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Who here plays D&D? What's your race? What's your class? What's your backstory? Do you play often? Basically just a place to talk about D&D. Also, unrelated, if anyone who reads this is participating in the Magical School RP, if they haven't posted in a while could they, cause it's sort of dying. :)  
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I love D&D! I am completely obsessed and I wish I could play more often! I frequently DM and I am creating my own homebrew world, but when I play I am generally either a tiefling Rogue named Lilith or a fire genasi bard named Onyx! Onyx is an entertainer, but she was taught by a traveling bard after she escaped her orphanage with no knowledge if her parents! 

Once, I was playing in a oneshot, and our Rogue wanted to steal from a merchant so she asked "So, like, how much money do you have?" The merchant freaked out, eventually attacked me because, I don't know, I was the closest target? LOL the only person who actually bought anything was our gnome barbarian who is a pyromaniac (she bought matches lol)

Also just out of curiosity, does anyone here watch Critical Role or any other D&D show? 

Sorry for the long post Admins!


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I didn't know there were any D&D shows! Are they like people playing D&D, or something? Some of my siblings and I play D&D with my aunt over the computer. She's the dungeon master. My character's name is Innelia and she's a half-elf sorceress. The three siblings who play all have elf characters, lol. 
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Yes! They are a group of people playing d&d! There are also other ones like Dimension 20, I just watch critical role lol 

I love playing weird characters, what alignment do your characters usually have? I am almost always Chaotic neutral and the one time I tried to play a Chaotic good character, I ended up playing them as if they were Chaotic Evil lol elves are an awesome race though! 

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I think the two characters I have had have both been chaotic good. By the way, what's a genasi? 
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Genasi are essentially related to elementals so the have some of their same powers, such as fire genasi and water genasi having fire and water abilities.

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I've been playing for about 3 or 4 years now, and have taken up the role as Resident Dungeon Master. My group is really small, three other people besides me, but we've had some craaaazy adventures . . . 

My first ever character (I don't know if I'm allowed to call her that, because she was supposed to be more of an NPC) was a human Paladin, Thya Raulnor, and then my friend started a campaign of her own, and my favorite character was born, Fleet of Foot Bright Eyes, Tabaxi rogue.

I'm currently running a modern-ish game, like if D&D were set in the present, sort of. If you've read the fantastic graphic novel Beetle and the Hollowbones, that's basically where I drew a bunch of inspiration. It's really difficult because of all the homebrew stuff I have to think up and then playtest, but my friends love it so it's worth all the trouble.

Thank you ChangelingChild for making this thread, if you couldn't tell I love to talk endlessly about D&D. Does anyone have any funny (mis)adventures? 

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Your characters sound amazing! I too have become resident DM, but I throughly enjoy playing as well!

Once, when I was Onyx (my fire genasi bard, see other comment) we were fighting a vine blight and a couple of wolves. Our barbarian (gnome!!!) had gone into a rage and was just murdering everything in sight while I was trying to befriend the wolves. Eventually I befriended one of the wolves but before I could get anywhere, our barbarian sliced the head off of the other wolf. The wolf I had befriended promptly ran into the woods with me and and rest of the party shouting "Opal!!! Come backkkk!!!!" Seeing as we had named the wolf Opal.

There is also always the time my party tried to sacrifice me or my party trying to make friends with a merchant while also trying to steal from them or the time I was a 5ft tall goblin....but that's a story for a different day LOL as you can see we are not the most moral group.

I have lots of misadventures, and I could go on about them for hours. Do you have any crazy misadventures as well?

Also I am creating my own world and could go on about that as

Thanks for reading this excessively long post, I love your characters Darkling!



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Well, my character, Innelia, stayed at a fey place for a while. Her background is entertainer and she promised to play music for them, so she did for a while and then the next morning her hair was sea foam green! It still is, as far as I know. 
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I'm currently DMing a campaign for two of my friends, and I'd love some advice if anyone has some.  I really enjoy worldbuilding and things like that, but I'm not great at thinking quickly when I'm actually in the game.

My most recent character is a tiefling rogue named Raijun who was the son of a tyrant king and adopted by a thieves' guild.  Other characters of mine include Astrid the half-orc storm herald barbarian, who is a character in my current campaign, Frey the aasimar bard, and a tabaxi warlock I haven't fully developed yet.

Does anyone have funny game stories?  One time when I was playing, my friend and I decided to turn our pirate ship into a traveling resturant and spent two entire sessions starting and running a business instead of following the story the DM had for us.

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That's hilarious that you turned a pirate ship into a restaurant! That seems like something I would do lol

Once, me and one other party member (gnome barbarian) were spotted by some goblins because we were snooping around their hideout. It just so happens that the gnome spoke goblin, I didn't. I spur of the moment freaked out and disguised myself as a goblin and the gnome as my prisoner (funny story, I was a 5ft tall genasi transformed into a 5ft tall goblin who couldn't even speak goblin when there was a short, gnome that speaks goblin right next to me.) The goblins obviously didn't believe me (bad dice...) but thankfully the gnome was able to smooth everything over. LOL

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I love D&D and many say I'm obsessed. I'll start with my favorite character (cuz I play her most). Her name is Faelanae (fay-luh-nay) Cruvis. She is an eladrin (elf variant). Her major class is Druid but she studies bard magic as well. She has a dark past and has been betrayed by many. She was cursed by a kenku who was tracking her down for some unknown reason. From that curse she was forced to live with her spirit ( I kinda based this part off of His dark materials). From then on all of her adventures have been my games! I play D&D almost every other weekend and I'm pretty much always the DM for my group. But we switch on and off sometimes. Anyways, enough blabbing about me. I want to hear more from the other dungeon nerds out there!!

I'll tell you more later, but for now GOODBYE!!! 


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My character, Innelia, was adopted by her neighbors when her parents mysteriously disappeared. She was brought back to her village by a dryad who blessed her, thereby giving her wild magic powers. What are other peoples' characters' backstories?  
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Our party is in the Verdant Expanse right now. We'v met a traveler on the road! 

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