A lone figure

Chatterbox: Inkwell

A lone figure

A lone figure stands on a cliff overlooking the city she once called home. Her tattered cloak blows in the cold wind. The cold never really bothered her, but it’s just another reminder how far from home she is. It was never really cold in the city. 

“Hey there.”

The girl turns around, smiling when she sees a familiar face.

“Night. It’s good to see you.”

Night smiles. “Winter.” They look towards the city, and Winter sees a bittersweet look in their eyes.

”It’s beautiful at night, isn’t it?” Winter remarks.

“It always was,” Night agrees. “It’s just easier to see it now, in a way.”

”I know what you mean,” says Winter, nodding. 

“It was your CBversary yesterday, right?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

”I take it you didn’t celebrate?”

Winter smiles and shakes her head. “Nah. It wouldn’t be the same.”

“I get it. Don’t you ever want to go back, though?”

There’s a pause. Then Winter nods slowly. “Yeah, sometimes. I know at least some of them would remember me fondly. But the person I was... that’s not really me anymore, you know? I mean I know it sounds pretty cringe, but I just feel like I might become that person again if I went back, and I don’t want to be them anymore.” She pauses again, then realizes what Night was really asking.

“You want to go back, don’t you?”

Night sighs. “Maybe. But I know you can’t really go back, and I can’t go back without you. I’m your AE, after all.” 

“So where does that leave us?”

Night shrugs. “I don’t know. I guess we move on, if this isn’t the place for us. At least for now.”

Winter nods.

”For now.” 

The two cloaked figures walk away, leaving snow in their wake.  

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Beautifully written.  Even though I don't know who you are it feels a little sad reading this.  It's okay to move on.  Realizing you have changed and acknowledging you don't want to become that again is good.  We'll be here if you ever decide to return.

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I watch them go, silently.

Sadness lies heavy on my heart.  I never knew her. I never knew either of them, but I... I believe I have noticed their faded presence in my city.   I believe I have seen her work before, part of the foundation of my home as it is today.  And I know I have seen her old house.  Her place in our community.

It was never sold, it was never given away.  It has been there for her.  Faded and torn, but lovely.  I could never go in; it was hers and hers alone.  Only she fit there.  The CB had never forgotten her, and she had not forgotten us.


Maybe that's what she meant by "not really me."  Maybe her home only housed the person Winter used to be.  Maybe... maybe she grew.  Maybe it didn't fit her anymore.

And maybe...

Maybe that was good.

Still, she wasn't the only one who had grew.  We had too.  People left our city, like she did.  People entered our city, like me.  Every new person put something... special in the Chatterbox.  We constantly evolved.  Nothing could ever stay the same.

I want the best for the mystery person, the one I never got the chance to meet.  I can clearly see that she was once here.  The pure creativity and talent that I witnessed, just now... that bears the mark of the Chatterbox.  I want her to be happy.  If that means moving on, staying away from us... so be it.

But though her old house may never fit her, though the old Winter could never be again, there is always room in the CB.  The house can grow and change, just like her.  My heart lifts as I imagine this person coming to stay with us again.  Or visit, at least.  Just to see.

I extend a hand to where I see the two fading slowly into the distance, hoping she will notice me.


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Winter and Night are nearing the edge of the forest beyond the cliffs when Winter hears a voice behind her. 


Winter turns around, surprised. She'd never seen anyone else up here before. She squints at the person, trying to figure out if it's someone she recognizes, but it's too dark to see. 

"Hello?" Winter calls out. "Who are you?"  

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"I'm Tsuki," I tell her.  "Tsuki the Skywolf.  I've heard of you."

I take a deep breath.  "I wanted to ask- I wanted to ask if you would come into the city again, if only for a little while.  See what's changed, you know?  What's stayed the same.  If you wanted to." 

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Tsuki the Skywolf. The name doesn't ring a bell-- but then again, Winter has been gone a long time. She sighs, and turns away. I can't stay. I can't. She begins to walk away, but Night puts a hand on her arm. 

"Wait. Please."

I turn around.

"Look, I..." Night takes a deep breath. "I know I said I understood why you want to leave for good. And I do. I-- I get it. But... Tsuki is right. I think maybe you should stay-- we should stay. Just for a little while."

Winter pauses. Night has a point, she admits to herself. This place isn't the place it once was to her... but it doesn't have to be. She's changed. But the Chatterbox never really does. Sure, the people change, the scenery changes... but what this place is, at its core, stays the same. It's a place for creativity. A place for friendship. And a place that will accept her. 

Winter smiles. Why did she ever leave? 

She turns around, smiling. "Lead the way, Tsuki." 

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(lol let’s just forget that I completely forgot I was writing in third person)

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(lol let's just forget it's been like two days but I have no idea how to respond)

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Ooh, this is so good so far! The pacing is really quite perfect in opinion~

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"Winter? Tsuki?" A voice calls out, and their eyes flick to the approaching figure. The hood of the cloak is shed as they near, and the mild features of the newcomer are revealed in the dim light of dusk.

"And you must be Night." a knowing crinkle of xyr eyes. "Jaybells here. Pleasure to meet you three." Xe says, a faint upturn of the corner of xyr lips all the trio needs to soothe their wariness. "I see you'll be going soon. Mind if I join you?"

The three share a glance.


Lol I have no idea if this is a thing, but if it is, I suppose I'll be coming along with! :) 

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I spin around at the sound of their voices. Wait is that Agent Winter? The Chatterbox Legend? Before I can convince myself not to, I am chasing after them as fast as my legs can move.


The four turn towards me. Winter raises an eyebrow. "I see our party grows."

My cheeks redden, but I don't let my shyness overcome me. "Agent Winter! It's an honor to meet you! I'm Shining Star. I've been on the CB for a few months and I've seen your old posts. I've always wanted to meet you..." I trail off, babbling.



Heh....um, hi. 

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hm can i join in on this? 

any idea what the protocol is here?


the four figures had not noticed me yet. ha. my green cloak didn't even camoflage. 

i glanced at the stars, my thoughts in different universes, the present, and the future.

i realize, too late, that one of them would be noticing me in 5... 4... 

well, better sooner then later. 

2... 1...



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