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Boarding School RP

Boarding School RP

helloe! I was looking through some of the older rps and i found this cool boarding rp....anyways plot time!!  


Soft laughter comes from the dining room, where your parents and their friends are catching up over a well-deserved feast. You're locked in your room, grounded. You've decided to take some time, reading books and whatnot, to pass away the time. Your electronic devices are out of the room. 

But feet come pattering up the steps, and the door unlocks with a click. Your mother stands outside your door, holding a letter. She explains then that you've gotten into the Academy of Trisseria, a top-notch school for those with possible magic capabilites. The only downside? It's a boarding school, set on the island of Prism. 

You ignore that, and begin packing as soon as possible. Who knows what your magic capabilities are?"




you may have up to 3 magical powers. no repeats whatsoever are allowed, just for the variety. you may have up to 2 student characters and one teacher character. please keep this rp friendly, meaning that no hating on a certain character because they're lgbtqia+ or a certain race or have a certain hair color, etc etc etc. this rp does accept lgbtqia+ characters and races of all kinds. 







magic capabilities 





my forms!! 


name- karalina willow 

personality- observant and strong-minded, stubborn and nothing can change her mind. gets out of trouble easily even though she causes a lot of trouble. will not care if you're rude. witty and loves to debate. if you're rude to her, she'll be rude to you. 

luggage- a survival kit (rope, emergency food and water, first aid kit with a lot of first aid stuff in it, a flashlight, bug spray, sunscreen, nets), notebooks and pens and pencils and whatnot, sketchbook, clothes, hygenical things, a macbook pro, and an iphone 13 max pro (it is that right-- just the latest model of iphone.) 

magic capabilites- teleportation, illusions, and the ability to create/manipulate fire. 

appearance- one light pink, the other light blue eyes, light purple hair that fades into light blue and then light pink, pale skin and purpleish lip gloss, a pastel blue t-shirt and pastel pink shorts. pastel purple converse, and white socks. nicely done eyeliner, one black (on pink eye) and the other white (on blue eye) 

pronouns- she/they 

other- n/a :DD


name- lyre smith (headmistress) 

personality- mature and calm even in the most chaotic situations. knows how to take order, somewhat of a leader. strict and can sometimes be demanding. 

luggage- n/a, lives there 

magic capabilites- humane lie detector, supersonic hearing, can shout really loudly/project her voice w/out a projecter. 

appearance- a navy blue sweater and tan jeans, along with black heels. golden eyes that stare into your soul, and wavy blonde hair tied into a bun. no makeup whatsoever. 

pronouns- she/her 

other- headmistress, so people address her as Headmistress, Headmistress Lyre, or Headmistress Smith. 


i hope you enjoy!! <3   

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name Serena

personality Nice, sweet, gentle, loving, only rude when she is so angry she can't think, strong, kind of clumsy

luggage Shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, sweaters, necklaces, essentials (Like toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, etc.), dresses. text books

magic capabilities N/A

appearance blueish grey hair, green eyes, pale skin

pronouns she/her

other she is based off of a book character
name Master Shunichi Ezhuthachan

personality Self-proclaimed genius, thinks very highly of himself, Master is what he insits on being called, vain, jealous, protective of his little sister Serena, strong, nice to nice peopl and girls

luggage Clothing, essentials, books, mirror, long list of contact info

magic capabilities N/A

appearance Short Bright blue hair, green eyes, pale skin, tall, has a bright smile

pronouns he/him

other serena's broher
name Professer Vedette Gutierrez

personality strict, not rude or mean, but not exactly nice, hides her emotions, puts an end to arguments, scary when mean, loves to read

luggage clothes, essentials, books, glasses, quill pens

magic capabilities Obedience (can make people obey her to a certain extent) Shaping (can shape pure magic into other things unless that is too OP)

appearance She is tall with fair skin, blonde hair and brown eyes.

pronouns she/her

other  She is a teacher
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w o a h 

your characters are vv nice! and dw shaping isn't that op. it requires pure magic which in this case would be not something you could just pull out of thin air :DDD 

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name- Cira Tung

personality- shy, self-conscious, extremely caring, but pretty insecure, still talks when told to, she's also extremely smart and talented but hides it because she's embarassed

luggage- lots of books, clothes, toiletries, her locket her dad gave to her before he passed

magic capabilities- she can mirror anything. Like if she mirrors a person she will turn identical to that person and can only mirror their movements and cannot control them herself. She can also do this with inanimate objects

appearance- a little past shoulder length black hair, light brown freckles, big brown eyes, short, green headband, blue hoodie and black leggings with combat boots.

pronouns- she/her

other- nope!

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name: Pr. Dresden

personality: adventurous, agreeable, childish

luggage: caligraphy set (bottles of ink, interchangeable metal tips, golden quill), fruit leather, extra clothes, notebooks made from vellum, ancient mathematical manuscripts about fractals

magic capabilities: illusions (of sight and sound only)

appearance: golden eyes, dark skin, shoulder-length white blond hair, wire frame glasses, 5' 9", blue suit (when teaching)

pronouns: he/him

other: is a teacher

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Aargh I love Boarding School RPs so I'm itching to join this but I'm horrible at posting on RPs due to my mountains of homework (seriously, how do you expect us to do like 10 pages of math, Ms. XXXXXXX?). Anyway, I'll try to post. I don't have afterschool clubs anymore so I'll have a lot more time. :D

Name: Arden Thistleworth

Personality: She's very mature and serious. She prefers to be on her teacher's good sides and hates getting in trouble. She's usually pretty calm and quiet, but if she has to, she's a very good leader. It takes a lot to get her angry, but once she's mad, she's steaming. She loves books, enjoys sci-fi and mystery stories, loves animals especially birds, and loves nature. It takes her a long time to make friends but once she gets attatched to someone she's very loyal and protective. 

Luggage: BOOKS, nessesities (technically, books should be included with nessesities, in Arden's opinion), a sweatshirt, several notebooks, a pencil case and many pencils, several pairs of shoes, 

Magic Capabilities: Very intuitive (she can sense emotions and tell a lot about a person by just looking at them) 

Appearance: Arden is a bit on the shorter side of average, with fair freckle-splattered skin. Her glossy dark hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, with two loose tendrils snaking down to frame her face. Her eyes are a grayish/pale violet shade, shocking and intense against her dark lashes and thick brows. Silver studs adorn her ears, and around her neck hangs a simple silver chain necklace. She's wearing a maroon shirt with a white mandala print, faded blue jeans, and black converse. 

Pronouns: She/her

Other: Nope! I can't wait for this to start! 

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Boarding school roleplays are 100% the absolute best.



personality extremely smart.  she seems like the shy kid, because she's always just a bit far away from the other students and reads, but she just doesn't want to interact... not yet.  She takes in everything she could possibly absorb from listening and watching these kids.  Very manipulative.

luggage money, lots of jewelery, clothes (lots of fun fantasy-type outfits in there), notebooks, books, pencils

magic capabilities dreamcatcher- this means she can enter another person's dreams, and edit the dream however she wishes, even heightening its realism and the dreamer's consciousness.  she cannot, however, make the dreamer believe the experience is in the real world. floating- when activated, gravity has no effect on her.  forcefield- can create forcefields.

appearance longish purple hair and eyes, has a sort of glowy red aura

pronouns she her

other she's an orphan and kinda evil


personality very very gullible, ambitious, extremely loyal, loves to read and usually is a little too lost in a book mindset to function normally, feels a deep need to belong and is lost without a leader

luggage clothes, books, pens, laptop, money

magic capabilities crystal touch- can make crystals glow and telekinetically manipulate them moonlight- moonlight can heal her wounds and bring her peace

appearance SUPERLONG teal hair, lots of gold jewelry, sparkly sea green-blue eyes

pronouns she/her

other an orphan

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Oh gosh how did I forget to put their names in???

The first one with the purple hair is Maboroshi Meishi (given name Meishi, family name Maboroshi)

The second one with blue is Yamaishi Azure (given name Azure, family name Yamaishi) 

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hey gallium! sorry but if you didn't see this illusions is alr taken by moi 

would you mind changing the powers? 

rest of yall, yall are good :]  

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Okay, um, I could shapeshift into animals.

If not then flame manifestation (like I can throw fireballs and stuff). 

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I was wondering, do you have a specific start date or number of people in mind, or just playing it by ear? 

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When I see your name, I imagine a sparkling strawberry. Or a strawberry in space. WHy am I seeing a strawberry? your name is starlingCHERRY.

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okay, i can never pass up anything boarding school-related! here's my character.


name - ronan malice

personality - friendly, bold, hard-headed

luggage - clothing, basic hygiene items, art supplies, survival supplies, a plague doctor mask for some reason

magic capabilities - can manipulate and reform shadows into three-dimentional shapes/creatures for certain amounts of time, depending on the complexity and size of the creation

appearance - fluffy red hair, dark grey eyes, wears casual but slightly old-fashioned clothing (all black) and sometimes a cloak, lots of black and silver jewelry, light makeup

pronouns - he/they

other - doesn't always act like he's from this time...

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Hi, my name is Jinx too, it's totally unrelated I didn't know there was a jinx when I joined a couple days ago... 


I don't want to impersonate you, can we agree that you are jinx and I am Jinx?


Thanks, sorry for the confusion.



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