Potter and Calvin and Hobbes Crossover

All characters (at least in part 1) belong to Bill Watterson and J. K. Rowling

Part 1

yelled Calvin, jumping off the bus. “So long terrible elementary school. You’ll
never have me again! Ha! Fifth grade is over, and I’m off to middle school
after this summer!”

 The bus driver rolled his eyes and drove away.

 “I’m surprised you’re excited for middle
school, Calvin,” said Susie.

 “I’m not,” Calvin told her. “I’m excited I get
to leave this elementary school.”

 “Weirdo,” said Susie, tossing the long hair
she had let grow out since they were six.

 “So long, Susie,” said Calvin, running away.
They were planning to go to different middle schools.

 Susie tugged her hair nervously. “Bye Calvin!”
she called after him. “Bye!”

 As she walked into her house, a couple of tears
rolled down her cheek, but she attributed them to the dust that had just blown
into her eyes. She casually opened the door without touching it but didn’t

 “I’m home!” yelled Calvin, climbing above the
door. Hobbes burst out of the door, but Calvin jumped on top of him and rode
him all the way to the end of the front walk. Hobbes turned around and was
about to pounce again, but Calvin was too fast.

 “It’s summer, Hobbes!” Calvin yelled. “And I
don’t have to go to school for like, two and a half months!”

 “Let’s go!” Hobbes yelled back. Calvin went
upstairs to change in his strict summer uniform, which was a beat-up red shirt
that his mom had tried to throw away about eleven times, some black shorts with
seven or eight stains on them, and some slip-on shoes he never had to tie.

 “I’m ready!” he told Hobbes.

Calvin and Hobbes had a great June. They
watched TV, threw water balloons at each other, swung on their tree swings,
caught fireflies, rode in the wagon, swam in the lake, played baseball and
Calvinball, and had G.R.O.S.S. meetings. July was even better. They cooked hot
dogs on the grill and set off fireworks on Independence Day. Then they tried to
prank Susie. They lofted water balloons at her, but she held up her hand and
stopped them in midair. The balloons turned around and started going towards
Calvin, but he stopped them in midair and turned them back to Susie. They did
this for a while until Susie dropped them when she realized what they had been

 “Calvin,” she whispered. She was scared,
Calvin could see it. “Hobbes?”

 “Wait, what?” asked Calvin. “You’ve never
addressed Hobbes before.”

 “I can see him now,” said Susie. “I’ve been
able to ever since I was eight. There’s something wrong with us Calvin. We’re,
like, possessed.”

 “It’s magic, Susie,” Calvin said
matter-of-factly. “We can do magic!”

Susie smiled, weakly. "Maybe we can," she said. 

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