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So I posted

So I posted this on DTE but I thought 'This is literally for stories."  So here's part one to a five part series!


It was a normal day in Lockchester, Connecticut.  Well, normal for everyone except the Johnson family.  “Come on Wilhelmina, can you puh-LEASE take me to the pool?!” her little brother, Jax asked for the millionth time.  “Honey your sister’s kind of... out of it right now.  I’ll take you to the pool this time.”  “Thanks mom.” Wilhelmina said, trying to speak loud, but it merely came out a whisper.  You see, Wilhelmina, or Will for short, has social anxiety disorder, and is very self-conscious.

“Willy, please come?” her younger sister Lily pleaded.  “Fine, but only for you,” she said, lifting her sister up off the ground, and onto her bed.  They swam until dusk, came home and showered.  “We have someone who wants to meet you,” her dad said.  “Dad, you know I hate being around other people.”  “It’s not a person,” said Dad.


         PART II coming soon!


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Off to an interesting start! If constructive criticism is allowed, I would suggest describing the pool scene a bit more. What happened? Who did they meet? How did Will's social anxiety affect the outing?

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