Hey, guys! I

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Hey, guys! I

Hey, guys! I know I'm not very active, but I've recently had an idea for an RP!

There's this Minecraft Texture Pack on my PS4, called "Pirates of The Caribbean", based on the movies. I decided, why not have a Minecraft Pirates of The Caribbean RP on here?! Without further adu (???), let's start!


The shipmates were lined up on the Sparrow, waiting for the captain to come. There were mutters, and whispers among the crewmates, rumors about the captain.

"They say she's the daughter of Captain Jack Sparrow." "No way!"

"ENOUGH!" A figure in a deep purple outfit says, jumping down from the top of the ship. She lands perfectly, sword in hand.

"Now, do y'all wanna be my crewmates, or am I gonna have to send y'all to Davy Jones's Locker?" She says, her green eyes blazin'.

"No, Captain Alexandra." One crewmate says.

As quick as lightnin, Alex, as she's known, pulls out her iron sword, and holds it against the mate's throat.

"Now look here, Cotton, no-one, NO-ONE tells Captain ALexandra Sparrow NO! Unless it's somethin' like if I want to trade, then it's fine. BUT ANYWAY!" She says, as she removed the cutlass from Cotton's throat. "Now, let's sail the seven seas!"


Here's the charrie sheet:


Age (Minimum is late teens, maximum is in the fifty's):



Pirate or Soldier:



Shipping (MUST be with the oposite gender, like boys and girls):

Crewmate, or Captain of own ship:


Name: Alexandra Sparrow (Nickname: Alex)

Age: 19

Appearance: Deep purple pirates outfit, on top of a green tunic, brown pants, and grey boots. She has bright orange hair, tan skin, and green eyes (Basically, she looks like Alex from Minecraft.)

Weapons: Iron Cutlass, bow and arrow (She NEVER misses)

Pirate or Soldier: Pirate

Personality: Acts tough, but she's like a burnt marshmallow: REALLY tough on the outside, but all gooey on the inside. You know what I mena, she's sweet.

Backstory: She lost her dad, Jack Sparrow, at the age of 14, and she's looking for the legendary Diamond Armor.

Shipping: Boys her age please*!

Crewmate or Captain or own Ship: Captain of own Ship.

*If it's ok, the first person that makes their charries, one of them can be a guy named Steve, who is Alex's first mate, and then they like each other.


I hope y'all enjoy!

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Name: Ayana 

Age (Minimum is late teens, maximum is in the fifty's): 14

Appearance: Raven black hair with purple tips, purple eyes, black tunic with purple design and black tights, black leather boots with hidden compartment for knife. 

Weapons: a Swallow (search it up) and can fight with anything she has.

Pirate or Soldier: Pirate (obviously!) 

Personality: Clever, bold, short tempered, observant.

Backstory:Is the daughter of Davy Jones. Also, she's dead, meaning she's a ghost, but she only becomes one every full moon. 

Shipping (MUST be with the oposite gender, like boys and girls): No shipping

Crewmate, or Captain of own ship: crewmate

Is it okay, if I make Ayana part of Alexandra's crew, but Ayana's planning to turn on her?  

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Why not?! It would make the RP VERY interestin'!!

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I'm not joining the RP, because I am far too unreliable for that :( But I wanted to say hi! I haven't been very active either but I was looking around here like I do every month or so and I'm so excited to see you! Anyway I hope you have a great day! 

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Hey, @Caroline, good to see you!



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